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f0zzzie t1_je2hwa7 wrote

i've searched for like two hours, couldn't find much but i did find a couple cool resources for you this one has a ton of pdfs which are neat to look at. lots of info. jack botts a guy from Nebraska who was in the 414th 422th, don't know if its relevant but included it anyways

i've searched for names but couldn't find anything definite, obviously searching thru hours of pdfs is not easy and given record keeping in the 40s is not perfect but surprisingly a lot of things well kept. another name that i saw a lot was urban drew who flew in the 414th, might drum something up, but i think my eyes need a break.


graemeknows OP t1_je2i6d2 wrote

This is extraordinary. I can't thank you enough.


f0zzzie t1_je2k551 wrote

if you do end up finding info about this guy, i would really like to know about him.