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gmcgath t1_jdqhj15 wrote

Serious question: Are "severe dizziness, weakness, and exceptionally high heart rates" THC symptoms? There might have been other bad stuff in the ice cream as well.


Darwins_Dog t1_jdqmxg8 wrote

If you take a big dose and/or aren't a regular user, yes. That's how an ER doctor would write then on a chart at least. Generally none of it is life threatening, but if you have no idea why it's happening it could be pretty scary.


quoth01 t1_jdqoia3 wrote

Too much edibles can be damn scary even when you know what's happening lmao


Fizzle_Fazzle t1_jdrmtrg wrote

My mom gave me her "usual" nighttime dose one time because I was in pain and couldn't sleep. I was on another planet for a few hours and it was scary. I generally do a tincture and measure it in drops. It was also Maine stuff and not the crap you get in NH.

For me I do get the racing heart even with lower amounts and I get a bit dizzy but I know that's when I need to put my head down and sleep. I can imagine it could be, at the very least, uncomfortable if you aren't aware you have taken anything.


HEMP_THCa_Minnesota t1_jdsqola wrote

i don't do edibles, i stick to thca flower and thca live rosin carts for adhd and depression


the_nobodys t1_jdqnq30 wrote

It's what your perception of it is in the moment, which is mostly due to being anxious about not knowing what's happening.


DawctorDawgs t1_jdqu5gk wrote

As other commenters have said, I’m a frequent user and I can get these symptoms maybe in tinnnny and not at all bothersome doses, but they’re familiar and it’s sorta like a caffeine high - it’s expected when you drink coffee lol

With friends I’ve been with who’ve tried for the first time or don’t use frequently those same symptoms are amplified and unfamiliar and therefore uncomfortable.


rudyattitudedee t1_jdquela wrote

Yeah that’s the symptom a child would get. My school had bake sales often and every year someone made special brownies and didn’t disclose it so the baked sales stopped.


DawctorDawgs t1_jdr4ouy wrote

This is soooo dumb it’s incredible


rudyattitudedee t1_jdst2r0 wrote

What’s dumb?


DawctorDawgs t1_jdstsh9 wrote

The fact that anyone would not disclose drugged food and not only endanger people’s safety, but ruin something fun for everyone.

Not at all you or your comment haha, sorry


rudyattitudedee t1_jdsu0uz wrote

Nah it’s ok, yeah it ruined it for Everyone else. Obviously teachers partook and thought they were sick ,ambulances were called. I love weed but that’s not responsible to do lol


AnythingToAvoidWork t1_jdsde5r wrote


I actually just tried edibles for the first time a couple weeks ago and you could be describing myself with those.

I obviously did it knowingly. I can imagine people being concerned if they didn't intend to be getting high.


Accurate-Temporary73 t1_jdr170r wrote

I ate a homemade cookie once. No idea how much was in it. But hot super sick, felt hungover and puled twice. I’m sure there was dizziness involved


quoth01 t1_jdqhhdt wrote

Lol, this stinks of an intentional prank.

How would you accidentally make weed ice cream?


Leemcardhold t1_jdqhu3r wrote

Read the article. It was ice cream makers personal stash.


the_nobodys t1_jdqod7p wrote

Exactly, it was one container of coffee oreo the ice cream maker accidentally gave to the Cafe. Huge mistake, but the ice cream owner closed their business as a result.


NHiker469 t1_jdqrt7k wrote

As they should. You can’t serve drug laced food to your customers and not be expected to shut down.

Put some actual safe guards into your process and try reopening under a new name and location in a few years. Cross your fingers you’re still not known as the ice cream owner who served drugs to their customers.


[deleted] t1_jdr06h3 wrote

He should be thankful he isn’t in jail. One of the victims was a minor.


rahnster_wright t1_jdrepu3 wrote

*yet. I adore the owner, and he's a real dumb dumb for this one, but it's not too late for someone to press charges.


NHiker469 t1_jdr0ko5 wrote

I agree. Clearly neither company had safeguards in place to prevent this.

I am in a group chat with 37 other parents from our school who feel the same way.

Extremely negligent by all parties. Some more than others, but no one is off the hook here.


[deleted] t1_jdr12r6 wrote

Totally disagree in terms of Roots Cafe. Before this, Angelo’s had a perfectly fine reputation and rapport in Newmarket. There was absolutely no reason to expect their supply would be laced with drugs.


