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FaustusC t1_jbo8uza wrote

Ignore them, it's the same type of idiot who said there was no border crisis then screeched in horror when Texas sent a fraction of the stream to the states that said they were sanctuaries lmao


NHGuy t1_jbo9n3m wrote

Oh, I'm aware of what they are getting at

It's both amusing and frustrating when people try to peg down your position on a topic based on a single statement.

I wasn't expressing my opinion on the topic, to be completely clear


asphynctersayswhat t1_jbomz7s wrote

I think you miss the point. Show me a reason to spend this money. Show me that people are using Canada as a gateway, and dialing in on the smallest state border, in a state full of armed mountain folk. No. IF some freeloader made it to Canada, they’re better off there than here. And if they are bad actors, they’re safer crossing on the other coast. This is pissing our money away for optics. You want to refute that? Get the metrics on illegal crossings in NH. cuz I’ve seen nothing


NHGuy t1_jbopy9a wrote

I didn't miss the point, I'm not defending it - now fuck off


asphynctersayswhat t1_jbp5zj2 wrote

Snowflake lol. Just accept you are wrong. I know maga people struggle with that but it’s essential to grow.


NHGuy t1_jbp66yp wrote

You're a fucking idiot - I'm about 180° from those jackasses as you could get. Stop assuming


ThatDrunkRussian1116 t1_jbp6smo wrote

It’s too funny that you chose to engage in the conversation by commenting and then get annoyed when people respond to your comments.


NHGuy t1_jbp9kf6 wrote

What's funny, as in WTF funny, are people who read a single sentence and then run away with it thinking they know all about the person who made the statement. That's asinine. I have zero interest in arguing with those people and somehow, you also fail to understand that as well


asphynctersayswhat t1_jbstqvb wrote

You might as well have cited the onion. Use legitimate news sources, not right wing propagandists