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plowfaster t1_jc58tmd wrote

Great post but don’t sleep on 95, either. It’s pretty quick to get from many places in ME to Portsmouth


Maldonian t1_jc6rfsg wrote

Good point, I should have thought of that. If OP is reading this, if considering living in Maine and working in New Hampshire, consider the following:

If you live in Maine, regardless of where you work, you'll pay 5.8+ % in state income tax. However, property tax in Maine is often lower than in New Hampshire.

At $40,000, the Maine income tax shouldn't be a big deal. If your income increases, living in New Hampshire becomes more attractive.

Also, if you will someday purchase a house, you'll want to compare the Maine income tax versus the (generally) higher New Hampshire property tax. What's best for you at that time would depend on both your income, and how much house you'll be buying.