NHiker469 t1_jdr1zos wrote

Sadly, there is now. If proper procedures were in place this would not have happened.

While I agree he is less negligent than the ice cream distributor, this clearly shows very little due diligence was done when choosing said distributor.


bristlebrass t1_jdr65sf wrote

My understanding is Angelo’s was the ice cream distributor, and there was no reason for anyone to think he was making THC ice cream to begin with. What safeguard could Roots Cafe have put in place to screen ice cream for drugs?


NHiker469 t1_jdr6kz5 wrote

See my more recent comment about distributor due diligence.

C’mon people. This is the real world. You don’t get to serve your customers drug laced food and carry on business as usual.


bristlebrass t1_jdr7crn wrote

I see everyone else has already told you this is a remarkably silly position to hold, so I’ll stop here.


NHiker469 t1_jdr82xa wrote


The only opinions that matter will be our state and local leadership as well as the FDA.

Their position is likely very similar to mine.

Good day, ma’am.


Baranjula t1_jdrc36o wrote

Does the FDA require all ice cream shops to test the products they buy for marijuana?


lantrick t1_jdr7lm6 wrote

What do you imaging resellers should do when they buy Ice Cream from reputable vendors as "proper procedures"? Pay to have every container Lab tested before they open them for sale? Would you have this extended to grocery stores and every place else that sells Ice Cream to the public? What about other products?

Point of sale lab testing for all?


NHiker469 t1_jdr8a7t wrote

God no. In fact, if you do proper due diligence on your suppliers very very very few items would need to be tested.


the_nobodys t1_jdrg4va wrote

You're just repeating a vague "do due diligence" argument. What does this mean specifically and, what if roots had done due diligence and AA iced cream had a 100% history of no problems.

Your argument doesn't seem to take into account that a F-up can be the first of its kind.


rahnster_wright t1_jdrhvxy wrote

I'd also like to know what "do due diligence" means exactly. Angelo's Amore has been in business for over two years and has a great reputation. They were a reputable producer.

I worry I am wasting too much energy on this troll though.


[deleted] t1_jdt2598 wrote

Whoever this person is just wants to hear themselves talk, and is far too proud to admit when they’re blatantly wrong.


NHiker469 t1_jdrso3k wrote

Don’t hire people who would do this to you. Pretty simple concept actually.


Matryoshkova t1_jds4cc7 wrote

If the distributor has no history of issues, has current safety certifications and a good rating from government agencies; how is the restaurant expected to be more diligent in choosing?


Reubachi t1_jdvnmj9 wrote

….again, what if the vendor is reputable, is used by the entire state, and has no history of this?

If a meteor hits someone on a walk, would you scold them for not understanding meteor patterns?


besafenh t1_jdr71aj wrote

THC concentrations are typically measured by a HPLC chromatographic suite. The other ingredients in edibles can ruin the processing devices, yet let’s ignore that for the moment. A used name brand HPLC suite can be as cheap as $6000, more typically $20,000 devoid of calibration tools. As NH believes the DEA, you can’t have a calibration sample of THC, so the results are suspect. All that I might accomplish without calibration, is similar to claiming a positive test for heroin, in a person known to eat poppy seed bagels.

Or… I need a subscription to a shared analytics library, and the HPLC suite. ~ $100,000 for a cutting edge analytics platform.

In every food and beverage business.


NHiker469 t1_jdr7w6y wrote

I don’t think every batch of ice cream needs to be tested. In fact, almost none of them do.

SO LONG as proper due diligence is done on who is supplying your goods. Ice cream in this case.

With a tiny bit of DD on the restaurants part, they very likely could have made a better decision on who supplied their ice cream.

Instead, the opted for mediocrity and served their customers ice cream laced with illegal drugs.



besafenh t1_jdr9tnv wrote

They purchased a business with existing inventory. I looked into a restaurant in Manchvegas that offed the same deal. Should I throw out all of the olive oil, or do I look at the good reviews and think about the advantages of a stable transition?

As an FDA regulated food producer, I have to employ an audit system in addition to my process controls. (Botulism kills).

Ideally, I would have a water analysis suite, but the only way to make it work financially, is to accept that my primary job is laboratory analysis. The product processing becomes a distant secondary line. Clean room, appropriate storage, necessary devices. $200,000 Yes, I investigated.

