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andrewdelnorte t1_jdyhkuj wrote

Greenleaf in Milford is phenomenal, the chef was on a recent season of top chef. It’s high end, and really really good!


Chimney-wizard t1_jdzz960 wrote

I wish they were as good as everyone claimed. Great service, overpriced food. I wouldn’t go back.


quaffee t1_je126l1 wrote

If your only gauge of restaurant quality is the price, you may be in the wrong place.

I went here recently and thought the meals were thoughtfully created, sensibly-portioned, and had interesting ingredients that were responsibly sourced. The waitstaff were kind and knowledgeable, and probably paid what they're worth.

If course it's going to cost a bit, but this kind of place is an every-once-in-a-while luxury experience, not a quotidien buffet.


Chimney-wizard t1_je1m3d9 wrote

Price is a factor. For the money it was average at best, octopus wasn’t good, duck fat biscuit was hard and boring, PastaAmore has a much better seafood risotto, 4 people at the table disliked the mixed drinks and the dessert was just okay. We all agreed it wasn’t worth going back. I would happily spend the same money or more at any of Mike Buckley’s restaurants, Hannover st chophouse, Sunas, Burdicks, The Pearl or Del Rossi’s. Our server was really great, I just wish he didn’t have to apologize for the kitchen and bar.


quaffee t1_je1rbah wrote

Interesting, sorry to hear that. IIRC the duck was the priciest entrée at ~$55, so I can understand being disappointed if it wasn't done correctly. Duck is not difficult to prepare if you know what you're doing! Neither my wife nor I ordered the duck, but our experience was quite different from what you're describing.


joshtaco t1_je1ui3l wrote

Also, not enough food. One of you those places you pay tons of money for and still go home and want to eat something out of the cabinets, which is a shitty feeling.


mdubc t1_jdzrkq9 wrote

Yep - absolutely shocked how good everything was. Definitely recommended.


thatzmine t1_je0i3p4 wrote

Agree! My favorite restaurant for special occasions.


Fast-Stand-9686 t1_je0jglz wrote

I also vote Greenleaf. Made reservations for my girlfriend and I this weekend and I'll be looking forward to it all week. Great food and great cocktails.


Content-Plankton6664 t1_je4rzvz wrote

Greenleaf food is good, but the atmosphere is lacking. If you want more privacy and ambiance I say go to BVI (Bedford Village Inn.)


BenjiSalami t1_jdyk1yb wrote

Buckleys steakhouse


Hossbog t1_jdypgi0 wrote

2nded, place is nice, the bar area is cozy, dining rooms are fancy. Steak are great, have not had a bad meal there!


Pattmommy t1_jdzhw36 wrote

Yes, Buckley’s! And tell them you’re celebrating your anniversary when you book your reservation. They will treat you right!


BlackJesus420 t1_jdyjj9x wrote

Black Trumpet in Portsmouth.


OrdinaryCause6782 t1_jdzghtk wrote

2nd this. Chef is a multiple finalist for the James Beard award for best in New England. I went there for an anniversary and was blown away by the food and ambiance. The place is very small and exclusive, reservation well in advance is required.


DerekPDX t1_jdyjvmv wrote

The Bedford Village Inn is a good fancy restaurant, perfect for what you're looking for.


PM_Georgia_Okeefe t1_je09aoz wrote

I’ve found the BVI to be meh.


DerekPDX t1_je0bvq1 wrote

Honestly, I agree. It's really overated, but the food is still good (just overpriced), and the atmosphere is nice if you like old new England ambiance.


TheScienceTM t1_jdzjm4c wrote

Hanover st chophouse. One of the few true high end places in the area.


TravelingTequila t1_je02tu8 wrote

In Manchester for sure. There's a pretty big drop off in "fancy" atmosphere in town from there if that's what matters most.

There's a charming Italian spot at the bottom of Elm St, too.


lellololes t1_je07l77 wrote

Mangia is nice but it isn't high end.

One of the better restaurants in town, though.


