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Darwins_Dog t1_jdqmxg8 wrote

If you take a big dose and/or aren't a regular user, yes. That's how an ER doctor would write then on a chart at least. Generally none of it is life threatening, but if you have no idea why it's happening it could be pretty scary.


quoth01 t1_jdqoia3 wrote

Too much edibles can be damn scary even when you know what's happening lmao


Fizzle_Fazzle t1_jdrmtrg wrote

My mom gave me her "usual" nighttime dose one time because I was in pain and couldn't sleep. I was on another planet for a few hours and it was scary. I generally do a tincture and measure it in drops. It was also Maine stuff and not the crap you get in NH.

For me I do get the racing heart even with lower amounts and I get a bit dizzy but I know that's when I need to put my head down and sleep. I can imagine it could be, at the very least, uncomfortable if you aren't aware you have taken anything.


HEMP_THCa_Minnesota t1_jdsqola wrote

i don't do edibles, i stick to thca flower and thca live rosin carts for adhd and depression