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TheMobyDicks t1_jbpnosd wrote

First off, well done OP. Master class in how to use reddit.

If I recall correctly from your earlier post, you felt that your friend went into the woods to avoid consequences. Also, I believe, you said he has an upcoming court date in September. Why the fuck wouldn't he wait to hit the woods until summer or fall, closer to his court date. Or are there immediate consequences that he faces now? Did this stunt break probation?

I wonder, if one had the skills could one stay on the lam just continuously hiking the AT or the PCT?


mikenice1 OP t1_jbpp1ft wrote

All credit to the NH Reddit community. Glad I thought to post here.

He must've been suffering from meth paranoia because there were 100 things he could have done differently that would have been better options than sawing off his monitor anklet and running into the woods. He lost his job and his place to live within days of each other. I don't know if he was high or not but his last texts to me were that he was in serious danger and needed to flee. He wasn't in danger. He just needed help paying his rent and to communicate w his parole officer. He panicked and fled and now he will have to sit in jail.


TheMobyDicks t1_jbpqxk5 wrote

>sawing off his monitor anklet

Damn, dude. That's some serious shit. I hope they don't make him sit until September. On the other hand, maybe he can get straight while he's in.


11_Wolfie_11 t1_jbqlwez wrote

I lived in the woods for three months. June, July and August. For all intents and purposes, the choicest time to do that sort of thing. But it’s not like that. The constant ebb and flow of rain and the heat molds your stuff. The wet mornings are deceptively freezing. I had money to buy food and water, if one didn’t have that, then…yeah. You’re hunting and/or trapping, getting/ disinfecting water all day every day just to sustain yourself. Anyone who isn’t proficient in this would certainly be dead, and probably insane.

So no, unless your on the lam for being a hyper-individualistic dude with remarkable skills that you’ve practiced ad nauseam, with the mind of a bodhisattva, you won’t be able to sustain that way.

Humanity was able to thrive in this condition through our inventiveness and commutative nature. Without those in spades, one gets clubbed. Definitely takes a village to get that done.


notthesethings t1_jbptdhp wrote

There was a right wing militia terrorist guy that evaded police for years in the 90s this way. Can’t remember the specifics other than hearing about the manhunt in the woods of I believe North Carolina when I was a kid.


cwalton505 t1_jbpwvgo wrote

70s actually if I recall. I think John Raymond? John Redbone? John Ramo? Something like that I think?


woolsocksandsandals t1_jbrbams wrote

I heard about that. Happened in Washington, early 80’s I think. Some sheriff’s deputy was harassing him and he snapped.


notthesethings t1_jbpyhl5 wrote

Might’ve happened twice. The one I’m thinking of happened not too long after ruby ridge and Waco.


dcs1289 t1_jbrc2u7 wrote

I think they’re making a Rambo joke


Zapafaz t1_jbquwik wrote

Not a wanted criminal type but Christopher Thomas Knight lived alone in the woods of Maine for almost 30 years, partly by stealing supplies.

(side note: I only know of him because of the excellent video essay Fear of Cold by Jacob Geller)


chaos_punk t1_jbrk6zz wrote

Fantastic book about him too, if you’re into books.


TheMobyDicks t1_jbpu740 wrote

Cool. I'm going to try to find it.


UnclBuk t1_jbqiw0z wrote

Not a clue what this post was about but can't stop dying over "Brett In Woods" (Bretton Woods)


mikenice1 OP t1_jbqmyr5 wrote

He's more of a Loon that I'd like to shoot with a Cannon right about now.


JimFromNH t1_jbsku8g wrote

He sounds like a real Wildcat. But for reals, glad he’s safe.


Justagirlfromvt t1_jbqv3w9 wrote

It's a mixed bag when dealing with a loved one who suffers from an addiction, and I am so relieved that you took the time to post that he was found safe. But also to open up a conversation about how addiction can lead to so many - sometimes unfair - consequences. I hope, if even just for the sake of the people in his life who care about him like you do, that he's able to find help and a way out of that pitiful cycle. Best wishes for all of you.


lakeorjanzo t1_jbtyrrf wrote

So glad he’s safe, hopefully this can be a turning point for him ♥️