WickedCurious t1_jdylx82 wrote

Vino e Vivo in Exeter. Be sure to make a reservation. It’s above everything else, including anything in Boston.


SlippySizzler t1_je0c3wt wrote

They were just featured on Chronical and it looks amazing!! Their chef's table seats two and looks like it would be an awesome experience!


baroquesun t1_je0mpq0 wrote

I heard the chefs table is already booked out til (through?) summer!


boston_shua t1_jdzkh36 wrote

Massimo in Portsmouth


besafenh t1_je14ru1 wrote

Chef Jethro Loichle honed his skills under the eye of Chef Pierre Gignac at 98 Provence.

Like Larry Matthews of Back Bay Grill, Pierre’s exhortation to use a light touch: “let the food be the food” ensures the ingredients are enhanced to perfection, not bludgeoned to death.


DeepNortherner t1_jdypuzy wrote

Some good options on here so I’m mixing it up - Black Trumpet in Portsmouth

Cozy brick building vibes inside with the water and the tug boats right outside


Supastar4life t1_jdzkvfq wrote

Hanover Street Chop House Manchester.


MsTomHardy t1_jdzsser wrote

I LOVE Cava in Portsmouth. It is a teeny, romantic spanish restaurant with an always changing 4 course menu.

If you want to take a drive…Earth at Hidden Pond is so gorgeous and special.


TravelingTequila t1_je02xop wrote

Moxy is also great for tapas around the corner


nullcompany t1_je04dr5 wrote

> Black Trumpet in Portsmouth

Moxy and Cava, two tapas restaurants 18 feet apart, both are good, but one is great.

If moxy is a birthday party, Cava is a wedding


ttcmzx t1_jdyosmn wrote

Surf in Portsmouth and also Nashua


WankyMyHanky603 t1_jdykdwa wrote

Just across the border. Dufour in south Berwick is a phenomenal place for a date


RunAccomplished6085 t1_jdzaw55 wrote

Stages at one Washington in Dover is exceptional. We also love the Hanover St Chophouse. Consistently good with great martinis 🍸


[deleted] t1_je05r2i wrote

Been to Stages twice. Left hungry both times after 2 hours and $$$. Interesting, yes. But, I can't recommend paying a few hundred for foam molecules.


RunAccomplished6085 t1_je065h7 wrote

Oh no! That wasn’t our experience, but I don’t blame you for being disappointed about leaving hungry. It’s definitely not a cheap dinner.


[deleted] t1_je06jpf wrote

It's been years since that last time I went, so there is always the possibility that they have revamped the type of offerings. I went when they were relatively new and the chef was doing a lot of spoonful sized servings that were impressive, but not at all sustaining.


RunAccomplished6085 t1_je07jk2 wrote

That is a total bummer. Do you have any good recommendations for restaurants in southern New Hampshire / seacoast? I’m always looking for new spots!


[deleted] t1_je08gd3 wrote

I'm always looking for good spots as well! I love NH, but the food scene sometimes leaves a little to be desired. Many of the ones already mentioned here are pretty good. I like The Black Trumpet , Cava and Moxy as well. One that isn't listed that I found to be pretty good is Otis in Exeter. I've since moved to the Western part of the State and haven't been there in a few years, but it used to be pretty good.
For a solid dining experience that is a little elevated but not "fancy", I'm fond of The Foundry in Manchester as well as The Firefly and Birches on Elm. All solid places, in my opinion.


RunAccomplished6085 t1_je0biyx wrote

I’ve been to all but the black trumpet, so I’ll have to check it out. All great places! Birch on elm closed and I miss their cocktails 😞 Thanks so much!


