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RickyDaytonaJr t1_jbmguu0 wrote

These tax dollars are going to be flushed down the toilet so Sununu can try to convince Republican primary voters that he’s “tough on border issues.” Fucking ridiculous.


The_Beardly t1_jbmtuls wrote

Hey, something’s gotta be done about all the illegal maple syrup flowing into our streets!


PebblyJackGlasscock t1_jbnraz4 wrote

We giggle but tourism from Quebec is down significantly from decades past. NH tax revenues used to benefit from all those cars with Quebec plates.

Cest la vie? We’re not friendly neighbors, so why spend money here. Merde.


raxnbury t1_jbo41qq wrote

It’s also weird because when I was a kid, 30 years ago, i was taught French I’m school. I remember so many more québécois back then.


Baranjula t1_jbo7zdg wrote

So you think that's because passports are now required?


PebblyJackGlasscock t1_jbo8kat wrote

No, I know that a lot of the Canadians who used to visit and spend in NH now spend a little more elsewhere.


soh_amore t1_jbobckm wrote

Canadians still regularly come to Buffalo / Niagara Falls to do business though. Weird that it seems to be an NH thing


Baranjula t1_jbobucj wrote

Huh interesting, I was in buffalo the other day and would have popped into Toronto if it weren't for the passport


akrasne t1_jbqd7ll wrote

We don’t like the wee wee s anyway lol


nixstyx t1_jbqzk8x wrote

It amounts to about $25,862 per border mile. Or $4.89 per foot.

Honestly, a wall would be cheaper.

EDIT: OK, I had to take this one step further, because who wants a wall?

So instead you could hire people at NH minimum wage ($7.25) to each patrol a 2.5 mile section of border and get entire border coverage 24/7/365. No benefits though, cause live free or die poor.

Hell, sign me up. I already walk around in the middle of nowhere for free.


gmcgath t1_jbto0tc wrote

You've forgotten that under a rule invented by the courts, everything within a hundred miles of an international border or the seacoast is a "border zone." The entire state is in the border zone.

The CBP has used this to set up checkpoints all over the White Mountains and harass people. That's what Sununu is helping to fund, not just patrols in Pittsburg.


greenglasstree t1_jbmp4ao wrote

Meanwhile no money goes towards helping New Hampshirites with mental illness, because Snoo Snoo would rather outsource every necessary service to nearby states.


Solid_Information_66 t1_jbni3zm wrote

>Meanwhile no money goes towards helping New Hampshirites with mental illness

Or towards the homeless. Or the children in the care of DCYF. Or to DHHS to help struggling families. There are probably 1.5 million other things that money could have been spent on instead of protecting us from CANADA.


V1198 t1_jbmbci1 wrote

Sununu needs to pick a lane. It’s McCain 2.0 or in with the Maga fringe. Northern border, gimme a break, what a waste of money.


dj_narwhal t1_jbob675 wrote

That is the thing though, he doesn't have to do any of that. He knows the base lacks object permanence and he can do and say whatever he wants. Right wing hogs will eat it up like slop and not continue never thinking about anything.


dzastrus t1_jbnpndy wrote

Last time I crossed up North we presented our passports to the nice Canadian at the tiny booth. He didn't as much glance up at us and sent us through. We were on a Sunday drive. A few hours later we crossed back into NH. A HUGE facility with a dozen people. They peppered us with questions. "Why did you go to Canada for just a few hours." Like that. Even ran the mirror under the car, went through the trunk, looked at us like we were up to something. About five miles down the road was a Border Patrol SUV hiding behind a corner in case we had made a break for it. wth. The difference between the two attitudes was embarrassing.


soh_amore t1_jbobldf wrote

Now imagine if you have just a US visa and not passport lol they break you down


lantonas t1_jbp35ti wrote

The last time I went to Canada (with my Hispanic cousin) we were stopped at the border, forced to park and go inside where they interrogated us about our life history and looked through our car.

On the way back I told the US border agent that we bought a coffee mug with Jim Morrison on it. He laughed and waved us through.

The difference between the two attitudes was embarrassing.


Braena t1_jbpce3u wrote

And look at that, two great examples of anecdotal evidence!


shortieXV t1_jbmmfok wrote

Sununu has long overstayed his welcome and this shows it. I'm sick of him filtering our money into unwanted pet projects while he whittles away attempts to reclaim our voting power as NH citizens. Send him packing already.


dojijosu t1_jbmo6jy wrote

Who is this for, exactly? Is even the MAGA-est MAGA like “we need to get a handle on that 58 mile stretch of Canadian border?”


sdlover420 OP t1_jbmovbx wrote

Wish I knew but you could put a lot of GoPros on 58 miles of trees for $1.5mil.


