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juicebronston t1_je1vvii wrote

Definitely seems to read “Dick”, you can see the lowercase “i” in the uppercase “D”.


graemeknows OP t1_je1w0ql wrote

That also explains the dot above it. I can't believe I didn't see that. Thank you!


hermansupreme t1_je2a0hi wrote

But look at the i in the word “big” above that. The i is loopy and large. If that is an i below in the capital D it is very different in many ways.

Also, look at the h is “wishes”. That shorter hump is connected to the talk loop… the lower part of the k should also be attached but is not.

I think it is “Dale”


juicebronston t1_je2d2ve wrote

Very valid observations, the only thing I have to add is that one’s signature does not always totally match one’s general handwriting.


Hot-Specialist-6824 t1_je2kf5o wrote

I thought it was Dale at first until I zoomed in a bit. The ''i" is mostly hidden by the "D", but it's clearly there, and that accounts for the dot above. And the c & k become clear also when you pinch and zoom a bit.


stevejdolphin t1_je5weph wrote

The i in "big" is very smudged and can't tell us much. An h is not going to be written the same way as a k by many people.

The transition into the e's above is much more informative to me. As is typical there is a smooth connection from the preceding letter to those e's. In the signature there is a very sharp upturn marking the bottom of a k where stroke reverses at the bottom of the stem to form the secondary loop of a cursive k.


abbys_alibi t1_je2bxhg wrote

In agreement with "Dick". Was my initial thought when looking at the picture. Lowercase "i" smushed into the mid to lower part of the "D".