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Hi folks. Looking for recommendations on places to take my partner Saturday night. We've mostly stuck to Southern NH places - Buckley's, the Library, Copper Door, Greenleaf - but would love to explore other areas & other restaurants. Where do you take your special someone on date night?



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Poisonous_plum t1_je58lm7 wrote

Surf in Nashua or Portsmouth - delicious!


HallAndOpes t1_je5h7fq wrote

There’s a surf in Nashua?! Can confirm the Portsmouth one in fantastic


smolanonymousecat t1_je6d9ju wrote

It is nowhere near as nice as the one in Portsmouth, not even close. The ambiance is severely lacking and it’s pretty small.


ParadigmCG t1_je6cvt0 wrote

I recommend the tuna stone thing


joostadood526 t1_je819gq wrote

They don't do it anymore.


ParadigmCG t1_je87h1m wrote



joostadood526 t1_je87prs wrote

Sushi program has changed a bit since you've last been I'm sure. But the specials make up for the hot tuna stone being gone. It was a liability.


ParadigmCG t1_je8c605 wrote

I'm not really a "good ole days" guy but I really wish we could trust people to be able to handle a hot rock and sushi grade fish.


feelurvibe t1_je5aze0 wrote

Cotton in Manchester is great


Vomitus_The_Emetic t1_je5jmto wrote

I had a surreal experience with a snobby waiter there. Felt like it was out of a comedy sketch


Highlingual t1_je5mhz2 wrote

Tell the story!


Vomitus_The_Emetic t1_je5t0js wrote

We went in for brunch, he wouldn't make eye contact with either of us, harrumphed a lot and was super short. it was a few years back so I don't remember all the specifics, but things like walking up to the table and just saying "what do you want?". I asked for a tap list and he turned around, walked away, came back, put it on the table and walked away again without saying anything.

At the time it seemed odd, but over the course of the meal seemed to add up to intentional disrespect. It was weird, I've never seen the guy before or since. Only time I've stiffed a waiter, I tipped 0.02. I looked up some reviews after and a couple people had similar experiences. Guy wasn't in the right profession I think


ThisIsNotTuna t1_je9t480 wrote

I've yet to hear a guy audibly harrumph in public, but envisioning this in my head greatly amuses me.


Verucasalt-- t1_je5clu2 wrote

Not super fancy but Tuckaway Tavern if you want some incredible food!


Exciting_Agent3901 t1_je5on64 wrote

Tuckaway is good-if you like to wait around for 2 hours. Food is ok if you like steak tips. Personally, I like my beef to taste like cow, not whatever “house” is.


sonofteflon t1_je5qtbg wrote

I call it Staythefuckaway Tavern because it is prohibitively difficult to just go to and eat...


All_Hail_Space_Cat t1_je6nca8 wrote

The house is seriously dry Italian dressing. So basic. I worked as a butcher and their sausage is actually very impressive so I'm not downplaying their craft. It's just what sells to their clients. God any place that sells chicken "tips" is a nogo for me.


lagle123 t1_je7bs83 wrote

Agreed, and if you have to wait hour+ how about putting some bread on the table when you sit down. Nothing special there


DimLug t1_je5pmg0 wrote

Eh not personally a fan. I've only been to the one in Raymond but it's a bit too costly for the quality of food, and the wait is too long. Plus, I don't get why, but the place is constantly packed. Which to be completely fair probably explains the wait times.


NHGuy t1_je5rv1k wrote

Raymond is their only location


Vomitus_The_Emetic t1_je5t6qz wrote

It's the closest thing the Epping/Raymond/Milton Redneck Axis has to a tourist attraction


The_Beardly t1_je5awfx wrote

Firefly Bistro in Manchester is a personal favorite of my wife and I.


_From_dust t1_je5uk5m wrote

Yes! Went there once for a low key anniversary and we were super satisfied! Great food..and a delicious pickled whiskey sour!