[deleted] t1_je0c072 wrote

That's sad to hear about the Birch, I wasn't aware. The best place for cocktails that I know of in Manchester is the Industry East. Imo, they're phenomenal! Give it a try if you haven't already. Food is good, too! - Enjoy!


theprincessmorbid t1_jdzto66 wrote

Revival in Concord. I would say it's "fine dining light". Farm to table, excellent service, you must make a reservation as it books up quickly. They also have an extensive whiskey menu.


lellololes t1_je080t7 wrote

I'm not up there very often but that looks good!


besafenh t1_je12f7i wrote

Revival Kitchen & Bar would be my #1 choice for excellent food with consistent quality in NH. Other places may have a stellar night, followed by a “what happened?” second or third visit experience. Chef Fletcher has maintained his ability to deliver an excellent dining experience, on-par with some notable Maine institutions.


Papapeta33 t1_jdzpo30 wrote

Greenleaf is one of the best, if not the best, restaurant in New Hampshire. The only other restaurant that we’ve found to be competitive with it is Inn On Pleasant Lake.


donkeyduplex t1_je0ahkj wrote

I'll have to eat there again after seeing so many raves, I've been there a few times and it's never been exceptional.


underratedride t1_jdznppa wrote

10 years ago I’d say Firefly in Manchester. It was phenomenal and I never had a bad experience or meal there.

Our last visit was just “ok”. It was still better than most experiences, but it wasn’t like it had been the other times. Meal was still good, maybe it was a one-off, but that’s my two cents.


KrissaKray t1_jdzv9aa wrote

Buckley's is really good but for *high* end I would highly recommend the BVI in Bedford, the Hanover St Chophouse in Manchester or Greenleaf in Milford. Not many places have compared to those imo.


nakedhotsauces t1_jdztwbz wrote

Fire and Spice Bistro in Newfields. It isn’t super fine dining but it’s a beautiful little old barn filled with a ton of charm, great food and great service!


PrometheusOnLoud t1_jdym0ni wrote

The White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport isn't what it used to be but it's still high-end and not far from SoNH.


besafenh t1_je130qc wrote

Northern Union in Ogunquit is where one of the best WBI alumni landed. Chef Dumorne delivered an excellent night, with perfect food and beverages.


HaggisMcD t1_jdzbpvp wrote

I haven’t been there, but I heard Otis in Exeter is pretty fancy.


mommamcmomface t1_jdzk84u wrote

Stages in Dover. It’s an absolute gem.


NightAngel9360 t1_jdzugvc wrote

Cotton in Manchester. Great atmosphere, and spot on seasonal food.


Neighborhood_Lesbian t1_je08j0f wrote

Gibbot Hill, in Groton. Not in NH but it's a short drive into mass. They make farm fresh food they grow there. I haven't been in a couple years but it was very good when I went.


sicariis t1_jdzlbkl wrote

Cornicello in Exeter.


Nicbudd t1_jdzs5rb wrote

Revival in Concord or Cotton in Manchester.


1zabbie t1_jdzsbrm wrote

Hanover Street Chophouse in Manchester, Massimo’s in Portsmouth, Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, The Library in Portsmouth. These recommendations are rank ordered.


Dull_Broccoli1637 t1_je0kwyc wrote

I really enjoy the Carriage House in Rye, Black Trumpet and Cure in Portsmouth.

Really just depends on your definition of high end. But Carriage House and Cure are amazing.

Cornicello and Vino e Vivo in Exeter is great as well.

Personally I find Toscana in Portsmouth overrated.


Impressive-Two-3681 t1_je13po2 wrote

Rick’s Food & Spirits 143 Main Street, Kingston, NH 03848

Hidden gem of the best food and service around in a small town.


Historical-Event5778 t1_je1t4sn wrote

The thing about going to Portsmouth is that you can make a whole evening out of it regardless of where you choose to eat. You can dine and then walk around the city/Strawberry Banke which is always fun!

So Black Trumpet, the Cure, Massimo’s, and Toscana Italian steakhouse are all great. Honorable mention to Martingale Wharf because of the awesome seating location right on the water. Ambience is wonderful.


HarleyMan0001 t1_je2r0d9 wrote

Three Chimneys Inn in Durham is beautiful romantic and great cuisine! Plus, you can book an overnight stay!


