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RedLeafRoy t1_jbff40l wrote

pronouns (mentioned in comment above) etc is part of a religion. Not everyone wants to take part in your rituals.


ProlapsedMasshole t1_jbfhlrc wrote

Ah, yes the "society" religion.

This is a dumb take.


RedLeafRoy t1_jbfi8ua wrote

ah yes dumb (in your estimation) is protected by the NH Const


ProlapsedMasshole t1_jbfisz1 wrote

It's not because pronouns are not a religious ritual. That's the dumb take.


RedLeafRoy t1_jbfjk4g wrote

It is. But even if you take that stance, it's contrary to the belief and practice of established religions well represented in the state.


b1ack1323 t1_jbgxlqs wrote

Separation of church and state supersedes whatever stupid shit you are trying to push.

Also, Atheism is protected under established religions.


PM_Georgia_Okeefe t1_jbfv6kl wrote

Where in the fuck do you get that pronouns are part of a religion?


RedLeafRoy t1_jbg2uhr wrote

This thread, for example, is dripping with religious zeal


PM_Georgia_Okeefe t1_jbg669y wrote

You're an odd duck


RedLeafRoy t1_jbgkf1y wrote

I'm mainstream in real life NH. If you think I'm odd then maybe you should get off reddit, leave the house, and talk to someone.


BatmansShame t1_jbgzi5v wrote

I talk to lots of people, just not religious fruitcakes like you (who are VERY much in the minority in secular New Hampshire)


RedLeafRoy t1_jbh9q0n wrote

So you keep insisting. It's not true.

But you can keep saying it on Reddit if it makes you feel better.


[deleted] t1_jbfhfjg wrote



RedLeafRoy t1_jbfill7 wrote

I understand the use of pronouns over the last 5000 years and how it relates to belief and practice of represented religious groups


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TheodoeBhabrot t1_jbfsduz wrote

It means they just hit their meth pipe before coming on Reddit today


RedLeafRoy t1_jbfyr5u wrote

yes because ad hominem rules all


BatmansShame t1_jbgboks wrote

I mean, maybe if you made a good point or a solid argument, people would focus on those. But when you make a really dumb point, it’s way more fun to dismiss it and make fun of you


RedLeafRoy t1_jbgk8dc wrote

I did make a good argument. In comparison itsdumbitsdumbitsdumb seems weak.


BatmansShame t1_jbgza5y wrote

Your argument is that pronouns are religious in nature. This is a dumb argument, and that’s why people are making fun of you.


averageduder t1_jbh2oxe wrote

Profoundly dumb


RedLeafRoy t1_jbh90yt wrote

yeah profound is the worst kind of ad hominem.


averageduder t1_jbhj866 wrote

> pronouns (mentioned in comment above) etc is part of a religion

you know the rhetorical arguments only really work when you're staying above the fray.


livefreethendie t1_jbh7fb8 wrote

What religion is that?

Even if that is the case then why make a law saying they have to tell the student's parents?


RedLeafRoy t1_jbh8xze wrote

child's parents might belong to a different religion and want to know


livefreethendie t1_jbhgj5y wrote

Different from what? Which religion has the pronouns?

Informing the parent doesn't take any religion out of the school or release anyone from being forced to pay for that public school so what does that citation have to do with this new proposal?


triestdain t1_jbn5jjm wrote

Wow. The smarts on you. So there are laws in place to force the schools to tell parents if a child identifies as a certain religion in schools?