Sending batch samples to Cornell is financially beneficial, and more believable than self-testing. Would a University falsify results? Less likely than a processing facility doing so.


NHiker469 t1_jdra5el wrote

Ugh, I can’t do these walls of text defending this behavior. Byeee


Reubachi t1_jdvqavw wrote

Lol you win the award this month for “most clueless Karen”.

I hope you and people like you don’t ruin a business for not following “due diligence”, whatever the fuck you think that is hahaha.

Brb gotta go get gas and do due diligence that it’s not laced with thc first.


BomTradyBT21 t1_jdrb3od wrote

Oh god, you’ve bred. I can’t wait until you unleash your entitled shitbag kids on the world… I’m sure they’ll be great HOA presidents.


cafeRacr t1_jds52g2 wrote

Where did you see that? The article said they were closed, but it didn't sound like it was the result of this.


rahnster_wright t1_jdsaa7n wrote

From Root's Facebook post with the letter from the Newmarket Police Department. They switched to Memories ice cream last week (as a result of this and because Angelo's was interested in reducing ice cream production anyway)


dogownedhoomun t1_jdscpbj wrote

Not ok to distribute without ice cream eater not cool


rahnster_wright t1_jdrei5r wrote

The ice cream was made intentionally, for personal use, not for sale. There was negligence (it wasn't labeled properly and was forgotten in the walk in), but selling it to customers wasn't intentional.


ggtffhhhjhg t1_jdri1nf wrote

This sounds would be a great unexpected surprise for so many people, but you just can’t do this sort of thing to children, adults that don’t use and people that aren’t expecting it. Doing something like this is outright dangerous.


smartest_kobold t1_jdqj2jo wrote

Good news if you've got a drug test you weren't going to pass.


NHiker469 t1_jdqpsoj wrote

Just like the business owner. You can pass the buck and blame someone else LOL.


rahnster_wright t1_jdrea4t wrote

The business owner admitted fault and went out of business, what more do you want?


[deleted] t1_jdryjp6 wrote



rahnster_wright t1_jds1mom wrote

It's referenced in a handful of the articles and Facebook posts from the perspective of the victims themselves. While the owner hasn't made a public statement, he has apologized directly to the victims. Let me see if I can find a reference.

The business closed this week, not in 2022. Although he has been increasingly less involved as he has let Roots take over the space.

Edit: I don't know how to share screenshots, but there are several relevant posts on one of Newmarket's FB groups.


[deleted] t1_jdsk4th wrote



rahnster_wright t1_jdsm1l8 wrote

I am the first to admit he screwed up big time, but he's a close friend of mine. He knows he screwed up.

If you play ultimate, we might know each other!


[deleted] t1_jdra46j wrote



ThunderySleep t1_jdyyxao wrote

Could be serious if someone has a heart condition, or had to operate a vehicle. Not everyone's a stoner, and even if they are, getting too high sucks. Then there's getting too high out of nowhere, with no idea why, and for people who don't smoke, probably not recognizing what's happening to them.


SuccessfulPresence27 t1_jdr3vux wrote

To be fair, the first time I did herb it hit my cannabinoid receptors and I was higher than eagle nuts. Rough that it happened to folks who didn’t want to be lit but at the end of the day, what a memory that must be. “Remember when we went for ice cream and ended up high as giraffe pussy?”


PPHillips t1_jds7ixh wrote

Damn, I’d fuck up some Coffee Oreo.

To bad it will probably all be destroyed


dogownedhoomun t1_jdsbw51 wrote

My mom, retired RN called me this am to warn I live in healthcare/get tested. I'm like...thanks mom...why I have shains in the freezer lol


FreelanceNinjaM t1_jds1mwm wrote

Pros and cons of making food:

Pros: food

Cons: making


bizmike88 t1_jds0oow wrote

This is the weirdest story to me. Multiple unrelated parties across multiple days have very vague symptoms of something. Somehow they are able to connect the people with these vague symptoms and then somehow also connect that they may have gone to this restaurant? A restaurant that just so happened to accidentally have received a multi-gallon container of weed-infused ice cream completely without their knowledge?

Literally none of this makes sense.


rahnster_wright t1_jds2qx6 wrote

Contact tracing is pretty common. Four people, all with the same symptoms, go to the ER. All reported eating the same ice cream brand and flavor that day. Hospital staff are able to put this stuff together pretty easily.

