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Wide_Television_7074 t1_jdcfpel wrote

you left Mass because you destroyed it and it’s too expensive now. “Don’t Mass Our NH”


lantrick t1_jdd12pw wrote

Idaho has a place for you.


Wide_Television_7074 t1_jdde4ib wrote

Idaho is literally one of the most beautiful places — Sun Valley/Ketchum area is a dream


lantrick t1_jddhmjz wrote

I hear rent is cheap, jobs are plentiful and there's so much freedom you'll be pinching yourself. It's like a freedom utopia.


AllstarGaming617 t1_jde8knb wrote

Sorry for my wife and I bringing two 6 figure salaries into a state we find beautiful and we can still commute to work in Boston? Sorry we have expendable income that we will dump into the local economy? I’m so sorry.