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lantrick t1_jdr7lm6 wrote

What do you imaging resellers should do when they buy Ice Cream from reputable vendors as "proper procedures"? Pay to have every container Lab tested before they open them for sale? Would you have this extended to grocery stores and every place else that sells Ice Cream to the public? What about other products?

Point of sale lab testing for all?


NHiker469 t1_jdr8a7t wrote

God no. In fact, if you do proper due diligence on your suppliers very very very few items would need to be tested.


the_nobodys t1_jdrg4va wrote

You're just repeating a vague "do due diligence" argument. What does this mean specifically and, what if roots had done due diligence and AA iced cream had a 100% history of no problems.

Your argument doesn't seem to take into account that a F-up can be the first of its kind.


rahnster_wright t1_jdrhvxy wrote

I'd also like to know what "do due diligence" means exactly. Angelo's Amore has been in business for over two years and has a great reputation. They were a reputable producer.

I worry I am wasting too much energy on this troll though.


[deleted] t1_jdt2598 wrote

Whoever this person is just wants to hear themselves talk, and is far too proud to admit when they’re blatantly wrong.


NHiker469 t1_jdrso3k wrote

Don’t hire people who would do this to you. Pretty simple concept actually.


Matryoshkova t1_jds4cc7 wrote

If the distributor has no history of issues, has current safety certifications and a good rating from government agencies; how is the restaurant expected to be more diligent in choosing?


Reubachi t1_jdvnmj9 wrote

….again, what if the vendor is reputable, is used by the entire state, and has no history of this?

If a meteor hits someone on a walk, would you scold them for not understanding meteor patterns?