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Newgidoz t1_jbqw4el wrote

>Of course it’s different for life saving and medical necessity.

Citations on transition as medically necessary, frequently life saving medical care, and the only effective treatment for gender dysphoria, as recognized by every major US and world medical authority:

  • Here is a resolution from the American Psychological Association; "THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that APA recognizes the efficacy, benefit and medical necessity of gender transition treatments for appropriately evaluated individuals and calls upon public and private insurers to cover these medically necessary treatments." More from the APA here

  • Here is an AMA resolution on the efficacy and necessity of transition as appropriate treatment for gender dysphoria, and call for an end to insurance companies categorically excluding transition-related care from coverage

  • A policy statement from the American College of Physicians

  • Here are the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines

  • Here is a resolution from the American Academy of Family Physicians

  • Here is one from the National Association of Social Workers

  • Here is one from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, here are the treatment guidelines from the RCP, and here are guidelines from the NHS. More from the NHS here.

  • Here are the guidelines from the New Zealand Medical Journal


bossman118242 t1_jbqxajs wrote

cool so they can do it at 18, that works.


Newgidoz t1_jbqxpao wrote

How are people who take their own life before 18 supposed to transition after 18?

How are people who are forced through unwanted irreversible changes that damage their health before 18 supposed to avoid them after they've already happened?