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graemeknows OP t1_je1r9yy wrote

Possible clues from r/wwiipics:


Here is a link for a P-47N in the same markings and with the next sequential serial number (4488538) as a member of the 414th Fighter Group in the Pacific. I think it is safe to say these are both P-47Ns, probably both P-47N-5s belonging to the 414th Fighter Group, given the markings. Link to the 414th FG wiki:


According to this page, the aircraft in the background is a P-47N, which is also suggested by the extended vertical surface on the tail and the additional antennas. It seems serial numbers in that vicinity were operated by the 414th FG, and this photo was likely taken on Iwo Jima.


graemeknows OP t1_je1svjp wrote

Also, do you see the name as Dale or Dick?


juicebronston t1_je1vvii wrote

Definitely seems to read “Dick”, you can see the lowercase “i” in the uppercase “D”.


graemeknows OP t1_je1w0ql wrote

That also explains the dot above it. I can't believe I didn't see that. Thank you!


hermansupreme t1_je2a0hi wrote

But look at the i in the word “big” above that. The i is loopy and large. If that is an i below in the capital D it is very different in many ways.

Also, look at the h is “wishes”. That shorter hump is connected to the talk loop… the lower part of the k should also be attached but is not.

I think it is “Dale”


juicebronston t1_je2d2ve wrote

Very valid observations, the only thing I have to add is that one’s signature does not always totally match one’s general handwriting.


Hot-Specialist-6824 t1_je2kf5o wrote

I thought it was Dale at first until I zoomed in a bit. The ''i" is mostly hidden by the "D", but it's clearly there, and that accounts for the dot above. And the c & k become clear also when you pinch and zoom a bit.


stevejdolphin t1_je5weph wrote

The i in "big" is very smudged and can't tell us much. An h is not going to be written the same way as a k by many people.

The transition into the e's above is much more informative to me. As is typical there is a smooth connection from the preceding letter to those e's. In the signature there is a very sharp upturn marking the bottom of a k where stroke reverses at the bottom of the stem to form the secondary loop of a cursive k.


abbys_alibi t1_je2bxhg wrote

In agreement with "Dick". Was my initial thought when looking at the picture. Lowercase "i" smushed into the mid to lower part of the "D".


f0zzzie t1_je2hwa7 wrote

i've searched for like two hours, couldn't find much but i did find a couple cool resources for you this one has a ton of pdfs which are neat to look at. lots of info. jack botts a guy from Nebraska who was in the 414th 422th, don't know if its relevant but included it anyways

i've searched for names but couldn't find anything definite, obviously searching thru hours of pdfs is not easy and given record keeping in the 40s is not perfect but surprisingly a lot of things well kept. another name that i saw a lot was urban drew who flew in the 414th, might drum something up, but i think my eyes need a break.


graemeknows OP t1_je2i6d2 wrote

This is extraordinary. I can't thank you enough.


f0zzzie t1_je2k551 wrote

if you do end up finding info about this guy, i would really like to know about him.


perkinslumbago t1_je3jri2 wrote

This is what someone in the WW2 subreddit found that was listed as Dick in the 414h, maybe kinda look similar?


graemeknows OP t1_je4eabp wrote

Wow. They really do look similar!!!


perkinslumbago t1_je4i7kk wrote

Keep this updated please if you’re able to cross reference that name with success!


graemeknows OP t1_je4ikko wrote

It's definitely him. Confirmed. Now we're going to start searching our records and work to contact his family to see if they have this photo.


perkinslumbago t1_je4jmsr wrote

Here’s his wife’s obituary and his sons linked in popped up pretty fast.


Ok-Description-5502 t1_je4ji9b wrote

Looks more like Dik , or Dick . He dotted an “i” there. Looks like ww 2