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jondaley t1_jbrzq2g wrote

For the last couple of years, there have been jobs everywhere. I haven't seen the signing bonus signs in a while (they were offering multiple thousands of dollars a year ago for fast food and others).

Not very much engineering, other than far south or commuting to Mass. I don't like commuting and didn't want to live in the expensive suburban south, so waited until I was self-employed before I moved back home (rural south) ten years ago.

But now there are so many remote jobs for engineering, that doesn't even matter any more.


dominicaldaze t1_jbsvkhb wrote

Your experience kind of surprises me because NH likes to view its manufacturing industry as quite robust. There are a lot of factories and machine shops in the state compared to its population.


djdirectdrive t1_jbsyf97 wrote

I know of some machine shops in the lakes region that are at half staff... Turning down work because they can't find enough people.


dominicaldaze t1_jbszwck wrote

Yep I'm a machinist and shops are dying for help right now. Really hard to fill off shift staff at the moment


jondaley t1_jbsxl78 wrote

There is a factory in my town that does have a job posted every once in a while. But it is small. There are more factories in more urban areas that I personally would rather not be in (or commute to); so I never really considered it for myself.

My guess is that it is "robust" per capita, but not compared to a real city since the whole state has the population of a city... :)


dominicaldaze t1_jbsxx8q wrote

I think you're describing the general problem with population in New Hampshire as a whole, the north is very sparsely populated and consequently has much fewer jobs in industry. But there's plenty of jobs down south closer to the sea coast where there's more people. Not really fair to ding the state as a whole for what is a regional problem.


jondaley t1_jbte4bc wrote

I guess I'm confused as to what you thought I said wrong or "dinging" the state... I think NH is a great place to live.

I said "not much engineering except for down south or in Mass".

How many total engineering jobs do you think are in the state?


firewolf8385 t1_jbw8t3z wrote

Can confirm that, as a mechanical engineering student currently in the process of finding a summer internship, there’s not many engineering jobs in the state. Even less with internship spots. Best luck I’ve had so far is places an hour or more away.


coastkid2 t1_jc8y9qb wrote

Yes, you’re right, the great engineering jobs are around Boston for this area. My son’s best friend graduated UMass in computer engineering & started a hybrid job as an engineer when he graduated . He lives in Quincey, MA & 2 years later makes 6 figures and employer pays half his rent plus has great perks. NH has more limited opportunities for professional work overall at competitive salaries. I grew up in southern NH & even my dad commuted to CT for his job (landscape architect).