Submitted by akmjolnir t3_11r7quy in newhampshire

16+" in Goshen, near the backside of Mt. Sunapee right now. A lot less in lower elevations.

What are you guys seeing?

Edit: family in Goshen lost power. And

Edit 2: Mt Sunapee lost power and is closing for the day.



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Emptyplates t1_jc70dn4 wrote

As of 30 minutes ago, 12" on our hilltop, 1300ft of elevation, west of Concord. Power keeps going on and off. The poor generator is confused.

ETA: we're up to 15" now.


Who_needs_an_alt t1_jc6zqrt wrote

Only about 8 inches in Keene but still going hard.


Encuerar t1_jc716aq wrote

Less than three in Lebanon


[deleted] t1_jc71fc9 wrote



Hextall2727 t1_jc7aced wrote

I drive Uber a couple times a week... and before the last storm picked up three guys at walmart and brought them to a hotel. while chatting, they said they were line workers flown in from Utah in preparation for power outages. They had already been there a couple of days and it was a couple of days until the storm was supposed to hit.
As I dropped them off, I told them that I hope they didn't have anything to do until they left. they laughed.


CFPwarrior t1_jc88o1g wrote

Currently 33 inches in Lyndeborough and still snowing. Note I'm at 1350 ft ASL.


akmjolnir OP t1_jc88t7b wrote

That's nuts.


CFPwarrior t1_jc89ijz wrote

Yup, going to be WFH and cleaning up after this storm for many days.


akmjolnir OP t1_jc8bq2v wrote

I'm full WFH, and with a cool boss I can dip out to go skiing on days like this.


IntelJoe t1_jc71xel wrote


Portsmouth, coming down as snow but the ground is still warmer so nothing sticking yet.

Exeter, kinda dicey.


Glucose12 t1_jc74lmi wrote

2". Afraid to knock wood and curse myself.


saxximus t1_jc71cgx wrote

Steady but not insane snowfall....wet slushy, about 2-3" Ossipee


S-Mart-manager t1_jc767hr wrote

Got about 6 on the back steps in Manchester but it’s still coming down pretty steady. No lost power


bsmith696969 t1_jc7682m wrote

3 inches in plymouth no power outage yet


IamMikey1 t1_jc7bzju wrote

4-5” in concord and lots of slop


Electrical_Shop_9879 t1_jc74els wrote

Just measured -16 inches Peterborough.


akmjolnir OP t1_jc750m7 wrote

A coworker in Springfield, VT shared that a relative near Exit 2 off I-91 had 22" an hour ago.


xf-1986 t1_jc756t4 wrote

About 9 here on my deck in Chester


spautrievas t1_jc812wq wrote

Yeah Chester is getting hit steady since 5am still coming too.


Sirhc978 t1_jc7dv3w wrote

About 6" in Milford, of heavy wet stuff. A lot of the roads aren't plowed yet. It took me 30 minutes to get from the oval to the Merrimack Outlets, and by the time I got there, work (in Manchester) said don't come in.


IKR1_994 t1_jc7i76n wrote

24 in plus Alstead


ripper522 t1_jc7npfn wrote

Somersworth/Roch border as of 1:15 we have about 7-8 in, powers flickered a few times due to heavy branches rubbing against the lines.


youngJZ t1_jc7ooin wrote

About 15” in milfrod


VinsonChe90 t1_jc88hcq wrote

I’m here in Lempster and at the moment (in my yard at least) we are at 23 inches. Weather report says another 12 inches in the next 24 hours.

Initially I think it said 12-18 inches today, yet here we are…


Stickyfynger t1_jc71nlg wrote

Inland rockingham county 5”, heavy wet and sticking to everything. Power on but a lot of flickering going on.


nataylor7 t1_jc71wey wrote

10:00am in Hudson, NH - I’d say it was around 5”-6”.


CrowmanVT t1_jc72lo6 wrote

5-6 in downtown Warner at 10:30 AM


Open-Industry-8396 t1_jc774mr wrote

Trees looking very "heavy" and about 10 inches so far near gunstock.


Emeleigh_Rose t1_jc77hnx wrote

We have less than a dusting in Meredith. We've had mostly flurries off and on.


Guccidom t1_jc8av24 wrote

Do you know if Bristol got a lot? I know Meredith is also off exit 23 just the opposite direction. I have a project i am working on in Bristol just trying to get an idea of how much snow I may need to move…


Pemigewasset t1_jc8eug2 wrote

Not much in Bristol, a few inches of heavy wet stuff. The roads were just wet most of the day.


Emeleigh_Rose t1_jcc42ta wrote

I was in Bristol this morning and they got about 2 inches. You won't have to move much at all.


TJsName t1_jc78bro wrote

~4 inches of cement in Tamworth so far. Some trees are really loaded.


bluecollarNH t1_jc78l0p wrote

Roughly 9-10", 1200 ft, New Durham


Hextall2727 t1_jc7aknb wrote

about 6" of heavy wet stuff in Lee. The wind is starting to pick up and and blowing the snow stuck on the trees. I expect power to go out sometime this afternoon with the wind and heavy snow.


L0wCharisma t1_jc7bya6 wrote

Pats peak: 12+ inches, no power


beardmat87 t1_jc7c1w6 wrote

About 3” where I’m at in Laconia


rmarkham t1_jc7h2iw wrote

Anyone know why google maps says 93 is closed by the Hooksett tolls? I can’t find anything online and I’m curious.


AnythingToAvoidWork t1_jc7k7zs wrote

I'm in Rochester:

11 am: 9"

12:15 pm: 10.5"

It's still coming down hard


Satans_Pet t1_jc7kb1r wrote

Sounds like I chose a good time to take a vacation in Texas


liss_up t1_jc7lm1s wrote

About 8 inches and no power in Walpole, with blizzard conditions still going strong. Thank goodness for charged battery banks and the resilience of cellular infrastructure.


RFausta t1_jc7qzfd wrote

Minimum of 8” just SW of Concord, and the projected total keeps going up.. girding up to snowblow the driveway before it’s like.. 10 feet deep.


EasternBoarder603 t1_jc7v3zx wrote

Is it super heavy snow out by Sunapee or is it starting to become lighter? I think I’m going to make the trek there for some shredding tomorrow. Their website says they should be good to go tomorrow but until they get power back I’m skeptical


akmjolnir OP t1_jc7xdgh wrote

Not super heavy snow, but sticky and lots of it. Okemo is low-key great as I type this on the lift.

No lines, lots of powder. My legs are on fire.

The roads were straight shit, lots of limbs down, and some roads closed.


AnythingToAvoidWork t1_jc8bvro wrote

Update for me: still snowing in Rochester and I'm at 20-22"


Zestyclose-Equal2105 t1_jc8yi1s wrote

We got about a foot in concord, pretty heavy too. And good lord the roads are slushy


ShortUSA t1_jc9qqv8 wrote

1" of slush on Hampton Beach Lots of rain