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-Cow47- t1_jdv39rz wrote

It's team rocket


beardmat87 t1_jdv8k2z wrote

The Chinese are just looking for a good spot on Weirs beach this summer


z-eldapin t1_jdv93ns wrote

If they find one, do you think they'll let us know?


Dan0321 t1_jdvgfye wrote

It was a hot air balloon with two occupants. There are reports in Tuftonboro that the balloon came down and EMS was staged while PD went to check it out. An update said “no injuries”.


kberson t1_jduzx5i wrote

Great day to ride in a balloon


Had2CryToday t1_jdv002b wrote

Might be a cellular system if it is stationary, there was a company somewhere south of 101 around epping that makes these as a sort of alternative to towers, I could see it before Covid hit while driving.


TheTowerBard t1_jdv41cl wrote

Every middle school in the country does weather balloons as school projects and now all you dingus brains are going to be losing your minds every time you see one. Awesome.


ZacPetkanas t1_jdva0yw wrote

> now all you dingus brains are going to be losing your minds every time you see one. Awesome.

Easy there, it's just a post on Reddit. It's not like the OP used a half-billion dollar airplane to shoot it down with a $100k missile.


TheTowerBard t1_jdva70p wrote

I’m aware of what caused the dingus flair-up, thank you very much.

Edit: I only wish the dinguses realized how easily they are played. It’s like learning Hot Crossed Buns on recorder growing up. Too easy.


Successful_Glass_925 t1_jdv6y4b wrote

Thanks for calling me a dingus. I never said it was not a weather ballon if I was losing my mind and screaming the Chinese are coming.


TheTowerBard t1_jdv7k6l wrote

“Everyone is saying spy drone.”

Ok. Have a great day.


CommunityGlittering2 t1_jdvdgun wrote

See he is doing a trump, he didn't say it was a spy drone, everyone else did.


SheeEttin t1_jdvru33 wrote

Many people are saying it! They say "Sir," they come up to me with tears in their eyes, "Sir, there's a Jyna spy balloon over our houses!"

Edit: nah that doesn't work. He wouldn't make China the bad guy in his story.


heyhelloyuyu t1_jdv4syx wrote

Plus if you’re just a hobbiest - you can just buy weather balloons lol. If you’re willing to drop cash you can get some pretty big ones - I just googled it bc I was curious and looks like you can get ones bigger than a person for like $200.


Andromeda321 t1_jdvaco3 wrote

There are also multiple science and amateur radio reasons to have those balloons. Apparently one of the ones shot down by the US military recently was a research project out of Montana State, for example.


TheTowerBard t1_jdv77mj wrote

The ones middle schools use are like $12 a piece and very large. I’m sure the schools get a deal, but yeah, these things are all over and no one cared until recently. It’s quite hilarious.


ZacPetkanas t1_jdvgqz8 wrote

Here's a link to a 2005 article about "BalloonSats" Seems like a pretty neat hobby for some folks


smartest_kobold t1_jdv5ev6 wrote

America's enemies are trying to force you to participate in French cinema.


tech1010 t1_jdvlhnu wrote

Maybe they’re spying if any ski mountains still have snow 🤣


akmjolnir t1_jdva6wk wrote

Stay off Faceballs, and you won't have to listen to other people.


CommunityGlittering2 t1_jdvdc44 wrote

Who is everyone?


Successful_Glass_925 t1_jdvruu9 wrote

Everyone can be slang for a group small or large when referring to people that a person would not want to list individually.


IMakeStuffUppp t1_jdvjelg wrote

Sound out the word and double check your spelling.

Our school system isn’t THAT bad you can’t spell balloon.


Successful_Glass_925 t1_jdvr6kt wrote

If I had spelled balloon wrong then auto correct would re-spell it for me. For some reason when I spell balloon my auto correct thinks I am spelling the French word ballon. Which has nothing to do with public schools or you intense scrutiny of a post I typed out in a few seconds. Btw, up is spelled (up) not uppp.