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Burger-King-Covid t1_jbuelr5 wrote

Basically we have a major winter storm coming that may be classified as a blizzard anywhere south of the white mountains but as you get farther west then Manchester or concord blizzard conditions may only be met at the higher elevations. The coast may see a lot of rain or a lot of snow. Too early to tell exactly. There is some models displaying 3-4 inches of liquid with this storm just south of the Keene area points east and if that wobbles North we’ll be talking some impressive numbers of wet heavy wet snow. Any location that picks up over 6 inches of snow has a good chance of getting power outages and after 12 or more inches of this cement paste outages increase dramatically. Greatest chance of outages would be south of the whites especially in the monadnock region and Lake sunapee area. As you get closer to the coast you may lose power because of the winds. Winds could gust as high as 55mph in some locations and even out west they could be over 40mph still. The models keep changing this so please stay tuned to your local weather and especially cloudboy as he will be able to tell you more then me.


Baremegigjen t1_jbvhjog wrote

Can someone explain where the Monadnock region is or more precisely if that includes the Francestown area?


YBMExile t1_jbxh6qj wrote

It does. I’m in Bennington and consider it part of that region. Sounds like one last blast snowstorm.


Baremegigjen t1_jbydmvq wrote

Thanks so much! We’re buying a house in Francestown and have the home inspection scheduled. Should be interesting with all the snow!