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Beautiful_Repeat_718 t1_ir2g747 wrote

And this list from 2022 puts Mass above NH as the best place in the country to live. Data changes over time, especially when it comes to what is considered "the best place to live", so using data from a 3 year old census ranking is basically obsolete at this point in time. Pre-Covid NH might have been better than Vermont in 2019, but a lot has changed since then.


VenserSojo t1_ir30uw0 wrote

> but a lot has changed since then.

Sure Vermont's crime rate went up


Solid_Information_66 t1_ir6drj4 wrote

And ours hasn't? How many unsolved murders are there now?


VenserSojo t1_ir6qv2m wrote

It has, just not as much which is surprising given how much more rural Vermont is.