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devindude3 t1_jd7hgnq wrote

Exeter itself is loaded with trails: Fort Rock, PEA trails.


z-eldapin t1_jd7lqog wrote

used to walk the PEA trails all the time as a kid. This was the first thing I thought of


eyehunt2 OP t1_jd84i8r wrote

I thought the PEA trails were private? Good to know 👍


gregor-sans t1_jd8glw9 wrote

I’ve walked them many times. Never had a problem. I got the impression that the school encouraged the public to use the trails.


NHThrowaway603420 t1_jdf2fng wrote

Just be respectful of the academy property and there should not be any issues. Also a cool trail network on Continental Drive and another which extends into Newfields off Cuba Road. Cuba Road links with the Rockingham Rail Trail, but the trail link is wet in the shoulder seasons.

LMK if you want more recs.


Theseus-Paradox t1_jd7inro wrote

Stratham Hill is also a good place to check out and has a fire tower.


Blindwilly22 t1_jd7goz7 wrote

Sweet trail in Newmarket/Dover is nice. It’s flat but quite long and pretty.


Maldonian t1_jd7kufe wrote

Look up SELT. They’ve been preserving a lot of land in the area, most/all of it with hiking trails. Offhand I can think of Kingston and Epping, but they’re always adding more. They seem to be doing great work.


eyehunt2 OP t1_jd84qoz wrote

There is a selt trail head on my way to work! I didn’t even know what it was 🤣


Chenko0160 t1_jd7vya1 wrote

Henderson-Swasey town forest in Exeter has some great trail loops too.


eyehunt2 OP t1_jd84wk6 wrote

Lots of mountain biking here I think, is that a hassle for walkers


Chenko0160 t1_jd87icz wrote

It is used for mountain biking occasionally, but out of the 30+ times I’ve walked those trails (used to live right next to them), I’ve only run into a few people on bikes. Mostly people walking their dogs, and even that is few and far between.


DirtDawg21892 t1_jd8ss17 wrote

They're multi use trails, although mountain bikers do most of the maintenance and upkeep. There are a lot of us who ride there, but we're friendly. All are welcome!


ComprehensiveFool t1_jd7pod7 wrote

Lots of trails in a 30 minute radius. I’d suggest AllTrails to find some. Right off rt85 in Exeter is Henderson-Swasey Town Forest which has an extensive trail network.


Tuckersmom22 t1_jd7ru9f wrote

There are trails throughout Exeter as well as at Phillips Exeter as well. If you use the All Trails app they are easy to find.


FreelanceNinjaM t1_jd81etx wrote

Download the "All Trails" app. It's fantastic!


eyehunt2 OP t1_jd84bq0 wrote

Thanks, is it worth the subscription $


FreelanceNinjaM t1_jd8gibf wrote

Oh I don't think I needed one! Haven't looked at it in awhile, but you're right it's great :)


Hextall2727 t1_jdd7be0 wrote

Fort Rock and Newfields are ripe with trails. It's heavily mountain biked (the MTB community is currently building a lot of new trails on teh newfields side). Parking is located in a couple places on Rt. 85 on either side of Rt.101 (there's a large culvert under 101 connecting the two trail networks).

There's a nice network of trails off Bald Hill Road in Epping/Newmarket.
There's some nice trails in Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge near Pease in Newington with views of Great Bay.


RomeoChang t1_jd87ys7 wrote

A lot of recommendations for all trails. Personally dont like the app and use Gaia instead. Much more accurate and runs much better.


charlybell t1_jd89ldb wrote

Danville town forest. Fire tower in kingston. Mill pond loop off of north rd in kingston.


gregor-sans t1_jd8h12h wrote

It may be a bit far, but there are some nice trails around Lake Massabesic.


supergreen__ t1_jd8xrgq wrote

Mt Agamenticus is up around York so may be a little more than 30 minutes from Exeter, but it’s got a handful of different loops so you can choose different distances and the peak has gorgeous viewing platforms of the ocean and the looking inland at the other mountains. If you go during berry season there are ripe blueberries, blackberries and raspberries all over. I used to live in Portsmouth and it was one of my favorite morning hikes.


sicariis t1_jdai2nj wrote

Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge


eyehunt2 OP t1_jdi4jju wrote

Is it more than the short hike from the parking area to the river ? I have only been there once. Thanks, I will check it out again


sicariis t1_jdihti9 wrote

There are two public trails. Peverly pond trail is a half mile ADA boardwalk. Ferry Way Trail is a 2 mile trail out to great bay. They also host bike tours with access to closed portions of the refuge, shoreline cleanups, and every October they have an open house where the public can walk to woodman point (normally off limits). They also have annual hunting permit raffles for Deer and Turkey for both Bow and shotgun.