-cochise t1_je7yijz wrote

That lamb risotto dish they used to have 👌


The_Beardly t1_je80t5i wrote

Have you tried their buffalo chicken soup? It was so good I asked if they could put in in the menu when we had our rehearsal dinner there. (They did lol)


Glad_Chemical t1_je5h6vg wrote

Massimos in Portsmouth


PirateLunaFox2121 t1_je59l6k wrote

Does it have to be fancy? Because if you’re just going out to eat and can continue the date elsewhere smokehaus in Amherst is the best BBQ


ArttVandellay t1_je5hm5a wrote

The Crown in Manchester is a personal favorite. Patio/yard in the back in the summertime too.


dac000111 t1_je5h7mh wrote

MT’s local in Nashua. Cotton in Manchester. Crown Tavern in Manchester. Codex in Nashua is a fun speakeasy in Nashua for some cocktails.


sonofteflon t1_je5r0ce wrote

Riverworks in New Market. Dante's in Barrington. The Ffrost Tavern at the 3 Chimney's in Durham. Railpenny in Epping.


LiveFree_NeverDie603 t1_je5bskh wrote

Common man Windham. Awesome atmosphere.


dc551589 t1_je7xrfv wrote

This is probably blasphemy but I’m born and raise NH and Common Man is so bland, boring, and the fact that they seem to think they’re “fine dining” is hilarious. If you go anywhere with actual quality restaurants, they put Common Man to shame. Common Man is high society for people who don’t know anything about society.


LiveFree_NeverDie603 t1_je9a0nf wrote

I don’t disagree with anything of this . Op asked for date night recommendations.I didn’t it was good or “fine “ I said it was awesome atmosphere…. Especially upstairs in the lounge. Perfect for date night .


dc551589 t1_jed3mm7 wrote

For sure. I was a bit drunk and felt like it was the right time to spew some anti-Common Man rhetoric haha. I guess I’d say my hope for any New Hampshire resident is that they get to have some dining experiences that make them realize how mediocre the Common Man chain is. :)


starbuck0925 t1_je5poyu wrote

Super cool place but that giant bowl of self serve cottage cheese dip always grossed me out!! Haven’t been post-pandemic though.


glockster19m t1_je5mzms wrote

There's a second one too but I forget where

Both are terrific though and the food is amazing


crourke13 t1_je5qunz wrote

There are many of them. They have restaurants all along I93 very close to the exits. The ones most like Windham are in Merrimack (rte 3) and Concord. Windham is my favorite though. Start with one of the couch seats upstairs.


Cash_Visible t1_je5cery wrote

Seacoast - Surf (excellent food and nice because well-rounded menu), or the Library for steaks.


rdilly6 t1_je60gl8 wrote

Campo Enoteca in Manchester, but they were sold over the winter and not positive if they've reopened yet. Used to be all farm to table and I read the new owner was going to keep that up


MistakenLabotomy t1_je638zq wrote

Yes! Campo is open and the new owners worked with the old owners to learn their ways to keep it 100% the same. I haven't been since the reopen but if it's the same, its the best Italian in NH.


Kretuhtuh t1_je6fosi wrote

I really like Buba Noodle Bar in manchester when i'm feeling ramen or pho


One_Firefighter_1922 t1_je6cj3j wrote

Moxy is always our go to. Cocktails and food are both delicious!


themuthafuckinruckus t1_je5i5iv wrote

Has anyone been to Piccola’s in Manchester? Last time I went it was great.


tomwilhelm t1_je5pqk9 wrote

Way out of your way, but if you get up to the Whites some weekend, try The Covered Bridge Farm Table in Campton, NH.


HillyjoKokoMo OP t1_je6r20l wrote

I love their sweet buffalo chicken tenders! I used to live up in those parts, it used to be called the Country Cow back when


Infinite_You_3786 t1_je6mxc8 wrote

Ricks Food and Spirits in Kingston! Such an amazing small town vibe, they are insanely personable, friendly, and will get to know you and your preferences if you become a repeat offender! I highly recommend making a reservation as they can be a little busy! And they do have a “rotating” menu so check that out before you head in!


kkpc t1_je6nrdg wrote

This place is really good. The waiting staff is super friendly and fun. Their food is quite good too.


glop1701 t1_je591hc wrote

The manor on golden pond maybe a bit of a drive but nice


vanillagorrilla23 t1_je5f892 wrote

Common man, Buckley's. Gauchos.buckleys has a nice sandwich shop across from a park in Merrimack.


Kant_change_username t1_je7ky8m wrote

Used to love the Buckley's cafe, but not so much now. Just discovered hot rize up the same road and like them better.


vanillagorrilla23 t1_je7ljcn wrote

Hot rize is amazing, usually think of it as a breakfast spot but if it's open for dinner for sure great spot


monkeyinheaven t1_je5hg2c wrote

It's not fancy but the Hidden Pig in Nashua has a great vibe and really good food and drinks.