UnisexWaffleBooties t1_jbobagb wrote

Cameras don't stop illegal aliens.


Arthur-Morgans-Beard t1_jc1yyt0 wrote

I've lived "up by the border" for my whole life. This has never been a serious issue and near as I can tell, it isn't expected to get any worse.


Berzerk_Unit_Alpha t1_jbmterg wrote

This will teach those God damn Tim Horton slurping French Canadians that are trying to smuggle delicious maple syrup over our borders a God damn lesson.

Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall!


Bahariasaurus t1_jbnp7bg wrote

Last time I came back from Canada CBP gave me a hard time. They really wanted to know if I had any citus fruit on me. The truth is I had 30 kilos of Old Dutch All Dressed Chips in my spare tire compartment but they didn't need to know that.

Oh the other thing that annoyed the shit out of me: during the Trump era CBP set up a fucking road block on 93 up near Woodstock like almost 100 miles from the border. How the heck is that "Live Free or Die"? Violation of my fourth amendment rights, and they're gunna narc on my stash.


Theseus-Paradox t1_jbnt3kz wrote

They’ve been doing that for a while now, at least since 2009 because I went through that check point just south of cannon mountain on 93 and thought it was really odd.


PebblyJackGlasscock t1_jbnrush wrote

It was set up to catch people “without papers” taking their kids to Story Land. I think they caught one illegal and harassed about 100 citizens in front of their children.

Look, I support profiling. MA and CT drivers suck as they speed recklessly up and down the interstate. Get that tax revenue! Setting up a “border checkpoint” more than 100 miles from the border but 10 miles from a family destination and then asking anyone not white for “papers” is bullshit.


Berzerk_Unit_Alpha t1_jbny71a wrote

FYI. I will pay good money for those chips. uSD$ CAN$ bitcoin blowjobs. Whatever it takes.


Steady_Habits_CT t1_jbqu3ee wrote

Move to the southern border. People in NM, AZ, etc. deal with CBP checks along highways continously.


g_rich t1_jbnryxb wrote

Really NH, are you guys so insecure that you need to protect yourselves from Canadian’s? They have strong beer, weed and universal healthcare; they are not crossing the border to get into NH.


NHGuy t1_jbo5m2y wrote

It's not people "leaving Canada" that's the concern, it's people passing through Canada to get into the US


g_rich t1_jbo7an3 wrote

That an awful big stretch, I can guarantee that number is almost nonexistent and that any undocumented individuals in NH either came through the southern boarder or more likely simply overstayed their visa.

This is nothing more than your governor wasting taxpayer money to pander to the right and appear tough on immigration. Wake up and see it for what it really is.


NHGuy t1_jbo7w3w wrote

Ok, but I'm just telling you the rational, not trying to get you to believe me. Believe whatever you want


g_rich t1_jbodiyx wrote

I understand the rationale, I'm just saying that it's not rational; your governor is spending over a million dollars of taxpayer money on an issue that simply does not exist.


NHGuy t1_jboiwe0 wrote

Where are you? And how do you know it doesn't exist? What evidence do you have?


asphynctersayswhat t1_jbon48y wrote

What evidence do YOU have that warrants the spend. Burden of proof is on those saying this is an issue


NHGuy t1_jboq6xo wrote

I am not defending it, I just explained the rationale behind it which, for some reason, in your mind you think I'm defending it. Now go away


asphynctersayswhat t1_jbp5t2m wrote

Explaining the reasons is another way of saying you’re defending it, because you’re not giving the real reason, which is culture war rhetoric, our 58 Mile border is fine. We have other needs for that cash.

Now go away


NHGuy t1_jbp6c17 wrote

I explicitly said I wasn't. Are you thick?


asphynctersayswhat t1_jbsucjo wrote

I’m explicitly not even responding to your comments, so what’s the problem? Yeah, I’m pressing the sequence of keys, and then hitting send, but it’s not a response cuz I say it’s not.


Nydelok t1_jbpfhyw wrote

Bruh, Canada has no other borders with any country, and I highly doubt Russians would cross Siberia and take a trek across the North Pole to pass through Canada, and then continue down to the USA


FaustusC t1_jbo8uza wrote

Ignore them, it's the same type of idiot who said there was no border crisis then screeched in horror when Texas sent a fraction of the stream to the states that said they were sanctuaries lmao


NHGuy t1_jbo9n3m wrote

Oh, I'm aware of what they are getting at

It's both amusing and frustrating when people try to peg down your position on a topic based on a single statement.

