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woolsocksandsandals t1_jdfr7k0 wrote

“Surprisingly friendly poor people”

Astonishingly accurate.


timecoyote t1_jdfwqxq wrote

You know, I've never met anyone unfriendly in Claremont per se. I have watched a person buy meth from a bartender right over the bar and witnessed complete disregard for the sanctity of the Cumbies coffee counter on a daily basis, but everyone seems friendly enough.


woolsocksandsandals t1_jdh1lmr wrote

That’s just normal life anywhere. Pretty much every bar has an employee that’s a drug dealer and people are disgusting everywhere.

What’s unusual is how friendly people are here. It’s not just Claremont though, people are that way throughout the entire upper valley.


jackoftradesnh t1_jdhf67s wrote


hi I’m jack. I’m very unfriendly and not poor. Have a good one eh?


Beredore t1_jdidkrs wrote

It's the disregard for the Cumbies coffee etiquette that upsets me


almamaters t1_jdhlzrn wrote

Was thinking “surprisingly unfriendly poor people” is the most accurate.


woolsocksandsandals t1_jdhncz1 wrote

At first glance, I thought that was sort of centered over the triangle that’s created by Tamworth, freedom and Ossipee and I thought “yeah that checks out“ because culturally it’s very similar to Western Maine and the Maine Lakes region But I realize now it’s further south. And I can’t really make a comment because I’ve never really spent any time in that area. I’m guessing Rochester…???


Hereforthemadness1 t1_jdfv2oc wrote

I wouldn’t recognize a Chevy equinox if it ran me over. More like “people who own massive new trucks…to drive to their office and bring their two trash cans to the dump.”


Spiritual-Pen4766 t1_jdfusmt wrote

Between strip malls and Body Dysmorphia and God complexes there needs to be invasion of the massholes


[deleted] t1_jdg8ffj wrote



[deleted] t1_jdg9hj9 wrote

Let Bill Burr do it for ya:


[deleted] t1_jdg9mxw wrote



Spiritual-Pen4766 t1_jdhb57b wrote

I think it’s maybe a polite way of saying there are a lot of chubby ones walking around in spandex clothing showing it all off? Idk or the anorexic teens procreated from the Gods?


bizmike88 t1_jdhzxox wrote

I fucking love this video.

“This is the whole world of bargains.”

Can’t believe it’s over 10 years old.


SnooPeripherals5969 t1_jdhedaq wrote

I’m pretty sure that’s Portsmouth… it’s kinda self explanatory, everyone is rich and thinks they’re better than everyone else. But there’s loads of chill people too.


ThunderySleep t1_jdiu1t3 wrote

That's how I took it. I don't like the term "Karen", but it's a thing and I've never seen more of them, or to such unbearable degrees, than in Portsmouth, and I've lived in a lot ritzier places than this. For body dysmorphia, I'd say people here take a little better care of themselves, then once you get inland, it goes the other way on average.


AMC4x4 t1_jdg6qrt wrote

I feel blessed to have come from the "Surprisingly friendly poor people" and "Underrated scenery and some trees" area of NH. I didn't realize how lucky I had it as a kid.


Peanut-Donut OP t1_jdha153 wrote

I had to take route 123a when route 12 was closed one day for work and holy crap thats one hell of a beautiful road.


boldolive t1_jdi735f wrote

Yep. It’s my favorite road ride in the area. It’s a bitch to climb, but the descent is epic and you can just look around at all the gorgeousness.


