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Open-Industry-8396 t1_jdx9nzh wrote

I like how wmur tries to sugar coat things. "The officer shot at the car" he'll no!, that knucklehead pulled a gun on the cop, the cop was shooting at the perp, not the car. He was protecting his life.

This is a clean shooting. That guy was recklessly endangering many people. It will probably turn out the guy is mentally ill, but how is the cop to know this.


Bada__Ping t1_jdxkngz wrote

And even if you know someone is mentally ill, there is still a line you can’t allow them to cross when it comes to keeping the public safe


Double-Abalone7052 t1_jdzizbz wrote

Yeah, I’m sorry for people who have brains that lie to them about things, but if they are a danger to the public they need to be in the hospital.


NathanVfromPlus t1_jegy3la wrote

> people who have brains that lie to them about things

This is all humans.


corey1031d t1_jdy9tr9 wrote

Not to mention this dumb shit kid pulled out a BB gun.


FatherOfTheVoid t1_jdziuxn wrote

Man if you put that gun next to my Sig, I'm not sure I could tell the difference.


Fenwick19 t1_jdxbhdq wrote

At first glance it seems like an attempted suicide by cop, or the guy’s just a fucking idiot.


Icy-Neck-2422 OP t1_jdxmt5u wrote

License plate "LAMAFIA". I'm going with column B.


prestigious_delay_7 t1_jdybmyj wrote

Please translate for the highly regarded.


SatanLordOfDarkness t1_jdye6vs wrote

Los Angeles Mafia


JohnJohnston t1_jdyo6nq wrote

Him: I knew I should've taken that right turn t Albuquerque.


PM_Georgia_Okeefe t1_jdx7oob wrote

He ran away from the cops with that license plate and didn’t think they wouldn’t find him? The handicap tag in the car means he’s regarded.


OldEnoughToKnowButtr t1_jdxqzh6 wrote

"Police started a pursuit, but they ended it soon after because the car was being driven at a dangerous speed, police said."

He did get away, should have stayed away, LOL Then claim he loaned out his car, it was taken by unauthorized person, he didn't realize until the next day, etc. But no.... he kept trying to get caught, and did, LOL


Icy-Neck-2422 OP t1_jdx5xqq wrote

>Waleed Al Thuwayni, 18, of Manchester, was being treated at Elliot Hospital for gunshot wounds that were believed to not be life-threatening, according to the attorney general's office.
>Manchester police said callers reported the vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, passing cars, running red lights and doing doughnuts in the middle of the road.
>Officers found a Nissan 350Z convertible in the area being driven recklessly, investigators said. Police tried to stop the car, but it allegedly sped away. Police started a pursuit, but they ended it soon after because the car was being driven at a dangerous speed, police said.


>The car was later found in a parking lot near 265 Maple St. with Al Thuwayni in the driver's seat. In a press release, Manchester police said that as an officer tried to make contact with him, Al Thuwayni pulled out what appeared to be a black handgun and pointed it at the officer.


TheTr7nity t1_jdy23u5 wrote

The officer did a good job 👏🏽


Double-Abalone7052 t1_jdzix8r wrote

I’m not even mad at them for this. Little punk pointed a “gun” at them. He was asking for it.


[deleted] t1_jdzs6dp wrote



ZacPetkanas t1_je0jf0p wrote

Holy smokes you're not too bright. He pointed a realistic looking BB gun at an officer. Guy got what he deserved


infromthestorm t1_jdzzzor wrote

Waleed Al Thuwayni. Sounds like a native.