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Clock-Full t1_jcdac70 wrote

OP made a sandwich so good that he forgot to ask about the sonic boom until five hours later.


feathered-quill t1_jch1kha wrote

Op…I’m wondering if it was that BOMB of a sandwich that you heard?


Cosmoplasma t1_jcdgcxa wrote

I am over near Bethel Maine and I heard some very loud aircraft around that time today. Did you get any good pics of the grilled cheese?


techno525 t1_jcdcqnd wrote

Just heard something very similar on east side of Manchester


captainfav t1_jcddz4f wrote

Yah wtf was that thought it was an airplane but nothing on any flight trackers

Edit it wasn’t a sonic boom, but 100% sounded like a high performance aircraft low altitude high power settings, thought maybe FedEx down low but nothing


dewskills t1_jcdem4p wrote

Yeees captain, same! It was deeper then the ups and fedex planes that go over. Nothing on tracker. I should have checked out the window, but like OP. I was eatting 😆


techno525 t1_jcdfkjz wrote

I also had flight radar up almost instantly and there was nothing nearby. Sound source was distinctly traveling to the west, not south towards MHT. FedEx and UPS are very good about always showing up on radar. Whatever the noise came from was traveling much faster, but also lingered far longer. Thought it was thunder initially, but it kept resonating and rumbling. Maybe meteorite or other space debris burning up in atmosphere?
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dewskills t1_jcdg1cj wrote

Been actively watching the skies all week and I miss something good because of a stupid salad. 🙃


[deleted] t1_jcfh4ci wrote



dewskills t1_jcglwi8 wrote

I appreciate this. Planes fascinate me and I'm finding I want to learn more and more. Thank you!


Bassin-Jaysin t1_jcdf83l wrote

All I could see is the orange glow when it went over bedford. But damn it was loud!


dewskills t1_jcdfkyq wrote

There was a Hercules doing touch and go's last Thursday. Honestly A LOT of military activity in the skies that day. Maybe it came back off the radar? Almost sounded/felt deeper then that though. Now I'm dying to know...


captainfav t1_jcdi4to wrote

Wait really???? Orange glow?

I didn’t get afterburner vibes from the sound

Been to enough air shows to have a general idea what it sounds like 🤷‍♂️

I totally think military though. not all show up on ADSB tracking software as lots don’t have ADSB Out equipment


Centinel_was_right t1_jcdlnwi wrote

Hooksett here. Apologies that might have been me. Kielbasa and beans is, unrelatedly, delicious.


stanmeower t1_jcdsk7z wrote

I heard the same was thinking I was crazy! Sounded so low!


joshtaco t1_jch1r1x wrote

probably just a bolide. There was one in 2021 that was similar


WhiskyIsMyYoga t1_jcf47vm wrote

Thank you for the detail about the sandwich, it sounds lovely. I’ve not thought about adding 1000 island to a grilled cheese, but might just try that for lunch today.


astrochellie1800 t1_jcdfg9y wrote

FYI there is a new space force base in New Boston now 🤷‍♀️


ShamanicYogi t1_jcdgmmg wrote

It’s been there for a long long time, they just switched it over to space force a couple years ago.

That said, there’s always been strange things going on around there.


Ashsin t1_jcdknse wrote

I mean we often see odd military craft in the air.


velocityflier16 t1_jcdkvsl wrote

I’m curious to see if you could elaborate on what you’ve seen?


Ashsin t1_jcdmngl wrote

Odd helicopters, what to my untrained eye looked like fighter jets. It's probably all normal?

I think in the last 12 months their was the fatal shooting of someone attempting to break into the facility too.


crourke13 t1_jcdzc4n wrote


WikiSummarizerBot t1_jcdzdov wrote

Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

>The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is an American multi-mission, tiltrotor military aircraft with both vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and short takeoff and landing (STOL) capabilities. It is designed to combine the functionality of a conventional helicopter with the long-range, high-speed cruise performance of a turboprop aircraft. In 1980, the failure of Operation Eagle Claw (during the Iran hostage crisis) underscored that there were military roles for which neither conventional helicopters nor fixed-wing transport aircraft were well-suited.

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velocityflier16 t1_jcdned4 wrote

Interesting. I may have to pay a visit. Thank you for getting back to me!


lantrick t1_jcdx10j wrote

> space force base in New Boston

There's no runway there.


astrochellie1800 t1_jcf265j wrote

T'was a half joke. "oooh wacky "new" space force base appears recently now there's all this new possibly secret military stuff going on oooh"


dewskills t1_jcdgb0l wrote

Haven't really seen anything over there on the radar. There's a blackhawk that keeps going to Mt. Kearsarge.


Queasy_Turnover t1_jcdh2lp wrote

Do a muenster/pepper Jack combo next time. So fucking good.


dewskills t1_jcdir75 wrote

Someone said MAANG F-15's


velocityflier16 t1_jcdl8ea wrote

They are on ADSB though. I went back and looked. There was nothing from what I could see.


LegalFog t1_jcdlnuq wrote

Shook my house in Lancaster, but it was at 3


Scorpions_Venom t1_jcdm6lj wrote

I don't know. I was down in Milton being hanmered by snow and a power outage.


Jetpilotboiii1989 t1_jcdwzgo wrote

Green Mountain Boys are up in Burlington, but I’d hesitate to assign the noise to a fighter jet; sonic booms aren’t typically allowed over populated areas.


JacktheBoss_ t1_jcgp3mt wrote

No, but I heard a hadoken around 4:30.


sjm294 t1_jchagz3 wrote

Very descriptive about the sandwich!