Roberto-Del-Camino t1_je7pqlh wrote

Not on a motorcycle!


boldolive t1_jeco20u wrote

Really, why? Do you mean it’s less of a bitch to climb on a motorcycle (obviously), but that you have to really pay attention to the road on the descent?


akmjolnir t1_jdmoss2 wrote



AMC4x4 t1_jdmovvd wrote

Yup. :)


akmjolnir t1_jdmpg8l wrote



AMC4x4 t1_jdmqe3h wrote

It does have a special, unique quality in its beauty that I haven't found anywhere else in my travels. Pillsbury State Park seems to encapsulate it publicly, but I find joy in its back roads, hills, woods, fields, and old farmhouses. I feel like it's one of the last places in Southern NH that money will change. It's much the same today as it was 45 years ago.


akmjolnir t1_jdmqrz7 wrote

On the flip side I've noticed a bunch of new builds in the area I grew up in. Didn't realize it was it was happening, but after leaving NH for a few years, and coming back, it's amazing how much of the land has been cleared and built on.


AMC4x4 t1_jdmvloh wrote

Yeah, I've seen new builds come in over the years, but didn't see any clear cutting. That's sad.


ThunderySleep t1_jdfy0x6 wrote

"Body dysmorphia & god complexes" should read "Not fat & has all their teeth".


t0rk t1_jdhmhz6 wrote

False. The seacoast includes Hampton.


Crazy_Hick_in_NH t1_jdjrdv0 wrote

I can’t say everyone has all their teeth, but got daa’yam, no need for flashlights in the dark around here!


[deleted] t1_jdi5whs wrote

More like “fat and doesn’t know it”


ThunderySleep t1_jdiwvry wrote

Is that what it's supposed to be? I took it as referring to Portsmouth, where there seems to be less fat people walking around here than in any other part of the state I've seen.


Roberto-Del-Camino t1_je7q01m wrote

I don’t know. Don’t the skeletal heroin addicts bring down the average weight in ManchVegas?


1carus_x t1_jdfv55t wrote

Oh so that's what the exit 32 bumper sticker is lol


trolllord45 t1_jdghj8z wrote

I93. Typically adjoined with a “TRUE” Loon Mtn sticker and mass tags


Mmnnh t1_jdfyniw wrote

Room temperature IQs 😂😂😂


erindesbois t1_jdg1cqi wrote

Your last name is the name of your road overlaps rent and crash snowmobile territory.

It's also home to the Cohos Trail!


GraniteGeekNH t1_jdh98hd wrote

Not just that part of the state, though - the dirt road opposite my house is the name of the guy I bought the house from, whose son and widow and cousin still live in town. We're within spitting distance of Mass.


SheeEttin t1_jdhgclx wrote

One side of my family has a road with their name. But it's in "teenage pregnancy" area.


Fickle_Dragonfly4381 t1_jdg4t4w wrote

As an Upper Valley native I'm glad you carefully phrased that one to not include the people who grew up there lol


Rough_Magician_8117 t1_jdhe5qc wrote

Right? Though Dartmouth is like super high Asian student body isn’t it?

Off topic: I am still traumatized by when my sisters friend grabbed a little brown ball out of mascoma lake, and then like 5 seconds later my sister saw a diaper floating... we grew up too fast...

Edit spelling


icedcornholio t1_jdfshjf wrote

I don't get the strip malls one. Where is "surprisingly unfriendly poor people" ? My geography is not great. Is that Wolfeboro? I thought they weren't poor there (see Mitt Romney)


Peanut-Donut OP t1_jdftvpd wrote

It looks like strip malls is in the Chichester/Espom Northwood area.

And the unfriendlies are in Farmington/Rochester area


t0rk t1_jdhnsm9 wrote

Yeah, not sure those make a ton of sense. There is a small strip mall in Northwood, a couple at the Lee roundabout, and one in Barrington, but it'd be a lot more fitting in Rochester/Dover/Newmarket.

Overpriced antique shops would probably be a better label for that RT. 4 spot.


ThunderySleep t1_jdfxa0u wrote

I'm assuming it's meant for Newington, they just couldn't fit it.

The area they put it is just woods.


froststomper t1_jdg4yro wrote

I’d say that the surprisingly unfriendly poor people would be the tri state area, Dover is suffering gentrification but Somerworth/Rochester/Gonic and parts of Dover fit that description, maybe going northward you’d have Farmington, New Durham, Milton, Wakefield all are also pretty poor and definitely not what I’d call friendly. (though when in Milton always stop at Mckenzie’s farm!)


barnabasthedog t1_jdh8d8f wrote

Wakefield is full of absolute morons.