As far as how the ice cream got there... it's pretty simple, albeit so stupid. About 6 months ago, the owner of the ice cream shop made weed infused ice cream for personal use and to share with friends. Didn't label it. Stuck it in the freezer. Completely forgot about it. A staffer of Roots took it out of the freezer, having no idea, and served it.


NHiker469 t1_jdqh8v1 wrote

What an egregious fucking oversight.

Both the ice cream establishment and the distributor of the ice cream should be shut down indefinitely until a thorough investigation is done.

And then, shutter one of the completely.

Edit: ok, my mistake. Upon further investigation, both places need to be shut the fuck down. You can’t serve drugs to your customers. Hard stop.

Edit: Sorry, folks. I’ve been muted by the napoleon like mod who calls himself a NH resident. Have a good day, shorty.


NeedleworkerNo8029 t1_jdqjs07 wrote

It was mislabeled so the store had no idea. It’s not their fault at all.


besafenh t1_jdr45s7 wrote

Unlabeled. Mislabeled would be one thing, unlabeled another. NH Health Department will give the shop a demerit for selling unlabeled product. Likely unnecessary as the shop has no incentive to do so again.


rahnster_wright t1_jdrg21w wrote

It was labeled with flavor and date, which is adequate for products made on site (which the ice cream was since the cafe and ice cream shared a kitchen and a lease). Except, of course, in this very, very egregious example where the labeling was very not adequate.


besafenh t1_jds7dq1 wrote

“However, Enright said, one bucket of coffee-Oreo, mixed with THC, seemingly made by the old owner for personal use, was left behind. Because it was not labeled, she sold it unknowingly to customers.”


rahnster_wright t1_jds9umu wrote

Right. It wasn't labeled as "contains THC." That's what that line is referring to. It was labeled with flavor and date made.


besafenh t1_jdsanql wrote

I read this as unlabeled unlabeled:

“What’s in here? Oh cool, coffee Oreo. We need that.”


NHiker469 t1_jdqkf3f wrote

They served their customers contaminated ice cream. They need to be shut down as well.


NeedleworkerNo8029 t1_jdql5er wrote

That makes no sense. Do you think a grocery store should be shut down every time there’s a recall on one of their products?


rahnster_wright t1_jdrfqrv wrote

This person is trying very hard to convince us. Chipotle didn't go out of business when people got salmonella from the lettuce. It wasn't Chipotle's fault.


NHiker469 t1_jdqnbsi wrote

Totally different


NeedleworkerNo8029 t1_jdqne3w wrote

How is it different?


NHiker469 t1_jdqnicm wrote

You had one job. It was to serve untainted ice cream. You failed miserably. Better luck next time.


NeedleworkerNo8029 t1_jdqnmag wrote

How were they supposed to know it was contaminated?


NHiker469 t1_jdqocxu wrote

That’s the problem. There were so many ways for them to double check and cross check what they were serving to their customers for ingestion. Instead, they just took their word for it.

Anyone example of accepted mediocrity.

“Someone else will do it.” “Someone else’s problem”.

Fuck outta here. If you serve THC laced ice cream to your customers you need to be shut down.


NeedleworkerNo8029 t1_jdqookn wrote

What are you talking about? What ways? It was mislabeled by the manufacturer who made it for personal use. Why would the store even consider THC laced ice cream being a possibility to look out for?


NHiker469 t1_jdqotn4 wrote

They served ice cream laced with drugs to their customers. There is a no excuse. They need to be shut down.


NeedleworkerNo8029 t1_jdqp2sc wrote

Thankfully most customers can use logic and will see you have no argument. I’m sure the store will be fine.


NHiker469 t1_jdqp7fj wrote

Ha. Doubtful. For starters, anyone with a child will never go here again.


jwiggler t1_jdqr9av wrote

You can be nuanced in your argument, you know. Like, theres a case for forcing the store to get a new distributor or to employ a new process to test their ice cream due to theor tangential responsibility here

But you're just jumping to shutting them down, and you're kinda coming off cranky and unreasonable because of it.


NHiker469 t1_jdqrlbn wrote

No. They need to be shut down.

Apparently it was one tub of ice cream from the processor.

Ever play the game “one of these doesn’t look like the other”.

