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shervbert t1_jd0whmt wrote

It’s becoming a fucking target distro LOL


WildWildcat t1_jd169c8 wrote

Was originally supposed to be an Amazon hq. Sucks, it was a fun and cheap course


JustBadTimingBro OP t1_jd1fjfl wrote

A target distro? What do you mean? Literally a distribution center for Target?


shervbert t1_jd2fcw7 wrote

Yes, quite literally. Mother Earth is fucking ecstatic, not that golf courses help resemble nature much. However at least they’re habitat’s for some ecology. Love to know the emissions this place will put out, combined with the added emissions from all the extra MHT flights coming in with more shitty sku’s to put out on these box stores brick n mortars


Crazy_Hick_in_NH t1_jd15azg wrote

Admittedly, the only things I like about golf are the shirts and the carts, but goday’aaaam, 36 holes and it’s been sold? Safe to say it’s not because golf courses are too expensive to maintain/run (given the other courses this family owns).

Warehouses or condos…better yet, warehouses with condos on the top floor!


Patsfan618 t1_jd1sdz8 wrote

Best I can do is automated warehouses that don't provide jobs but do increase property values, and thus rent and taxes, substantially. And maybe a Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid, all right next to each other.


underratedride t1_jd2dska wrote

That area was a little slice of golf paradise. 36 holes with the driving range on site and the golf and ski facilities there too. Such a shame, but such is life.

I’m starting to think I’ll be dealing with the same crap in a decade at most. Didn’t move far enough north.


Djj62 t1_jd3la4d wrote

Sucks, great courses, and convenient. Supposedly after Amazon bailed it was purchased by Target for distribution/logistics site. Good luck to the traffic shitshow for Hudson residents.


BackItUpWithLinks t1_jd3s897 wrote

Most of the traffic is going to be heading back over the bridge. Hudson won’t see much extra traffic from this.


VariousDiscussion141 t1_jd4x21p wrote

Trucks have to get to the distro center somehow - unless they’re planning on building a new bridge over the Merrimack there, it’s going to make traffic worse on Lowell Rd.


vexingsilence t1_jd5h8ue wrote

For a very short distance to the exit 2 bridge, where the road is already quite wide. It's a fairly ideal location.


BackItUpWithLinks t1_jd5r362 wrote

It’s a mile from route 3, across the old sagamore bridge, to the golf course. About 1000’ of that is Hudson.


VariousDiscussion141 t1_jd5rbv8 wrote

I’m aware of that. I’m also aware of how traffic backs up on that bridge in the evening rush hour. It’s a small section of road but it’s one of the busiest segments of road in town.


VariousDiscussion141 t1_jd4wmok wrote

Don’t worry, the contingent in town that really wants to finish the decades-old circumferential highway project is loving this.


steelymouthtrout t1_jd3ejag wrote

Obviously the owners got an offer on the land that they simply couldn't refuse.


OrchidReverie t1_jd3af26 wrote

I went there for a weeklong golf camp when I was 13.


goodwilhuntingseason t1_jd5iyjh wrote

That’s too bad. It’s hard enough finding a tee time in this state, this will make it even worse.


AcolyteOfTheHand t1_jd5dann wrote

Guess the fatties are going to have to learn tennis now.


Dependent_Ad_5546 t1_jd0r54z wrote

Let me guess rows and rows of condos….


hardsoft t1_jd0s0cx wrote

It's not like we don't need them.


vexingsilence t1_jd3pjbo wrote

That's what brings stuff like this new distribution center. As the population climbs, the facilities serving that population need to increase as well. Goodbye open land, hello retail support for a growing population. Not great for the handful of residents that live near there, but it does have easy highway access.


kberson t1_jd13iqe wrote

No, actually, the buyer wants to build several large warehouses (1mil+ sqft)