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decayo t1_jc66yff wrote

I've been looking with no success. I've started ordering XCJ frozen soup dumplings. Actually really good from frozen after an 18 minute steam.


RFausta t1_jc6ddz5 wrote

My best guess is Saigon Market in Manchester- I keep meaning to go there and look but havent gotten around to it yet.


AnythingToAvoidWork t1_jc70fq4 wrote

Dover has Hong Noodle bar. Only place I know of in the state that does soup dumplings.


PM_Georgia_Okeefe t1_jc6gs7o wrote

The best I've seen is Sun Shui in Bedford. They will occasionally have "mini buns" that are small XLB.


movdqa t1_jc6ocqh wrote

My wife makes them a couple of times a year. She's in Singapore right now taking cooking lessons. We haven't had these at a restaurant in a long time, probably in Boston.


Vertex138 t1_jc6qcxl wrote

Not to derail the topic, but do you remember where in Boston you had them? I'd love to try authentic ones, and I'm taking a trip there soon.


movdqa t1_jc6vhi7 wrote

There were two restaurants in Chinatown. I think that they were both the type where you had to walk up a long flight of stairs to get to the dining area.


scoaaaaar t1_jc6v8uv wrote

i’m sure there’s better but i’m a big fan of dumpling house.


beccaboben t1_jc6yuab wrote

Jo Jo Taipei in Allston has yummy soup dumplings, I haven't been there in ages though. Trader Joe's sells frozen soup dumplings that are better then nothing!


tadamhicks t1_jc75brz wrote

We’re big fans of Xiao Long Bao. There are a few places in Portland, ME we frequent:

  • Sichuan Kitchen
  • Empire Kitchen

Both are on Congress, walking distance to each other. Sichuan has some amazing, authentic Sichuan food as well (hot).


Cherita33 t1_jc74epi wrote

This isn't the same but Trader Joe's sells soup dumplings that are good in a pinch!


Oakley7677 OP t1_jc74y2f wrote

I was thinking about checking out TJ's or Whole Foods to see what they had to offer. Thanks for the tip!