Crazy_Hick_in_NH t1_jdjs2fp wrote

While that might be technically accurate, there’s only 368 of us in town. No doubt, Somersworth has far more morons than that!


Roberto-Del-Camino t1_je7qtqf wrote

Maine, New Hampshire, and what’s the third state near the Spaulding Turnpike? Maybe you should have called it the “Bi-state” area.


froststomper t1_je7zyuc wrote

You know I have no idea why that area is referred to as tri state and never really thought about it either. I know it’s something they used more often decades ago, when the quickest way north to the white mountains was through Rochester so maybe tri state refers to Mass traffic? I tried to look this up and couldn’t find an answer.


or maybe tri state refers to the three towns as they were a largely populated area of NH in the past with economic growth seeing as major roads and highways used to pass directly through them. (obviously not anymore)


SpellStrawberyBanke t1_jdhatgw wrote

I’ve lived in NH my whole life and this map didn’t really resonate with me.


mbeau55 t1_jdhzd9z wrote

I think it is pretty accurate except for the friendly people part. I guess I need go to that part of the state to see what the rare friendly NH person looks like. I have lived here for 40+ years and most people act like they have a hair across their asses for the first 10 years of knowing them.


Peanut-Donut OP t1_jdi3o86 wrote

Years ago my friend got his car stuck in Unity and a guy drove by and came back with an excavator to pull him out. Then he gave him a jar of maple syrup before he left.

Also in 2020 i got a random message from a lady in Washington about thanksgiving and ended up being invited to a random family's thanksgiving in washington. Unfortunately i couldnt make it :(

The upper valley and southern sullivan county are just pretty chill


SpellStrawberyBanke t1_jdi1ub1 wrote

Don’t disagree with that! It’s just if you asked me to do this map, my answers would be completely different


Jay_Derkin t1_jdfsmah wrote

Oh man this is startlingly accurate.


bigdog24681012 t1_jdfnwhn wrote

No strip malls in that area. None!


t0rk t1_jdho67c wrote

There is a very small one with like 3 units in Northwood, but yeah it's a bad label. Overpriced, yuppie antique shops is more like it.


supergreen__ t1_jdiorgx wrote

There is a strip mall, I guess it won by default because otherwise it’s no man’s land.


Wader_Man t1_jdfw8fg wrote

Who are the worst type of college kids?


honeymustard_dog t1_jdfwmn3 wrote

They are referring to keene state I think


Ryan-The-Movie-Maker t1_jdfygdb wrote

As someone who goes to Keene State... yeah


TurretLauncher t1_jdga6xu wrote



SlyOlAbe t1_jdgk0tr wrote

pumpkin fest riot


Ryan-The-Movie-Maker t1_jdh7u7p wrote

Hey, to be fair that wasn't us. That was people visiting from Plymouth


IeMang t1_jdj1c8b wrote

Yeah that was largely non-KSC students. There were still KSC students participating, but they weren’t the majority. I knew a few people who were either expelled or “suspended” (for lack of a better term) for the rest of the semester or year without reimbursement for the tuition they’d already paid. The administration took the whole situation very seriously, and any KSC students who were proven to have participated in the mayhem and destruction were punished harshly.

Also to be fair to the current students, that was seven years ago. Nearly two classes of graduates have passed since then, so it’s not like the current student body had anything to do with the whole thing. Most seniors now were probably around the age of 15 when the riots happened.


SlyOlAbe t1_jdhtjt4 wrote

I was in it. It was locals + the colleges around. Tbh I do blame Plymouth more than KSC and UNH


wakkywizard69 t1_jdfx9ol wrote

Keene State


Teacherman6 t1_jdfyrsi wrote

I heard it referred to as kinda sorta college and it'll never be the same.

