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_tjb t1_jcho3xy wrote

$0 firewood. Gotta love a wood stove!


golemsheppard2 t1_jchvhi6 wrote

$5,200 number 2 heating oil as a prebuy. Still have half of it left and expecting a refund in May for what's left over.

$275 seasoned firewood.

Numbers are a bit skewed because we have a newborn son at home so we turned up the thermostats above normal level while he and mom are at home on maternity leave. Still expect heating oil costs to be over $4,000 this winter.


SheenPSU t1_jchpeba wrote

We got our oil tank topped off before the season for like $250 and then bought $1000 worth of pellets and it’s gotten us thru the winter


northhiker1 t1_jchqqun wrote

Propane 1000sqft condo, but I'm in an HOA that gets it discounted, I think my highest monthly bill was almost $70.00. That's keeping it at 65 when home, 60 when away and 62 at night when sleeping


SirGilPennybottom t1_jchzk26 wrote

3 tons of pellets $900 bought in august I also have a mini split


captainfav t1_jci1l2z wrote

1800 in 2022 - 750 gallons of propane

795 so far this year (300 gallons) another delivery end of this month probably about 1600 this year. After that a full up at the EOY so estimating $2100 for the 2023 year

Participate in OTEA

happily running the thermostat at around 70 and supplementing with the mini splits which are new this year


juliegnh t1_jck6e4j wrote

4 oil fills = $3129.29


BALLS_SMOOTH_AS_EGGS t1_jckl6wv wrote

Seeing a lot of oil and propane on here. Does no one use natural gas? I have furnace with a gas conversion burner on it from Unitil so I never have to fill up any tanks.


MommaGuy t1_jci6plx wrote

Propane. Runs about $450 every 5-6 weeks. We also use it for hot water.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_jcjg9bu wrote

$1,200 on oil so far. I may or may not have to top off the tank in May depending on how much we use it up until then. So that would put us at $1,600 for the year which is typical.


Auntienursey t1_jcjp5x4 wrote

3,000 oil. Hoping this is the last tankful of the season...and it's why I can't retire yet


NyxOrTreat t1_jcjv3n6 wrote

3bdr apartment, electric. About $150/month. $300 for Jan+Feb.


SRTie4k t1_jck1az5 wrote

I cut/buck/split/stack wood off my own property. Went through about 3.5 cord so far this year. Doing your own firewood is definitely not free though, it takes gas and a TON of time/effort. I'd wager if I did a cost analysis it's actually more expensive for me to do it than to buy it given my occupation, but it's satisfying, a good workout and really helps clear out the massive amount of old growth behind the house.

As for oil, paid maybe ~$1600 over the last year. Only turned oil heat on once during the deep freeze we had, otherwise it's exclusively hot water.


Peanut-Donut t1_jcnazha wrote

How do you only burn 3.5 cords?

I had 12 ibc totes of wood (5 cords) and will probably run out in a week or so. Plus about 75 gallons of oil and 50 gallons of propane for the year


SRTie4k t1_jcnbi5z wrote

I only have a 1600 sq-ft house and it has decent insulation.


bassboat1 t1_jcktim9 wrote

Number 2 Oil. I've burned up 350-ish gallons so far, at $4.50/ea. 1200-1300 SF.


Oldphile t1_jckywm7 wrote

$1150 for propane 1100 sq. ft. with finished walkout basement. I keep the upstairs at 68 and basement at 60. I'm paying $3.13/gal.


RiverGreen7535 t1_jcm26kj wrote

$2100 in wood, $1200 in oil for a house around 2800 sq ft-

The wood stove we have is a pig Vermont Castings Defiant) but can heat about 2400 sq ft upstairs and down-


scajjr29 t1_jcht2zi wrote

$1100 wood pellets


DeerFlyHater t1_jchvct8 wrote

Your firewood expenses are nuts this year. That is almost 6 and a half cords for what my 22 price was.

I've probably burned $400 in purchased wood thus far this year. The rest was scrounged wood. Next year will be all scrounged wood and a little oil.


Open-Industry-8396 OP t1_jckoq9q wrote

Yeah, plus I had split a few cords myself In addition to the purchases. I've an inefficient stove , old windows and furnace. Plus it's a log cabin, inefficient. As the fuel prices rise and I get older, I'm gonna have to make a move. Hate to do it, love living in the woods in a cabin but that's life and the "fun" of aging..πŸ™‚