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gmcgath t1_jdqhj15 wrote

Serious question: Are "severe dizziness, weakness, and exceptionally high heart rates" THC symptoms? There might have been other bad stuff in the ice cream as well.


Darwins_Dog t1_jdqmxg8 wrote

If you take a big dose and/or aren't a regular user, yes. That's how an ER doctor would write then on a chart at least. Generally none of it is life threatening, but if you have no idea why it's happening it could be pretty scary.


quoth01 t1_jdqoia3 wrote

Too much edibles can be damn scary even when you know what's happening lmao


Fizzle_Fazzle t1_jdrmtrg wrote

My mom gave me her "usual" nighttime dose one time because I was in pain and couldn't sleep. I was on another planet for a few hours and it was scary. I generally do a tincture and measure it in drops. It was also Maine stuff and not the crap you get in NH.

For me I do get the racing heart even with lower amounts and I get a bit dizzy but I know that's when I need to put my head down and sleep. I can imagine it could be, at the very least, uncomfortable if you aren't aware you have taken anything.


HEMP_THCa_Minnesota t1_jdsqola wrote

i don't do edibles, i stick to thca flower and thca live rosin carts for adhd and depression


the_nobodys t1_jdqnq30 wrote

It's what your perception of it is in the moment, which is mostly due to being anxious about not knowing what's happening.


DawctorDawgs t1_jdqu5gk wrote

As other commenters have said, I’m a frequent user and I can get these symptoms maybe in tinnnny and not at all bothersome doses, but they’re familiar and it’s sorta like a caffeine high - it’s expected when you drink coffee lol

With friends I’ve been with who’ve tried for the first time or don’t use frequently those same symptoms are amplified and unfamiliar and therefore uncomfortable.


rudyattitudedee t1_jdquela wrote

Yeah that’s the symptom a child would get. My school had bake sales often and every year someone made special brownies and didn’t disclose it so the baked sales stopped.


DawctorDawgs t1_jdr4ouy wrote

This is soooo dumb it’s incredible


rudyattitudedee t1_jdst2r0 wrote

What’s dumb?


DawctorDawgs t1_jdstsh9 wrote

The fact that anyone would not disclose drugged food and not only endanger people’s safety, but ruin something fun for everyone.

Not at all you or your comment haha, sorry


rudyattitudedee t1_jdsu0uz wrote

Nah it’s ok, yeah it ruined it for Everyone else. Obviously teachers partook and thought they were sick ,ambulances were called. I love weed but that’s not responsible to do lol


AnythingToAvoidWork t1_jdsde5r wrote


I actually just tried edibles for the first time a couple weeks ago and you could be describing myself with those.

I obviously did it knowingly. I can imagine people being concerned if they didn't intend to be getting high.


Accurate-Temporary73 t1_jdr170r wrote

I ate a homemade cookie once. No idea how much was in it. But hot super sick, felt hungover and puled twice. I’m sure there was dizziness involved