Could this also include Franklin Pierce?


Baranjula t1_jdg2qbt wrote

Maybe but they don't typically make the papers for rioting, mostly just when there bubble collapses


Queasy_Turnover t1_jdh9upk wrote

I live in that area and see kids with FPU hoodies on pretty frequently and they all seem like your average college kid. I'm assuming a lot of the younger people who work at the grocery stores in the area go to that school too and they also seem fine.


TedBundysVlkswagon t1_jdgjt07 wrote

Why does Keene get such a bad rap? I’ve heard this more than once.


IeMang t1_jdgx5fv wrote

It’s relatively small as far as colleges go. It feels sort of like a large HS campus. Additionally, since it’s a small state school it doesn’t attract the most serious students. Many of them call it either “keg stand college” or “kinda sorta college” with pride as they do the bare minimum amount of work to pass their classes so they can party as much as possible. There was also the great pumpkin fest riot of 2015 which certainly tarnished the school’s reputation.

It’s not a bad school though, and a lot of graduates have gone on to do some cool stuff. Their biology and chemistry programs were really good before Covid (they’ve had some faculty layoffs since which has stretched everyone thin and led to fewer available classes each semester), and they’ve also got a pretty good occupational safety program.

Source: I was one of the “keg stand college huhuh” students my freshman year and nearly failed out. I took a year off, worked a shitty job, did some traveling, and then went back to KSC to retake a class I had failed and boost my GPA so I could go to a more serious university. Met a cool girl, decided to stay and ended up declaring biology as my major, broke up with cool girl, still decided to stay because my professors were incredible. I buckled down, became a straight A student, and was presented with some really good opportunities many students at “better” institutions don’t get. I was an author on multiple papers due to my undergrad research, made connections with labs at larger institutions and got to collaborate with them independently, and I presented my research at multiple conferences. I also secured employment within my field a few weeks before graduating, as did many of my peers. The school’s biology program has an extensive network of students working in biotech now, and it’s made it very easy for graduates to get their foot in the door.

So yeah, KSC gets a bad rep, but so do most small state schools. In KSC’s case I think it gets a particularly bad rep because of the pumpkin fest riots from 2015 which made national headlines and embarrassed the entire town of Keene. It’s hard to be taken seriously as an academic institution when that’s what everyone knows you for. There are certainly worse choices than KSC to attend though, and the college is actually ranked fairly high in terms of value among liberal arts colleges nationwide. It’s a decent school all and all.


TedBundysVlkswagon t1_jdh6t2k wrote

Thank you for this detailed explanation. :) Sounds like a fun school, and congrats for turning things around as a student.


GraniteGeekNH t1_jdh9don wrote

Keene is a pretty cool (very) small city, partly because it has KSC almost downtown. That makes a difference even if the school isn't world-class.


boldolive t1_jdi7xon wrote

Yeah, and Keene also has Antioch University, which brings a lot of very smart and talented older students to the area who have done a ton to improve the community. One example among many is that the Monadnock Food Co-op was the brain child of two Antioch students; writing a concept paper for the Co-op was their final graduate project, and they were deeply involved in raising money to build the Co-op after they graduated.


ThunderySleep t1_jdiw38d wrote

Almost any school will be what you make of it, but the small state school stereotype's a thing. Where I grew up had a couple of them. Fine schools, but most people are going to experience college and because it's what they were supposed to do, then move straight back to their hometowns to become teachers, cops, nurses, or work at some relative's business etc.


catsrule_meow t1_jdh8rhf wrote

Pretty much just the riots from 2015 but to me that seems like old news? I graduated a little before all that happened. It has always been and probably always will be a “party school” … but that doesn’t mean you can’t do well in school while having fun (like a normal college kid).

Personally I was super serious about my grades, graduated over 3.9 GPA, and I’m very happy with my career several years later. I also went to my fair share of parties and bars and came out with some good friends. It was a win/win for me :)


akmjolnir t1_jdhskxa wrote

Flatlander fuck-trophies going for Safety Studies.


