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Berzerk_Unit_Alpha t1_jc1x0gn wrote

Hilarious. I wanna know how we bet on him running for President. What are the odds?

My only problem with him actually becoming president would be the amount of congestion at the Portsmouth traffic circle every time the land Air Force one at Pease.


ihaveatrophywife t1_jc2b3s6 wrote

And who could fill his shoes as governor?


Ogre213 t1_jc83s04 wrote

Given the way he governs, we could just run a poll of likely Republican and independent voters and then slap on a ‘NO!’ exception for any pot related bill that hit the desk…


Galvitron420 t1_jc1xzbm wrote

I mean, sounds better than most $3 tickets


vexingsilence t1_jc2ykvf wrote

We deserve way better than WMUR. It's pretty obvious he was making a joke. Are they so desperate that this is what they consider breaking news?


Solid_Information_66 t1_jc34a8u wrote

Nothing about this was labeled as "Breaking News".


vexingsilence t1_jc36551 wrote

Yet they still treated it as if it was a newsworthy event.


Solid_Information_66 t1_jc3whig wrote

Obviously the state governor making suggestions to the Executive Council as to how he believes we can improve our voting system shouldn't be covered by the local news outlet because that has absolutely no impact on the citizens of this state.


vexingsilence t1_jc3xe6f wrote

It was a joke.


Solid_Information_66 t1_jcgi9zi wrote

Making jokes about how we should handle voting should tell you all you need to know about how serious he takes our political system. He thinks it's all a great big joke. But that's not much of a surprise, since he's a big fat joke of a politician.


vexingsilence t1_jcgofvg wrote

Making jokes about something doesn't mean you can't also treat it seriously.

You must be one of those people that takes offense at everything.