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adam5isalive t1_jbh686a wrote

UPS, FedEX, DHL, Amazon, Bob's Backyard Mail Service, etc etc. We don't need the USPS, it's a huge waste of money for terrible service.


averageduder t1_jbh8ggu wrote

How do you think deliveries to extreme rural America work?

You realize that not only would these be more expensive in many cases, but they just flat out wouldn't deliver to rural areas as there is little to no profit to be had in it.


adam5isalive t1_jbjqtf6 wrote

So what if it's more expensive for rural communities? They're the ones living out there, let them bear the cost of choosing to live out in the boonies.


averageduder t1_jblbkp1 wrote

ok, first, there's no poltiican anywhere that is going to have that stance, second, that's the entire point of having a society. Some parts of society subsidize other portions. It makes it easier and cheaper for everyone.