EllieVader t1_jdgzalz wrote

Derry puts the OD into “Northwoods Law”


Zachisawinner t1_jdg46kh wrote

I moved to Manchester as a young hippie! Haven’t decided if I’ll die here yet.


BigRockFarm t1_jdinu3o wrote

I think that’s referring to Concord. I’ve never seen so many old people with socks & Birkenstocks on than on Main St concord


YBMExile t1_jdmbhub wrote

I absolutely love Concord for this reason. My people!


itsMalarky t1_jdnyi2a wrote

I confess I wore birkinstocks & socks on main street in concord just yesterday....


[deleted] t1_jdi73nq wrote

Sorry to break it to you, but you’ve decided. If you just go with the flow in a place like ManchVegas, you’ll get stuck. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t kid yourself.


tonylouis1337 t1_jdggh1e wrote

The Lakes Region, where I grew up, is definitely a whole buncha bullshit and lake houses 😂😂😂😂


[deleted] t1_jdhnuth wrote

“Your last name is the name of your road” oh my fucking god 😂😂😂 . I know a few Mainers that would apply to as well haha


crourke13 t1_jdhr0mq wrote

I don’t know why but “Canadian border for people from Connecticut” just killed me. Thank you!


Repulsive65 t1_jdfumun wrote

Sunapee friendly poor people..? Or do they mean newport/ claremont.?


1carus_x t1_jdfvfmq wrote

I think Sunapee is the lake houses part and more east, so must be Newport/Claremont 🤔


tuctrohs t1_jdg393z wrote

I think they mean Newport and Claremont.


[deleted] t1_jdhlcmo wrote



akmjolnir t1_jdmp4pa wrote

Same seven clapped-out whoopties have been for sale for the last 30 years.

I do miss Radio Shack, though.


rudyattitudedee t1_jdg4esx wrote

“Where aging hippies go to die” haha i live there!


TrespassersWilliamTW t1_jdgjf34 wrote

as someone from rural NY who keeps an eye out for more northern land to move to when my kids are grown, im surprised aging hippies are that far south. See i try to get as close to the great north as humanly possible without revoking citizenship. (it's honestly a weather thing for me, i really really like snow and rural back country. I was a trail worker and worked for parks and i just need constant snow n cold.

i see snowmobile country, but may i ask, is there periodical thaws during the winter or does it just stay frozen? i need consistency. it thaws way too much where i'm at. i need snow from november to march. are there already too many people moving there?


SRTie4k t1_jdhblcg wrote

As someone who was born and raised in Vermont, IMO hippies want a sense of community without the commercialization. That means small towns bordering bigger towns. And there are no bigger towns north of Concord that aren't complete yuppy enclaves.


livefreethendie t1_jdihgdu wrote

Tbh i have no idea what yuppy enclaves means is that like Littleton, Berlin and Gorham? Because in my eyes you nailed what hippies want and I think those are some northern towns that might have it.


itsMalarky t1_jdnyrw2 wrote

I'd probably be described as at least hippie adjacent and probably a yuppie by definition.. If im being honest.... /r/SRTie4k nailed it on the head. Concord's a sweet spot in many ways


Technical_Net_8344 t1_jdh230n wrote

This year was mild but we only had a January thaw. This week is the first time my driveway got muddy. Most of Coos county has towns with around 2,000-5,000 residents with smaller villages dotted in between.


TrespassersWilliamTW t1_jdh4e8n wrote

sounds nice, but that january thaw would piss me right the fuck off. I'm close to buffalo, and i still get annoyed that we don't have enough snow fall. I might have to move to canada, hope they'll take me.