It sounds like there was absolutely no process for double checking anything, let alone single checking.

You can’t serve drug laced food to your customers and be expected not to shut down. Period. Hard stop.


beyond_hatred t1_jdqwzur wrote

There is no reasonable expectation that a retail store would test all incoming vendor-supplied ice cream for THC content.

You might as well expect your supermarket to be testing for THC in gallons of milk.


NHiker469 t1_jdqxh5u wrote

I have a reasonable expectation not to be served ice cream laced with drugs.

Say that out loud.


beyond_hatred t1_jdr39q6 wrote

OK, we've established that you think you're right already.


NHiker469 t1_jdr3qsu wrote

*know I’m right.

This place is toast. Anyone with a child or who doesn’t want drug in their ice cream won’t come here again.

Too many other options of place that won’t serve you ice cream laced with drugs.


jwiggler t1_jdqs7jk wrote

I see you have that opinion. I don't agree.

But you should send an email to your representative because it's obvious you feel so strongly.


NHiker469 t1_jdqsqiq wrote

Funny you say that. I have already began composing a letter for local and state reps. Especially those who want to legalize cannabis.

They should take note of how these people feel and how they and their lives were impacted.


jwiggler t1_jdqtl0w wrote

Sure, if you feel that way, you should totally do that.

Btw I'm smoking a doobie writing this comment how you feel about that


NHiker469 t1_jdqunia wrote

That’s awesome!! Good for you.

But this is how I know you’re a dunce. You can’t tell the difference between choice and not.

You chose to smoke that “doobie”….it want given to you under the guise of ice cream. Silly goose


jwiggler t1_jdqvnnt wrote

I didn't choose to smoke this Doobie. You forced it upon me. The state I'm from, doobies are legal. And they force everyone to smoke them, especially if it's infused with ice cream. There's no regular ice cream where I live, only Doobie infused ice cream. And they force you to eat it.

Stop the legalizing of marijuana. They will put it in your kids food. In the water. You will be perpetually high on that Doobie-gas. If we don't stop this, America will surely fall to the socialist liberals who want to infect our kids with doobie.

I will never go to that ice cream place again.


NHiker469 t1_jdqvxt5 wrote

More copy pasta. I’m sorry. I didn’t read past the first line.


jwiggler t1_jdqwc3i wrote

Actually the one before wasn't copypasta you should actually channel your energy to affect positive change

Edit: sorry man nice chatting but I gotta go be a dunce somewhere else


NHiker469 t1_jdqx16u wrote

I’ve stopped reading your drivel a while ago. Thanks for playing!


BomTradyBT21 t1_jdqzit3 wrote

If you can’t have an adult conversation, why don’t shut the fuck up, Karen.

Someone asks a valid question about the giant gap in your logic, and you just ignore it and default back to “shut everything down”.


NHiker469 t1_jdr077u wrote

LOLOL…Tom Brady handle. Says I’ll I need to see.


BomTradyBT21 t1_jdr23bn wrote

Oof. Guess your sense of humor is as lacking as your intellect.


SnooPeripherals5969 t1_jdql5r0 wrote

So If you bought a bag of chips from a gas station and the chips were tainted… you would expect the gas station to shut down as well as the manufacturer of the chips? That makes no sense. They had no way to know.


NHiker469 t1_jdqnkyd wrote

You had one job. Serve your customers ice cream. Instead you have them THC. Big time fail. Better luck next time.


Matryoshkova t1_jdqubwx wrote

So you expect an ice cream shop to have a drug testing lab and regularly test their product for drugs? That makes no sense.


NHiker469 t1_jdquulu wrote

Def not. But it’s clear there are no standards here.

Shut down. Try again later.

No one is going to go here anymore, so my opinion is moot.


TwinTtoo t1_jdqvoc6 wrote

Should all good and products in all stores be checked for THC despite the integrity of the packaged or label says? Why stop testing only at ice cream


NHiker469 t1_jdqw1xz wrote

Well, you don’t need to check my new pair of Nike for cannabis.

But I’d like to know that when I take my kid for ice cream ITS NOT LACED WITH FUCKING THC.

What a dumb thing to say.


