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gmcgath t1_jcfjpj1 wrote

I have no idea what Footloose is or was, and I have no motivation to research it just to figure out what your point is there. But thanks for linking to the bill itself. Neither upvoting nor downvoting.

Figuring out what a bill like this says is complicated, with its negations of negations (typical of bills changing existing RSAs). As I read it, it would remove a protection from schools below the higher-education level, subjecting them more easily to obscenity charges. Given the current atmosphere of gratuitous obscenity claims, it's a bad bill.

Please, next time, don't assume people know all your cultural references.


Hereforthemadness1 t1_jcfqy8c wrote

2 things: 1: In the time it took you to type this Karen rant out which literally says just, nothing, you could have googled “footloose” and gotten all the info you needed to understand this cultural reference. 2: The fact someone used a cultural reference you didn’t get offended you so much you had to type out a bitchy rant about how you didn’t get it? I’ll bet your family rues thanksgiving dinner with you.

Kid:” This gravy is the bomb!” U/gmcgath :”I don’t see how this gravy has any relation to explosives nor do I think it’s appropriate to reference such things during dinner. Please keep your compliments to a simple statement using common adjectives.”


AcolyteOfTheHand t1_jcfnutj wrote

Please, next time, don't assume people give a fuck about your opinion Karen. Your lack of knowledge is not anyone else's problem.


BelichicksBurner t1_jcfystm wrote

Thay movie came out before I was born and I understood the reference. I mean, Kevin Bacon dude...


OPINION_IS_UNPOPLAR t1_jcfqcce wrote

Seriously. It came out well before my time and I have never seen it but I still know the reference because it is a really common one…. You must live under a rock


CrotchetAndVomit t1_jcglt48 wrote

Your ignorance isn't my problem. Don't make it my problem with stupid shit like that bill or your comment here.


SheeEttin t1_jchy7x2 wrote

Next time educate yourself instead of advertising your ignorance.