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Ryan-The-Movie-Maker t1_jdh7u7p wrote

Hey, to be fair that wasn't us. That was people visiting from Plymouth


IeMang t1_jdj1c8b wrote

Yeah that was largely non-KSC students. There were still KSC students participating, but they weren’t the majority. I knew a few people who were either expelled or “suspended” (for lack of a better term) for the rest of the semester or year without reimbursement for the tuition they’d already paid. The administration took the whole situation very seriously, and any KSC students who were proven to have participated in the mayhem and destruction were punished harshly.

Also to be fair to the current students, that was seven years ago. Nearly two classes of graduates have passed since then, so it’s not like the current student body had anything to do with the whole thing. Most seniors now were probably around the age of 15 when the riots happened.


SlyOlAbe t1_jdhtjt4 wrote

I was in it. It was locals + the colleges around. Tbh I do blame Plymouth more than KSC and UNH