I wasn't expressing my opinion on the topic, to be completely clear


asphynctersayswhat t1_jbomz7s wrote

I think you miss the point. Show me a reason to spend this money. Show me that people are using Canada as a gateway, and dialing in on the smallest state border, in a state full of armed mountain folk. No. IF some freeloader made it to Canada, they’re better off there than here. And if they are bad actors, they’re safer crossing on the other coast. This is pissing our money away for optics. You want to refute that? Get the metrics on illegal crossings in NH. cuz I’ve seen nothing


NHGuy t1_jbopy9a wrote

I didn't miss the point, I'm not defending it - now fuck off


asphynctersayswhat t1_jbp5zj2 wrote

Snowflake lol. Just accept you are wrong. I know maga people struggle with that but it’s essential to grow.


NHGuy t1_jbp66yp wrote

You're a fucking idiot - I'm about 180° from those jackasses as you could get. Stop assuming


ThatDrunkRussian1116 t1_jbp6smo wrote

It’s too funny that you chose to engage in the conversation by commenting and then get annoyed when people respond to your comments.


NHGuy t1_jbp9kf6 wrote

What's funny, as in WTF funny, are people who read a single sentence and then run away with it thinking they know all about the person who made the statement. That's asinine. I have zero interest in arguing with those people and somehow, you also fail to understand that as well


asphynctersayswhat t1_jbstqvb wrote

You might as well have cited the onion. Use legitimate news sources, not right wing propagandists


UnisexWaffleBooties t1_jc2a16q wrote

"Apprehensions in the area where the family was found, known as the Swanton Sector, which includes sections of Vermont, New York and New Hampshire, have increased to 1,146 from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2022, from just 136 the year prior. Across the northern border, crossings from Canada into the U.S. have increased from 16,000 to 42,000 over the same time period, according to CBP data. "


[deleted] t1_jbo0844 wrote

This isn’t to keep Canadians out. It’s to keep us in. Can’t have pregnant women fleeing Gilead now, can we?


Bianrox t1_jbmrt0a wrote

There was a recent, national article about increased illegal immigration from the Canadian border (not specifically NH though)


sdlover420 OP t1_jbmso02 wrote

Ya saw that, NH NPR said a lot happening through Vermont, $4,000 per person and such, does sound like human coyote shit you see at the southern border.


exhaustedretailwench t1_jbn2630 wrote

who the fuck is leaving Canada?


lantonas t1_jbp3l6k wrote

Non-US citizens that fly into Canada and illegally cross into the United States.

Why don't they just stay in Canada?

Because Canada will actually deport them because Canadians are heartless white supremacists.


NHGuy t1_jbo5g9c wrote

Not so much leaving Canada as passing through to get into the US


SatanLordOfDarkness t1_jbo6nfx wrote

Passing through? From where?? Russia?


UnisexWaffleBooties t1_jbobrrm wrote

From every country whose people want to come to the US without having to wait years to do it legally.


Boomtowersdabbin t1_jboeao1 wrote

Wouldn't those people be better off in Canada due to their social programs? Or is it a shot at the "American Dream" that they are after?


asphynctersayswhat t1_jbomfwo wrote

The American dream was killed by republicans. Still waiting for those billionaires to let their untaxed income trickle down to us…..


UnisexWaffleBooties t1_jbom8s0 wrote

You'll have to ask them. My guess is the "American Dream" is a big factor along with how strict Canada is with immigration. And maybe they want to join family/friends in the US.


NHGuy t1_jbo6u62 wrote

You realize that planes and ships go to Canada too, right? They aren't a third world landlocked country


asphynctersayswhat t1_jboma0f wrote

Sorry, if I was from the third world and capable of getting to a country with canadas social safety nets, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to give that up. I’d keep my bootstraps in the land of the overly polite


NHGuy t1_jboppuq wrote

Why are you arguing with me? I'm not the one who enacted the policy, nor am I defending it. Find someone else to fight with


soh_amore t1_jbocc2y wrote

You mean to say passing through US to get into Canada?


lakeorjanzo t1_jbo510d wrote

No money for commuter rail tho


FaustusC t1_jbo8xot wrote

I'd rather personally burn the money than fund commuter rail to Boston.


YBMExile t1_jbp366d wrote

Very on brand for this sub. I truly believe some of you would literally burn money if you thought it would annoy a Masshole.


FaustusC t1_jbpithz wrote

I'd rather burn it than have it used in a way that will actively make my life worse.