Matryoshkova t1_jdqyf1w wrote

Then I guess you can’t take your kids to any restaurants anymore because you can’t reasonably expect any restaurant to be testing their food for drug contamination. In fact, you’re going to have to fully grow your own crops and raise your own animals because it’s all the same government agency making sure your groceries and restaurant food aren’t being laced with drugs.


NHiker469 t1_jdqygya wrote

You’re still talking?


Matryoshkova t1_jdqymzo wrote

You’re still answering? Look I can be a bitch, too ☺️


NHiker469 t1_jdqytej wrote

I’m just flipping over here between my emails. It’s easy to laugh at you defending this with walls of text no one will read and then going back to composing my emails to my representatives.


Matryoshkova t1_jdqw4xx wrote

The health department will deal with the restaurant, they will have an investigation and will determine if the owner of the restaurant has any expectation to have known about the distributor lacing their product. Single restaurants can’t go and inspect their distributor’s facilities, there is separate FDA oversight, so there generally is no reasonable expectation of a restaurant having oversight of the way a distributor is making their products. Restaurant owners choose distributors based on publicly available health and safety department information and sometimes because they have a good relationship with a rep from the company. it is a failing of governmental oversight that this distributor was able to mix a batch of personal-use laced ice cream in with ice cream set to be sent out, not on the restaurant owner who is using information from the government to make a determination if a distributor is trustworthy.


NHiker469 t1_jdqwb01 wrote

Another copy pasta I didn’t read past the first line.

Keep an eye out. They will be closed. You can’t serve illegal drugs to your customers. Sorry.

Once the authorities confirm there were fail safes in place, it’s game over.


Matryoshkova t1_jdsqf9y wrote

You are the internet equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and yelling “lalalalala” when someone proves you wrong


NHiker469 t1_jdsslzw wrote

Negative. I just know when I’m right. The Reddit hive mind is a spectacular phenomenon.

I’d love to share screen shots of the group chats I’m in with all these parents.


razor_sharp_pivots t1_jdr4sxz wrote

What should they have done differently? How would you have caught this?


NHiker469 t1_jdr5ikq wrote

It’s called due diligence. Know who you’re getting your product from. Know what their processes are. Ensure there are checks and double check.

You know, so you don’t serve your clients ice cream laced with drugs.

The “pass the buck” mentality is atrocious on this one.


razor_sharp_pivots t1_jdr5q23 wrote

Give a specific safeguard you would have used to prevent this. Otherwise quit trolling. You don't have any suggestions as to how this could have been avoided. You're just here to rage on the internet about nothing.


BlobAndHisBoy t1_jdqlf94 wrote

Yeah, why didn't they test their ice cream for THC before selling it like every other ice cream shop? Reckless and egregious, I am outraged.


NHiker469 t1_jdqnejk wrote

Stupid take lol


Matryoshkova t1_jdqudu6 wrote

That is what your take is sounding like, genius


NHiker469 t1_jdqv25w wrote

In your opinion. Im in a group chat with with all the parents from my children’s school (who chose to be in the chat). It’s interesting how their take is nearly the same as mine

This place is done, as they should be.


captain_falc25 t1_jdqznad wrote

That literally is YOUR take that you keep spamming up and down this thread


NHiker469 t1_jdr0a9e wrote

Just my own comment. No worries. They will be shut down soon enough.


BlobAndHisBoy t1_jdsb9h1 wrote

How do you think they could have prevented this? What precautions are others taking that they didn't?


besafenh t1_jdr3vev wrote

You earned a downvote.

If I bought E. coli contaminated spinach from Hannafords should the farmer, packer, distributor, or Hannafords be liable? As that’s potentially deadly, should everyone at Hannafords be jailed? Warehouse packers to truck drivers. Produce department kids working after school, to store management:


Or is the responsibility upon the farmer and co-packer instead? Did you knowingly harvest a flooded crop? Did you knowingly pack questionable product, and commingle various products in violation of batch control?

Did one problematic crop of spinach result in a nationwide recall of ALL fresh greens distributed through normal channels?

It was a great week for local farmers, as they weren’t subject to recall.

E. coli O157:H7 (2006)


NHiker469 t1_jdr4o3k wrote

Sorry. Does anyone read replies that long? I don’t.

You served me THC in my ice cream. You will be shut down.