FTheOldWest t1_jdzn14f wrote

Cotton in Manchester The granite in concord


Professional_Set_816 t1_je068th wrote

Granitas in Keene is nice. Ask for one of Lauren’s tables. She’s awesome


MotNodrog t1_je29gp6 wrote

I’ll second Granita Enoteca, amazing food.


Square-Sprinkles-777 t1_je3ebw8 wrote

Green Elephant (Portsmouth) atmosphere, creativity, service, drinks- vegan Thai food that will turn even the worst skeptic into a believer

Otis (Exeter) formal and fun, make sure to get the late reservation so you don’t feel rushed

Massimo (Portsmouth) elegant, upscale Italian with top notch service

Cava (Portsmouth) quaint, great wine list, wonderful service (make reservations well in advance and ask for an upstairs table)

**if you like more of a fun night out / date night, I’d highly recommend getting drinks and appetizers at the Envio Rooftop Bar followed by a night of live jazz/swing music and dancing at Jimmy’s on Congress topped off with some good ole down-to-earth late night tacos at Barrio (Portsmouth).

Alternatively, if you want to take a ride over the bridge to Kittery, then you can find yourself a little table at The Wallingford Dram for some of the best drinks in the seacoast and follow it up with terrific Korean food at the next door Anju Noodle Bar.**


astrochellie1800 t1_jdyln34 wrote

If you live south of manchester... just go to Boston or Massachusetts man. East or North or Manchester, I recommend Cure in Portsmouth. Small menu that changes every month. Intimate location, you /need/ to make a reservation most times. Had the best steak of my life there. But I typically will get the roast duck breast. My boyfriend and I have been going there for 5 years, and have yet to be disappointed. The weather should also bee good this time of year and portsmouth is a good walking city with plenty to do and sights to see. You can even catch a theater performance if you want to round out the night


underratedride t1_jdznk6b wrote

Pretty sure they could have asked the Massachusetts or Boston subreddits if that’s what OP wanted..


MommaGuy t1_jdzmeci wrote

When we want a great steak we go to Mooo on Beacon Street in Boston.


Popular-Attention216 t1_jdzitfa wrote

The steaks at the Lost Fire in Kennebunkport are incredible. Best I’ve had in the US. Worth a little longer drive.


catlover_2254 t1_jdzs146 wrote

Has anyone been to the Mile Away in Milford lately? That used to be quite good but I haven't been in years.


lellololes t1_je0awzq wrote

It feels way past its prime. I haven't had a bad experience there but I haven't really had a great one either. They are nice, the food is middling to decent. It feels like a good place to take an elderly family member to. It has been a few years since I've been but I feel like they have not really changed anything and have cut some corners. The pictures on online reviews seem to indicate that nothing significant has changed since I was there last.

If I were reviewing it, I'd give it 3 stars out of 5. I think they need some new blood and a taste of modernity.


Cananbaum t1_je003kt wrote

Cava in Portsmouth; Hanover St Chophouse in Manchester; CR’s in Hampton is my favorite


doobette t1_je04sh3 wrote

MT's Local Kitchen in downtown Nashua. It's phenomenal.


merk199r t1_je090uy wrote

Buckleys all day!!!


dml03045 t1_je096rw wrote

Hanover Street Chophouse. A surprisingly posh steak restaurant right in Manchester. Valet parking, is available so don’t worry about finding a spot.


coffee_champ t1_je09la3 wrote

Grazing Room at Colby Hill Inn in Henniker is a wonderful spot. Menu changes often. Staff is wonderful. Great special occasion spot.


lellololes t1_je0d5f8 wrote

Hanover St Chophouse - Upscale steakhouse, very good food, traditional in style - definitely on the stuffy side. The sort of place you dress up to go to. Steak is excellent, other stuff is good but not creative.

Forge and Vine - Technically in MA but it's close by. Upscale but not stuffy, farm to table, nice variety of food. It's a hit with my foodie friends too. It strikes a nice balance between having some creativity and some tradition. The nearby Gibbet Hill Grill is also very good and is the best not stuffy steakhouse in the area.