The same holds true for Stone's Social in Nashua.


bluecaddy5000 t1_je5i0iz wrote

O’s Steak and Seafood is an awesome couple’s place, they are in Concord and Laconia. Very good food too!


Tasty_Reward t1_je5ik66 wrote

O's in Concord has really good food and cocktails with a fancy, but not a snooty, atmosphere.


FoxyJustice t1_je5l395 wrote

Fire and Spice in newmarket is good, not super fancy but a cool place w/ good food.


ItsThorby t1_je5882i wrote

In that same area -Fuego is excellent. Towards Hampstead - Jamesons Restaurant is nice. There's a more "upscale" dining room, and there's also a "tavern" style of dining. Over towards Plaistow near the MA border, Sushi Time has some of the better sushi I've had in NH.


PM_Georgia_Okeefe t1_je5case wrote

- Crown Tavern with a nightcap at Industry East

- Corks at BVI

- Surf in Nashua

- Foundry (great vibe, meh food)


whatsthestitch t1_je5nden wrote

If you have time to spare, Mangia in Manchester. Great Italian food and it’s BYOB. Service is slow though, because they make everything to order (but which also means you can often order off menu or to your taste).


mal10101984 t1_je5q1qd wrote

Birchwood inn in temple is great. And coopers hill in Peterborough is really nice if your a whiskey fan


WhiskyTangoFoxtr0t t1_je61i97 wrote

Hubby and I love doing date night at KC's BBQ in Manchester


MartoufCarter t1_je65tg5 wrote

Stalk in Dover is great. Small and imitate atmosphere and fantastic food. Make a reservation. Ember in Dover is also a good choice.


ParadigmCG t1_je6ddlc wrote

How fancy you thinking? Where do you want to go (areawise)?

I've got a lot of suggestions.

Pickity Place in Mason is super unique but you really want to have that aesthetic and it's much nicer in the spring / summer because of the gardens.

I'd Google it to see if it's for you. The hours are pretty early.


Puzzleheaded_Cup_292 t1_je6im58 wrote

Riverroad taphouse in bedford

Martha's Exchange in Nashua

New England taphouse in Hooksett

Hanover street chop house in Manchester

900 degrees in Manchester

My wife and I used to frequent these a lot before our son came.


kkpc t1_je6mgjr wrote

I have been to most "good" restaurants in southern NH over the years. Most of them are decent, but not amazing.

A lot of them are pretty much glorified bars, and their best food are burgers.

I don't really care for any of the Common Man restaurants. They feel like Cracker Barrel to me. Same goes for T-Bones (and their other places like Copper Door). They are decent, but not great. It's a good family restaurant.

For a romantic atmosphere, I would recommend: LaBelle Winery's restaurant "Americus" in Derry, NH. One of the best and most chill atmospheres and amazing food I've experienced in NH. Their steak is the best steak I've had in NH. And yes, I have lived almost 10 years in Texas also, so I know what good steak is.

If you want something more laid back, Jalisco Family Restaurant & Cantina, is a great Mexican style restaurant in Kingston. Tacos are legit.

If you want a good event type experience, there is Jimmy's Jazz & Blues Club, in Portsmouth. I'm not a huge fan of Portsmouth but, that venue is really cool.


dogmom603 t1_je6og3a wrote

Cure or Botanica Restaurant and Gin Bar in Portsmouth. Or venture over the bridge to Kittery and go to Pepperell Cove.


HillyjoKokoMo OP t1_je6ro2a wrote

Thank you to everyone for the replies. I'm going to save this list for future reference 🙌


Impressive-Two-3681 t1_je7w11z wrote

Rick’s Food & Spirits 143 Main Street, Kingston, NH

Your welcome


nataylor7 t1_je5bi6c wrote

I liked Frody’s for a nice dinner. Peddler’s daughter for a laid back bar atmosphere. And there was a speakeasy type bar where it looks like a bookshop on the outside but I’ll have to find the name.

