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AlexTheTolerable t1_je6c8r1 wrote

If Sununu ends up running, he should easily win the NH primary. However, it will probably be the only primary he’ll win. He’s not well known outside New England and a lot of Republicans might not view him as conservative enough to get the nomination.


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SheenPSU t1_je6bnr7 wrote

It’s gonna be Ron. Trump isn’t a good candidate, he’d never win over on the fence voters. He’s too toxic imo


juicebronston t1_je6f0jl wrote

Ron isn’t toxic??


SheenPSU t1_je6grdh wrote

Way less than Trump


BeagleBox t1_je956w8 wrote

Way worse than trump, that's why he'll win


SheenPSU t1_je9etmm wrote

Genuine question: how do you think Ron is more toxic than Trump?

People fucking HATE Trump. Absolutely loathe the guy


BeagleBox t1_je9prq3 wrote

As do I. But here is my take/opinion...what have you.

To me Trumpnwas a catalyst. He was a way in for all the conspiracy theorists, hate mongers, conservative zealots to be heard. Someone, picked that abomination of a cabinet with uts revolving door, picked the policies, kept him in check. But his ego exploded and when he lost bigly in 2020 he went nuts and his handlers lost control and we saw what happened.

DeSantis IS the epitome of all that oozed out from every rock, cesspool, dumpster, etc. DeSantis, being a governor, has more power, albeit in one sad, impotent oenis shaped state, to put some of the most hate filled. racist, bigoted. classist, misogynistic...I could go on.. in place. What he's put out in Florida isn't just one punch in the arm for every white male, it dangerous.

DeSantis is fucking dangerous. Again, in my opinion.


SheenPSU t1_je9x22p wrote

Ooohhhh okay, are you talking more as a potential President he’s more toxic? What I was referring to earlier was simply on the campaign trail. Altho hindsight 20/20 I failed to make that clear

Trump is a toxic candidate because he’ll give the opposition plenty of ammo to run smear campaigns on the stupid shit he says.

I was thinking Desantis would be less toxic from a campaign standpoint. He’s more stately and a better speaker than Trump imo. Someone you could potentially run an effective campaign behind


BeagleBox t1_jed9cbg wrote

I'm afraid I'm not sure what you mean by less toxic because he's better spoken. He's really not much better. And, let's be clear, because of the average Florida voter, DeSantis is actually putting into place as many discriminatory actions as he can against women, guys, transgender, immigrants. DeSantis deranged hate has no limits. Except white Republicans. He's more than toxic.


ParadigmCG t1_je6cqqb wrote

I don't really think it matters who wins.

Trump folks will never abandon him and DeSantis is pissing off a lot of people with his Florida antics.

I'd laugh my ass off if Trump and DeSantis are somehow the reason the U.S. gets rid of the two party system.


ThisIsNotTuna t1_je9qvle wrote

>I'd laugh my ass off if Trump and DeSantis are somehow the reason the U.S. gets rid of the two party system.

I'd run through the streets naked screaming in jubilation if that ever happened.


Novasadog t1_je73pqv wrote

Who cares, really? They're all puppets anyway.


DeerFlyHater t1_je6p0hz wrote

Yay, another out of state rando spamming all the subs.


Encyclofreak t1_je6exiy wrote

My bet is Sununu would comfortably win against both Desantis and Trump, and narrowly against just Trump.

If Sununu doesn't run I think Trump would beat Desantis narrowly, but I wouldn't be surprised if Desantis won, especially if he gains more popularity with Trump's base over the next nine months. If both Sununu and Desantis don't run Trump will probably win NH easily.

Other than Trump dropping out, I can't imagine a scenario where anyone outside of those three would win the primary.


smartest_kobold t1_je75cw6 wrote


This election is going to look so much like the last one, you'll swear you're reliving the same four years over and over again like a shittier Groundhog Day.


AppropriateAd5325 t1_je800ws wrote

All of those choices made me want to throw myself off a tall roof. No. Just nope.


Dull_Broccoli1637 t1_je757ds wrote

In no way will Sununnu win the New Primary. He's riding the covid popularity wave. He is also trying his best with culture war issues. He's not that good at it though.

I don't like Trump one bit, but how can a republican candidate win a primary election without uttering even Trump's name? Also the policy talks by Trump are better. Try persuading cutting social security and Medicare to older republican voters and see how far that gets you.


widget_fucker t1_je7hpqi wrote

Republicans love strength first and foremost..

I think nicki haley might be a formiddable candidate if she comes out swinging and shows her teeth. More than the other candidates, She may be able to get inside and deal donny some embarassing body blows. Shes my darkhorse (no pun).

i think donny is due for some kind of health issue but thats a bit of a dart. He’s definitely ratcheting up the crazy more than we thought possible. Might start to see some chickens come home to roost in the way of political violence. That wont play well here. Should be interesting (sad) to watch the insults fly. He’s the favorite but a lot could go wrong.

DeSantis has the resume but he comes off as a bit of pussy. Wont play well on the debate stage. But could win nh because nh voters are less bag of hammers-y than their southern counterparts.

Sununu. He will look weak against the other swinging dicks on the stage. He might get 2nd at best in a nh primary.

Vivek has no chance because of… reasons.


vexingsilence t1_je6hzkz wrote

Part of this depends on how many lefties vote on the GOP ballot since the Dems are wanting to punish their primary voters in NH this time around.


Encyclofreak t1_je722v9 wrote

If Biden runs again, most unaffiliated voters will probably choose to vote in the open primary, I certainly plan to.