Black Trumpet - Upscale, modern, more interesting food. Smaller portion sizes but you won't leave starving. It's in a nice part of Portsmouth too.

Greenleaf - I feel like my experience there was perhaps not on par with others. I'd definitely be willing to give it another shot. When I was there a couple dishes were great and a couple were meh. Also the waitress felt like she had been hired to work at a diner. So my one experience wasn't flawless but there were definitely bright spots with the food.


VanityPlate1511 t1_je17xnv wrote

felt the same on Greenleaf, was ok but didn't wow me. I think it was mostly the staff...weren't really attentive, felt like we were always tracking them down. Food was good


duckpenguinss t1_je0nbih wrote

Just get chicken tenders from the puritan they’ll be better than any high end restaurant probably


duckpenguinss t1_je0nc21 wrote

Just get chicken tenders from the puritan they’ll be better than any high end restaurant probably


nh3someNH t1_je0rkd8 wrote

Check out the Hanover Street chophouse in Manchester, surf in Nashua, Buckley's great steaks in Merrimack


Jrzgrl1119 t1_je1bccm wrote

Mile away in Milford is wonderful


chris061608 t1_je1jrvz wrote

Gibbet hill right over the border in Groton is very good


Cullen7777 t1_je1tev8 wrote

Colby Hill Inn Henniker. Thank me later


bp67293 t1_je1tzm6 wrote

MT’s Local in Nashua. About as normal a “high-end” restaurant you can get (in a good way)


kitchinsink t1_je23s6h wrote

The Library in Portsmouth.
Martingale Wharf in Portsmouth.

Stages at One Washington in Dover is actually one of my favorite for high end on the seacoast. It's a top-chef like experience with the guy who won Chopped 3x, Chef Evan Hennessey.


zeus6793 t1_je2ezsa wrote

For the ultimate 5 star experience, the Bedford Village Inn can't be beat. Another would be Americus, part of the Labelle Winery in Derry.


Discussion_Murky t1_je30ro8 wrote

Labelle Winery in Amherst is excellent. Haven't been to the one in Derry.


joostadood526 t1_je34uhg wrote

Any of Michael Buckley's restaurants. Buckley's Great Steaks, any of the Surfs and of course his OG MTs Local Kitchen and Wine bar.


bellairecourt t1_jdzjhv0 wrote

Elda in Biddeford, ME. Truly amazing.


Pippco t1_jdzv03y wrote

Ember in dover


PossibleMother t1_jdzzu3o wrote

I really enjoy the Atkinson Country Club


Advanced_Cry_5590 t1_je0qnsh wrote

How about The Common Man ? I actually work at the one in Windham. Great food and atmosphere


Dr_Explosion_MD t1_jdzrs31 wrote

A couple of my friends like Martha’s Exchange in Nashua.

EDIT: Apparently this is a bad idea. I’ve never been.


Hossbog t1_jdzu8kp wrote

Place is a shit hole, food sucks, it’s mostly frozen cysco crap/bar food. “Home brewed” beer tastes like metal. Their chocolate/desert counter is nice/good.

This place is like a non-chain Cheesecake Factory that is overpriced for what it is. Definitely would not call it a fancy restaurant either.


Odd-Chapter756 t1_jdzx4ll wrote

The Tuckaway tavern and butchery in Raymond, NH.


greenasinapple t1_je08no8 wrote

The Tuckaway is not a high end restaurant lol.


Odd-Chapter756 t1_je6mwc5 wrote

Well it sure as hell isn't McDonald's and the service and food was very high end in my opinion. I didn't judge your opinion of a "high-end" restaurant. People are so dam judgy these days...unreal.


DrTartakovsky t1_jdyun9g wrote

Copper Door or Tuscan Kitchen


Sandi_T t1_jdyjiac wrote

110 Grill in Stratham. You don't even get to see prices. ;)