(Edited because of autocorrect )


Bertob15 t1_je5pmhn wrote

Hanover street chop house Cotton Firefly Foundry Backyard brewery Tuckaway tavern


MsTomHardy t1_je5qlmw wrote

Campo Enoteca, Cotton, Royal Taj, MT's, Cured, Surf, The Crown, Fire Fly, The Foundry, River Road Tavern, BVI


_From_dust t1_je5v2bv wrote

If you don’t mind driving out there Seoul kitchen in Westford is phenomenal. Never had anything I didn’t find pretty top notch.


bleucheese87 t1_je5z1d6 wrote

Codex is a speakeasy in Nashua, food is pretty good but the atmosphere and drinks are awesome. Crown Tavern in Manchester might be the sneaky best restaurant in the state IMO.


capta2k t1_je5znll wrote

If you like Greenleaf and don't mind a car ride get a reservation for the Thompson House Eatery in Jackson. It's all farm to table / scratch cooking. Great stuff.


besafenh t1_je64qw4 wrote

Revival Kitchen & Bar in Concord


GonzoTheGreat22 t1_je68hk7 wrote

The Foundry in Manch is a nice experience, semi but not too fancy farm to table place….


beastmaster2518 t1_je6djfp wrote

Stage Coach Grill in Atkinson. Best prime rib around. Everything is cooked on a wood fired grill. Been going here for over 10 years.


andtheIToldYouSos t1_je6ebjf wrote

Angelina's and Revival Kitchen in Concord! Small, tasty, and located directly on top of one another


MusicalMerlin1973 t1_je6galk wrote

Bedford village inn is really nice too, but you’re going to be dropping a lot of bank there. We stayed there first two nights of or honeymoon. Fabulous.


usual_nerd t1_je6gyrf wrote

In Concord, Revival, Angelina’s, and Granite are good date night options. Get reservations for a Saturday, though.


All_Hail_Space_Cat t1_je6nqv8 wrote

Mint in Manchester, when they reopen. If you don't mind coming up to concord revival is fantastic. If yiu want to stay over Portland has amazing food, moxy, black trumpet and central provisions are my favorites up there.


grantmacd18 t1_je6wvfk wrote

Moxy in Portsmouth is amazing


mommamcmomface t1_je6y6lg wrote

Stages in Dover. Evan Hennessey is a brilliant chef.


mbillingswrites t1_je73ocm wrote

The rambling house in nashua! Amazing views, vibes, and food!


don7283 t1_je7nde6 wrote

Seconded to Rambling House! Best burger and fish and chips, all of the beer on tap is made by the brewery on the lower level!


THE_GREAT_PICKLE t1_je7dkza wrote

Vino e Vivo in Exeter is honestly one of the better restaurants I’ve ever been to. Not just NH, I’ve traveled a lot. I’m talking my favorites regardless of location.

And this is coming from someone who likes high end stuff. Tony, Paul, and the entire staff absolutely kill it.


mccoriaty t1_je7jt0r wrote

Mangia in Manchester has great scratch made Italian. you'll have to be patient as it typically takes a while for them to get the food out, but it's BYOB so you can chill and have a glass of wine in the meantime. the wait is worth it. I've never been disappointed there.


BiffWiff t1_je7wakz wrote

Franklin Oyster Massimo’s Black Birch (Kittery)


misshepburn15 t1_jebscxd wrote

Everyone has some great recommendations here. The Hanover St. Chophouse is very fancy (res. req.) and very delicious.

And I HAVE to give love to my favorite homestyle Chinese/blend restaurant in Manchester- Golden Tao on Amory Street. The location is very quaint (inside of a relatively dead plaza) mind you, but don’t let looks fool you. Dine at the restaurant (vs takeout) the food is fresh, the place is always so clean, and the owner is such a sweet woman.


Technical-Air9087 t1_je59rw1 wrote

Always enjoyed Fratellos in Manch or Nashua


meccahnisms t1_je6elx7 wrote

Unfortunately the Nashua one closed, but Manchester is still going strong!


skullshank t1_je7agdm wrote

the place that replaced it, belissimo, is pretty decent. id say avoid the baked haddock, however.


BETLJCE t1_je5sucr wrote

Mollys Tavern. Nice restaurant on the left for dinner then walk across the lot to their pub/tavern and enjoy live music and trivia. Nice lil rustic switch up.


Ornery_List9248 t1_je6ritf wrote

Sakura in Nashua if you like sushi. Sushi is amazing. Even their regular Asian/Chinese/hibachi is good.


hopefully-a-good-buy t1_je6tf2i wrote

Gauchos if you want some seriously good meat. It’s like a Texas De Brazil style where they bring the cuts to you buffet style


StudioOwl t1_je6udl8 wrote

Granita Enoteca in Keene is amazing, also Stage or Luca


eeveemac t1_je6w03j wrote

Gauchos in Manchester is delicious!