GraniteGeekNH t1_jdh9hfi wrote

You were born two decades too late. Frozen-ground-all-winter doesn't happen in the Northeast US any more.


rudyattitudedee t1_jdhcvf0 wrote

Your best bet is Pittsburg but I know many people who didn’t get to spend as much time on the sled as they wanted this year due to poor coverage. But the last few years prior even south western sledding towns like Washington have great trail systems that get groomed on main trails and can have a pretty long season.


akmjolnir t1_jdhyv32 wrote

It's funny, I just talked to an older couple at a bar last night who moved from CT to Washington to retire and rip around on their sleds.

I guess there's still some snow up on the trails there.


rudyattitudedee t1_jdihgx8 wrote

I’m patiently waiting until there isn’t. Me and the homies got a camp that is fun as hell in winter but hard to get to without a sled. The snow is pretty much gone there atm though.


sylvesterthecat11 t1_jdh28h6 wrote

Looking at this, I learned more about NH in a few minutes than I have in my entire life.


SasquatchGroomer t1_jdhwnwt wrote

Chiming in from Keene to attest to the accuracy of the label they assigned to us.


FaustusC t1_jdfuo0a wrote

Idk, the coast area could also be "Little Boston". But still accurate.


rabbitholerandy t1_jdhrvmv wrote

The worst type of college kids and worst type of red necks 💀


7SFG1BA t1_jdgs48g wrote

This is Fuckin hilarious and so true especially the ones in the western part of the state!!! LOL


barnabasthedog t1_jdh81y0 wrote

“Sand and a place for people from mass to litter on their way to Conway.”



CLS4L t1_jdhgt8q wrote

Land of the vanity plates and no car insurance.


akmjolnir t1_jdmpaya wrote

How many people do you know without car insurance?

I think that one gets blown out of proportion sometimes.


Dramatic-Wing-4052 t1_jdk4o3o wrote

From Keene NH and I go to Keene State. Can confirm that we have the worst type of college kids. We also have weird wannabe rednecks who think they’re tough as nails


iefbr14 t1_jdk6xuv wrote

/u/Peanut-Donut this is brilliant. Where ever did you get it?


jadedfox t1_jdgdzng wrote

Growing up in Portsmouth, I can for sure confirm that.


Novel-Star6109 t1_jdhyaly wrote

grew up in laconia and gilmanton/went to hs in gilford. room temperature iqs, copper pipe thieves, teen pregnancy and lake houses is scarily accurate😭😭


NeLaX44 t1_jdiok5u wrote

Can confirm lake houses. Squam Life!


nullcompany t1_jdj7bgr wrote

I live in Lee.

I don't have a God complex.

I am God.


djdirectdrive t1_jdjvbxw wrote

I feel like that Canadian border should be moved to just above Nashua though


SavesNine9 t1_jdk8x25 wrote

Damn. My extended family lives in surprisingly unfriendly poor people territory


Idktbhhomie t1_jdh4731 wrote

Man, the lake region is so accurate


Puzzleheaded-Row-511 t1_jdhuioq wrote

This is pretty accurate lol. I live in Langdon and most people here are very friendly. There's a surprising amount of people with money though.


trimolius t1_jdhxzec wrote

I don’t understand the Northwoods Law reference. I thought this would be a Massachusetts joke.


jimsensei t1_jdiex9t wrote

My house is directly under the end quotation mark for “prodigies”. Although my area definitely relates more to the “room temperature iqs…etc.


Different_Ad7655 t1_jdifb2k wrote

Definitely true of the pimp Mobile SUVs and pit bulls named diesel but a little closer to the middle on 93


TheTr7nity t1_jdn3ru1 wrote

Your last name is also the name of your road. This is awesome! LOL


Roberto-Del-Camino t1_je7s1nz wrote

Keene should be “Free State Idiots and kids going to their college safety school.”


glockster19m t1_jdittxc wrote

Everyone is complaining about the inaccuracy of this, meanwhile my area is pretty dead on.

One of my inept coworkers tried to break into my parents lake house while it was under construction to steal the copper pipe

His wife was 22, buttt on her third baby, so a teenage pregnancy was definitely somewhere in the mix