YBMExile t1_jbpuck9 wrote

Some of you guys could use a little more resilience and a little less grievance.


FaustusC t1_jbpuizf wrote

Some of you guys could use a lot more common sense and a few less drops on the head as babies.


overdoing_it t1_jby8qab wrote

How about that thing the supreme court said they were supposed to fix like 20 years ago and still haven't? School funding or something.


daniedo22 t1_jbo1nvh wrote

How about funding an actual, real crisis - hunger and affordable housing?! What a joke.


erindesbois t1_jbmnmpd wrote

Is there really 1.whatever million worth of activity up on the 1 border crossing there is?


UnisexWaffleBooties t1_jc2ahpt wrote

"Apprehensions in the area where the family was found, known as the Swanton Sector, which includes sections of Vermont, New York and New Hampshire, have increased to 1,146 from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2022, from just 136 the year prior. Across the northern border, crossings from Canada into the U.S. have increased from 16,000 to 42,000 over the same time period, according to CBP data."

The numbers are increasing rapidly. Better to start working on the problem now than waiting for it to get worse.


Secure_View6740 t1_jbojhhu wrote

How about a nice commuting train system that goes through the Seacoast towns to Boston? Like from Manchester-Exeter-Portsmouth-Seabrook - Boston? Instead of wasting money on things the feds should be doing ?

Or how about helping people affected by drugs?

Spend money on things that matter. Transportation is a big need for NH.


fistofthefuture t1_jbn5205 wrote

No more “I’m visiting my grandma” for frat kids headed to montreal


captainjackass28 t1_jbna2cb wrote

Our state is flooded with drugs, yet they worry more about dangerous canadians. What are they gonna do, attack you with moose antlers?


g_rich t1_jbo946v wrote

The state is secretly run by the maple syrup cabal, they are trying to preserve their hold by keeping out illegally imported Canadian maple syrup. Now that they have successfully lobbied the governor to lock out Canada their next target is going to be the far superior Vermont maple syrup.


BatSame3032 t1_jbofe99 wrote

Could another reason be that they don't want people driving over to get prescription drugs cheaper? OTC is probably cheaper as well.


asphynctersayswhat t1_jboltu8 wrote

Is he trying to keep people in? I’m sorry I just was unaware that the state with the smallest border with Canada happens to be the crossing point. I also find it hard to believe Canada is full of criminals trying to break into the US. If they did, we’d catch them quickly as soon as they encounter someone and apologize for crossing illegally


Nydelok t1_jbpf2rr wrote

Border safety… against Canada?


toddart t1_jbmvuww wrote

How many miles is it? What’s the dollar per mile?


toddart t1_jbmwmp4 wrote

58 miles at 1.5 million= $25862 per mile- that’s sad.


General_Piano_5568 t1_jbn3b3f wrote

Wait…. What northern boarder? Canada? Or New Hampshire. I’m lost


Halfameetball t1_jbo4mpd wrote

Ok so I consider myself a supporter of sununu. But this is a waste of tax money. All for what? So he can say "he is securing the borders" for his would be presidential bid? I would much rather see this money go to something good like a tuition benefit or a few new plow trucks for the state. Something that actually benefits local taxpayers. I don't support spending money for the sake of spending money. Please do something that actually benefits the state of new Hampshire.


ericools t1_jborqas wrote

Oh no, the Canadians might be coming for us!!!



CartographerNo1759 t1_jbpj5wo wrote

What a waste of fucking money


sdlover420 OP t1_jbpk6jb wrote

Been hearing people throwing around the term political theater about biden taxing the rich... Then we have this.


Frankenstien23 t1_jbq6115 wrote

The only ones we need to worry about sneaking over the canadian border are those damn geese! GO BACK TO CANADA YA JERKS!


springer0510 t1_jbo1cuh wrote

Are alot of Canadians jumping the border?


Viking603 t1_jbo3gtt wrote

58 miles X 5280 Ft./mile = 306,240 feet

306,240 feet X 12 inch/foot = 3,674,880 inches

3,674,880 ÷ $1,500,000 = 2.45 inches/$1

For $2 you could support almost 5" of border.


Mascbro26 t1_jbob6q7 wrote

Everyone knows that $1.5M is not a lot of money right? The 2022 GDP of NH is $84B.

Edit: 0.0000178571%


ericools t1_jbosbi7 wrote

A wasted $1.5 million is a wasted $1.5 million. I don't consider the state wasting that kind of money to be trivial. It's money they have to take from people who could do something actually useful with it.


