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[deleted] t1_jd90tuc wrote

Now the libertarians want help from the government? ๐Ÿ˜‚ These people are just power hungry nothing else


gmcgath t1_jd9m038 wrote

Put "libertarians" in quotation marks. (Likewise with the LPNH.)

We don't necessarily have all the facts here, but Sorens certainly appears to be ignoring the free speech principles he supposedly lives by.


liber_tas t1_jdc5y1j wrote

Minarchism, i.e. a night watchman state (Robert Nozick), is considered a strand in libertarianism. Whether policing slander is a function of that state is open for debate.


CatMoreTofu t1_jdd8tt9 wrote

Libertarians always wanted help from the government, they just simply do not understand the myriad ways in which they have/are already benefitted/ing from it. What they are against is "their money" being "given" to "others", or more simply the foundational idea that we pay taxes for services which we all use and are made more affordable by everyone paying in a little. It's a doomed philosophy that has all but been taken over by its more openly hateful proponents and bereft of any new ideas.


liber_tas t1_jdc5mg9 wrote

Read up on "minarchism", a position in broad libertarianism that allows for a minimal state.


mod-corruption t1_jd9b9to wrote

Wanting to shrink the size and scope of government is โ€œpower hungry.โ€ Logic checks out.


Baron_Von_Ghastly t1_jdcknn4 wrote

If you use those "beliefs" to win/attempt to win positions of power but proceed to not follow those principles you were supposedly elevated to power for...

Then yes, that's one of the most clear cut power hungry shit stain things someone can do.