Pretty cut and clear.


besafenh t1_jdr7g0z wrote

You don’t read, as you’re happy in your ignorance and so-called morality:



NHiker469 t1_jdr8789 wrote

Keep on serving up ice cream laced with drugs and blaming other people. Sit tight. The FDA and local leadership will weigh in soon.


clarenceisacat t1_jdqi1fy wrote

Did you read the article? The store that made the contaminated ice cream had already shut down by the time of this incident.


Leemcardhold t1_jdqhvpx wrote

From the article the maker of the ice cream is already out of business


NHiker469 t1_jdqkfqi wrote

Hopefully the store front is next.


the_nobodys t1_jdqo2pd wrote

I think most people are going to tell you this is a wrong take. Not sure why you're pushing back so hard. Restaurants don't test their food that suppliers sell them, that is silly. They give the customers who received whatever was bad a free meal and gift cards to come back next time, along with their apologies. That's what happens


NHiker469 t1_jdqol16 wrote

I don’t care what most people think. This was a huge fuck up. Ice cream laced with drugs. Place needs to be shut down.

I know I won’t go there. And every time I hear of this place I’ll be sure to mention it is the shop that served drugs to their customers.


the_nobodys t1_jdqoxki wrote

Well in that case, I hope for your sake you never talk to the staff at your favorite restaurants or chains about the times suplliers f*d up and sold them bad ingredients.


NHiker469 t1_jdqp1x1 wrote

Bad/sour/old ingredients happens on rare occasions.

Your food being laced with drugs should never happen.



jwiggler t1_jdqrth8 wrote

"Man wants to ruin local business due to THC-laced ice cream incident"

Sorry dude. That headline would tell me more about you than it would about the local business.


RelativeMotion1 t1_jdr370g wrote

This person is a frequent r/leaves poster; a subreddit about quitting weed.

And they’ve turned their quitting weed into an entire personality and are now vehemently against it. Now we all get to experience their weird guilt about smoking weed through angsty internet comments.


NHiker469 t1_jdqs3fe wrote

LOL…sorry man, nope. That headline would tell people not to go here if they didn’t want to run the risk of being served drug laced foods.

JFC, you are thick. You can’t serve your clients food laced with drugs. Period. Hard stop.

Nothing you say to me will make me think or feel different.

I look forward to watching this business be shut down.


jwiggler t1_jdqtd31 wrote

I haven't really tried to make you think or feel different, man. You obviously feel very strongly about this issue, and vulnerable that everyone here in the comments disagrees with you, so you're lashing out at them all, me included.

You should channel your frustration into a more concise logical argument and then present it to your local reps. That way you'd be pushing for what is, to you, positive change, instead of wallowing in the negativity you're perpetuating in this thread. You're probably not gonna affect change arguing and spitting venom at any of us here.

Good luck in your endeavors!


NHiker469 t1_jdquhf3 wrote

Sorry you typed all that out. I stoped reading after the first sentence.


jwiggler t1_jdqv7w8 wrote

Oh. I'm sorry you lost the ability to read. You should see a doctor for that.


Hextall2727 t1_jdw5l42 wrote

Based on the errors throughout his multi-post manifesto, one could conclude he never had the ability to read for him to lose it.


Leemcardhold t1_jdqo504 wrote

Read the article. Store owners are not responsible. They did not know ice cream was infused.


NHiker469 t1_jdqon58 wrote

They are 100% responsible for what they serve to their customers to ingest into their bodies. 110%.


Leemcardhold t1_jdr7pby wrote

Do you think it’s reasonable for all food vendors to drug test every sourced ingredient? Not just for thc, but fentanyl, cocaine whatever? That’s the only way I can figure to stop something like this from happening.

I think it’s safe to assume the man who made the ice cream will be held responsible and lose any future business. Problem solved.


NHiker469 t1_jdr8hsd wrote

No. Almost none of them need to be tested, IF proper due diligence was done.

This restaurant chose a manufacturer with a low barrier to entry, likely because of price, and stopped there.

Enter drug laced ice cream stage left.

Mediocrity and pass the buck mentality is strong here.


ProlapsedMasshole t1_jdrfczy wrote

This isn't some big corporate scandal.

Local shop sourced local ice cream and a stoner made a whoopsie.

You're acting like this is the Rajneeshee bioterror attack.

It was an accident and everyone is fine, calm the fuck down.

Genuinely, you could use some weed right now.

