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Reddit_in_her_voice t1_jc557fk wrote

I'm not reading all that. I'm happy for you tho or sorry it happened


FlyingLemurs76 t1_jc57mae wrote

OP is just fetishizing our quaint life, the usual


YBMExile t1_jc69yg4 wrote

OP is asking some questions, and shared her situation. Nothing wrong with that.

OP, I love Southern NH (Monadnock Region). Gorgeous part of the state, access to things we need within a reasonable drive, good neighbors. I also like the area around Salisbury, Boscawen, Warner, Webster. GL with the search.


FlyingLemurs76 t1_jc6g555 wrote

OP is cavalier with disregarding anything but confirming information, which I take the most issue with but candidly I would also like to tone down the influx into NH.

I would also love a significant tax on home/land purchases for anyone who hasn't been a primary resident for at least 5 years.


YBMExile t1_jc6ko1r wrote

No, you don't want new residents and you'll look for things to pick at because of that. I mean, own your shit, man.


FlyingLemurs76 t1_jc6lpll wrote

I like tourists, I understand the role they play in our economy, I just don't like them moving here, reducing available housing, and pricing out the locals.


ShireSkiBum t1_jc72dac wrote

You do realize the tourists are buying up properties and renting them out as airbnbs when they don't use them right?


FlyingLemurs76 t1_jc73ryy wrote

I do, and I'm against that. I believe in owner occupancy for STRs


YBMExile t1_jc6m75m wrote

Yeah, we stopped being tourists when we invested our hard earned dough into a home, taxes, supporting businesses, and being good neighbors.


FlyingLemurs76 t1_jc6mdpm wrote

I'd rather that you hadn't. Own your shit, to quote you, and understand the adverse impact you created on young people in our state.


YBMExile t1_jc6neuo wrote

You're making a lot of assumptions.


FlyingLemurs76 t1_jc6nly5 wrote

I disagree, the pricing out of locals is a well studied, understood, and documented phenomenon.


YBMExile t1_jc6nyxo wrote

And new residents are a very convenient bogeyman, it feels better, and is much, much easier for you to pin everything on them.


FlyingLemurs76 t1_jc6l81m wrote

It's both, but it gave me something to latch onto. I feel I am owning my shit.


[deleted] OP t1_jc598f7 wrote



FlyingLemurs76 t1_jc59tet wrote

You're welcome, I think you're just looking for external validation for a path you want to be right because of issues of your personal life leading to disregarding any comments that contrast to your idealized version of NH. How you communicate in that, combined with your comments on other postson this specific topic, led me to that statement. Good luck.


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FlyingLemurs76 t1_jc5c7ul wrote

RemindMe! 24 months