VeveBeso t1_je6z0ae wrote

Diverge in Dover is absolutely amazing! My boyfriend went there last summer and we had dinner there almost every night for a week there. The Nook in Dover is great for a breakfast date as well. I’m a New Yorker and I thought the food was better over there than NYC.


diggnstuff t1_je71z2y wrote

Someone already mentioned but… The Common Man in Windham is amazing. The ambiance, the staff and the food are all first rate. Also, the whole chain is run by really wonderful people that do a ton for charity. A great example of NH kindness.


Craptastick68 t1_je74lwm wrote

Try LaFina in Andover. Only a 35 min drive from Nashua, classy, nice menu, and a groovy lounge called Prive' is linked to it next door. You can see pics and menu online.


larrybird56 t1_je7ez1m wrote

And Larosa's across the street. Run by same people. Unfortunately for me, LaFina is currently where my store used to be.


magicrobotmonkey t1_je76upi wrote

Osteria poggio in center harbor is a great creative italian place (i.e. chicken parm crossed with ramen)

Crystal quail in barnstead for the most unique experience you’ll have dining out


Upstairs_Ear5488 t1_je7a6ul wrote

The foundry was nice. I haven’t been there for a while tho


skullshank t1_je7bjks wrote

unique: code-X in nashua

seafood: surf nashua

pub and comfort: fodys nashua

tapas: stella blu nashua

hibachi: takumi nashua

sushi: yoshimama nashua (amherst st, not downtown)

diner with giant menu (and a bucket of bacon): red arrow diner nashua/manch

bbq: alamo brookline

clearly we tend to stick to nashua, but those are our go-tos. you cant go wrong with most of what people have suggested (except for olive garden. ignore that one)


larrybird56 t1_je7d6v2 wrote

Can't believe no one is mentioning Greenleaf or Ansamn in Milford or Pavilion in Wolfeboro. All owned by Chris Viaud, Top Chef alum and 2023 Beard Award semifinalist.


Dependent_Season_669 t1_je7ky68 wrote

Villagio in Manchester has great Italian!! Perfect little date spot.


dblockerrr t1_je7lnst wrote

Molly's in New Boston is wonderful!


Obi-Vag_Kenobi t1_je7mnpp wrote

If you are lucky enough to score a reservation, go to Crazy Dirk’s Turkey Lounge in Dover. Super hard to get in though, not very expensive either.


icedcornholio t1_je7p757 wrote

If you like beer and dare to go to Rochester, Revolution Tap lRoom is great. Their head chef used to be a top chef at the White House and always has great weekend specials.


kranken_box t1_je7rthz wrote

Portofino in Merrimack is very good. Outside isn’t impressive but the food is really good and made to order. Also the foundry in manchester, expensive, and you need a reservation but 10/10


4thKankerSister t1_je7u6m7 wrote

Covered Bridge Farm Table in Campton!! Amazing food and atmosphere


shi_guy36 t1_je84ibm wrote

Revival in concord is great. Also a big fan of row 34 in Portsmouth. Both have excellent food, a lively atmosphere, and you can still hear each other talk.


TriumphST675 t1_je8j6h3 wrote

CR’s The Restaurant in Hampton (American). Jumpin’ Jay’s in Portsmouth (Seafood).


farmingmaine t1_je9btpz wrote

Take her to the Brook in Seabrook,NH. . Good food. Friendly staff. Good drinks and gun.


MommaGuy t1_je9d0s9 wrote

Lilac Blossom (2 in Nashua) for Chinese. Cucina Toscana (Nashua) for Italian. Tuscan Kitchen (Salem and Boston).


Gree-Grump t1_je9g4x4 wrote

I know it might be a little far, but grab one of the Seadogs in North Conway or Exeter. Far, but it might be some great conversation in the car for the both of you!


photocurio t1_je9te8m wrote

The Sundrop in York, Maine. Anju Noodles in Kittery.


1WantT0Bel1eve t1_je7ktwb wrote

Stella Blu in Nashua is very good for date night!


jjshein t1_je9ixc8 wrote

Boycott until they bring back Stella fries!


DimLug t1_je5pvve wrote

Might be a basic pick but Olive Garden is always a hit.