Edit: just browsed your profile and see you're a stoner who has been sober for 3 weeks, so now I understand why you are both being so high-and-mighty as well as an irritable dickhead. FWIW you'll normalize eventually, but you are being over the top right now and with the perspective of time you'll realize that.


NHGuy t1_jdquaku wrote

Hyperbole much?


NHiker469 t1_jdquqkh wrote

How long have you been dying to use “hyperbole”.

Na, I disagree. You can’t serve drug laced food to your customers.


NHGuy t1_jdqw0wn wrote

Quit being an asshole. You've been made aware it was an accident, the owner responded properly and it's being handled by the responsible authorities. Give me a reason to mute you and I will


NHiker469 t1_jdqw5u3 wrote

STFU. Who TF are you? Excuse me. I have letters to my state and local representatives to finish.


NHGuy t1_jdqx4mm wrote

I'm a mod here, you're being an asshole and trolling. Last warning


NHiker469 t1_jdqxukh wrote

I don’t care who you are. I’m not being an asshole at all. I’m sharing my opinion and defending it.

I’m not trolling either. I stand by my claims and defense 100%.

You’ll notice, I’m the one being engaged.

Live free or die guy is going to ban me for arguing my point? The irony is super strong here.

Do what you gotta do, “mod”.

Edit: now if everyone would give me a second, I have letters to my state and local reps to complete.


dogownedhoomun t1_jdse0m3 wrote

And you are an ass for supporting those that think putting drugs in food to unknowing consumers is ok. Seriously wtf


NHGuy t1_jdslkjz wrote

That is exactly NOT at all what I am supporting. I don't know what mental gyrations you had to go though to get to that conclusion but you are 100% wrong


Exciting_Agent3901 t1_jdqsnq1 wrote

How were they supposed to know? Should every store test every product they sell for weed? Perhaps depending on the quantity of THC in the ice cream, the dude that made it could possibly face charges. His business is already “shut the fuck down”. But to shut down the cafe is ridiculous.


NHiker469 t1_jdqsvtn wrote

The cafe served customers product laced with drugs.

They clearly didn’t do enough due diligence when choosing their suppliers.

Better luck next time.


Matryoshkova t1_jdquqb1 wrote

You’re either trolling at this point or you just have absolutely no idea how restaurant food distribution works


NHiker469 t1_jdqv660 wrote

They served their customers food that was laced with fucking drugs.

Not day old fish, silly billy.


Matryoshkova t1_jdqwtwt wrote

Which was added while making it, and not by anyone related to the restaurant itself. It’s a failure of the ice cream distributor and the FDA who clearly allowed this ice cream maker to improperly store personal food items and food items to be distributed in the same place. What reasonable expectation would a restauranteur have to check the product they receive for drug contamination, especially since they do not expect the food to have any sort of drugs in it to begin with and they choose distributors based on the information and grading the government gives the distributor? I would expect them to check and make sure the food isn’t out-of-date or spoiled, not for them to test it for drugs. If it didn’t look, smell or taste different enough for people to think the ice cream was “off” in any way, there is 0 way for the ice cream shop to expect this sort of situation happening.


NHiker469 t1_jdqx5w2 wrote

I just told you I’m not reading a word you type.

I’m busy writing letters to my state and local reps.

This place needs to be shut down and the owners need to reevaluate their standards for how they prevent their customers from consuming drug laced food they provided.


Matryoshkova t1_jdqxiyy wrote

OK Karen. “I want to completely destroy the livelihood of multiple people for something they had pretty much no control over”. Go smoke a doobie and chill out


NHiker469 t1_jdqy4ig wrote

I’m almost done writing my letters to my state and local reps. Got my list of NH towns and all their leaders. Email is a beautiful thing.


dj_narwhal t1_jdr0vm8 wrote

I just wasn't ready for someone to be so extremely wrong so loudly and so many times this morning.


bucketnebula t1_jds594h wrote

You're clearly a transplant from out of state with the attitude you're carrying. Grow up lol


NHiker469 t1_jds5h3o wrote

Born and raised, love. Born and raised.


dogownedhoomun t1_jdsdgxa wrote

I'm on your side ☺️


NHiker469 t1_jdseqb3 wrote

Thank you for that! More people than you may think agree with this. Reddit hive mind is a very interesting beast.

I’m actually in a group chat with nearly 40 other parents who are discussing this and feel very similar.

It began with 43.