Mascbro26 t1_jbpdxp3 wrote

I agree but in the grand scheme of things that little amount of money doesn't matter.


ericools t1_jbpvb7x wrote

Sure. What does mater however is that there is a system in place that allows for people in power to force others to waste money on things. It's a small example of a very large and very serious issue.

I think it might be best to use these smaller less important examples to illuminate the problem, because with larger more complex budget items people get sucked into all kinds of tangents and myriad ideological debates about what benefits or determent any given part of the spending leads to.


Mascbro26 t1_jbpz5ft wrote

I mean this 1.5 is just political theater to try and appease republican voters. It's not meaningful beyond feeding general scare tactics of the republican voting base. The fear mongering on right wing news sources is mind boggling to me. It a wonder any conservative even leaves their house!


ericools t1_jbrus54 wrote

Both sides are pretty full of over the top doomsayers over every stupid little thing that mostly doesn't matter.


Mascbro26 t1_jbs1c2f wrote

Wait, you think the dems are on the same level as the republicans when it comes to lunacy? Please point out the dem vesions of MTG, trump, cruz, gaetz and broebert.


ericools t1_jbs37z9 wrote

Yep. Some of them are so crazy they have basically went all the way around and touched tips with the right wing nutjobs.

I was speaking of the supporters more than politicians. Most of the politicians aren't crazy, they are just opportunistic parasites that use whatever brand of crazy is convenient in order to gain power. A few of them might be drinking koolaid, but mostly they don't really care about the things they are making a big deal of.


Mascbro26 t1_jbxon59 wrote

So, not a single example....


ericools t1_jc8si8r wrote

I was not talking about politicians. If I was talking about people who were public figures I would give examples. I don't think it's justifiable to point to regular people from one camp or another as examples for the sake of an internet argument.

It also seems really silly. If you haven't seen both left and right wing crazy already it must be your first day on the internet.


BabyApeShit t1_jbmsu2z wrote

While I don’t think there is a real danger or huge need, this is still needed. $1.5M is not that much these days. Some of you on this page yourselves or via close family members have home(s) worth $1.5M. Those of you that have a lake house and primary residence elsewhere likely have $1.5M in real estate assets.

That basically funds them 7 headcounts (avg salary of $105k) and some surveillance equipment. It’s not some crazy amount like it once was.


toddart t1_jbmx50u wrote

A New Hampshire border guard makes 46 grand a year and can’t afford your lake house


BabyApeShit t1_jbmxrjx wrote

Sorry, my 1,400 sq ft ranch in sNH is all the luxury I need. 1.5M for the border = 3x the value of my mediocre home on less than a quarter acre of land. It’s a drop in the bucket. What we talking about here?


toddart t1_jbn14b2 wrote

Clarity is important thanks for asking - You said a border guard made a hundred grand a year - I looked it up because that seemed high - New Hampshire boarder guards make less than 50 grand a year. At fifty grand you can barely be a home owner in NH let alone own a ranch - sometimes I fear people in higher tax brackets forget what it is like for the actual little guy working hard on the boarder - keeping it safe for you. Question- do you own a vacation property? A lot of people do and it makes it a lot harder for working class people in NH to own their own home


BabyApeShit t1_jbyhxbp wrote

I looked up the average pay of a border patrol agent, not specific to NH and that’s what it came back with. I did see the figure you presented when I specified it to NH… regardless, my point is not about what a border patrol agent makes and how well off they are, it’s that $1.5M does not get you much these days. Also, that may be their pay, but their benefits are not included and with a state or federal position, that can be quite a bit. They trade off pay for pensions and good healthcare etc. it’s not simply what they get in their paycheck.

I do not have a vacation home. I own a 3br 1.5br ranch in sNH on less than a quarter acre. The avg home in NH is $440k. My house is nothing special, believe me and it’s worth just slightly more than the avg NH home. We are talking funding that is equivalent to my house and that of my two neighbors. Again, not much. I could have bought the whole neighborhood for $1.5M 30 years ago.

I don’t think there is some imminent threat at the border. But you also can’t just neglect it.


BabyApeShit t1_jbyi68k wrote

“The average total salary for a Border Patrol Agent is $105,500 per year. This is based on data from 2,134 TurboTax users who reported their occupation as Border Patrol Agent and includes taxable wages, tips, bonuses, and more.”


KJBNH t1_jbnxwl3 wrote

It’s not needed at all even if it cost $1


BabyApeShit t1_jbyltub wrote

Oh, not at all? You can’t think of even ONE reason why you need to monitor your border?

No need to respond bc I see you are on the extreme and there is no rationalizing anything with someone on an extreme, regardless of the issue or side you are on.