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Not cool, Vermont. Not. Cool.

Is it because of this?

New England Rankings in the U.S. News & World Report “Best States” List

New Hampshire Named Second-Best State, Vermont Ranked Fifth

By and large, the report confirmed what many of us who live in New England already know: This region is a pretty great place to live.

The “Best States” 2019 list put three New England states in the top 10, and every New England state placed in the top 5 in one or more categories.

The report ranked the 50 states in eight categories:

  • Healthcare (access, quality, public health)
  • Education (higher education, pre-K through 12)
  • Economy (business environment, employment, growth)
  • Infrastructure (energy, Internet access, transportation)
  • Opportunity (affordability, economic opportunity, equality)
  • Fiscal stability (long- and short-term)
  • Crime and corrections (corrections, public safety)
  • Natural environment (air and water quality, pollution)


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Peeeculiar t1_ir1y1ns wrote

They do. I'm OK with it.


timbear11 t1_ir2ou7r wrote

Visually, I feel like the silhouette of NH looks like the upvote, and VT the down. So really it’s a pretty poor attempt at a diss.


throwawayieee t1_ir4welg wrote

That’s the joke. It’s so sad that nobody got it


timbear11 t1_ir4z04a wrote

what's the joke?


throwawayieee t1_ir5qj2f wrote

That NH and VT are basically inverses of eachother. The upside down VT button looks like NH


a1234321 t1_ir2097g wrote

Lol VT is awesome.


[deleted] t1_ir1yp5j wrote

I dont think about them at all.


ccoyote1 t1_ir2aj0i wrote

They're just scared the public will figure out our maple syrup is better.


penelope_pig t1_ir2isjl wrote

Ok? Every other post in this sub is someone bitching about "massholes". So I don't see how we're any better.


LilyEerily t1_ir1xufw wrote

I mean it makes no sense because the up arrow is thinner at the top and so is NH. So we should be the up vote. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.


blindspots t1_ir2btj1 wrote

Love Vermont. Hate regional pettiness as we are all new englanders tho this is prevalent in every state but alas


Nydelok t1_ir2k68f wrote

Just embracing being New England would be so much better than trying to be these small states.


blindspots t1_ir6y35u wrote

There's already a cool flag and everything. Bring back regionalism!


Nydelok t1_ir6yf95 wrote

Would much rather be called a New Englander, or New English, than a New Hampshirite


No_Presentation1242 t1_ir2n2au wrote

We should only all team up on Connecticut - they suck and minus we’ll be NY


blindspots t1_ir6xyv2 wrote

Have to agree, if only because they are also 'tri state' and I demand regional loyalty NO HALF STEPPERS


Darwins_Dog t1_ir2ne7u wrote

Doesn't this sub use Mass as a downvote button? Seems just as petty.


just_ducky_in_NH t1_ir2yhfa wrote

I think if you use old Reddit you still have the states, new Reddit is just arrows. I think it’s all a pretty funny joke. VT disses on NH, NH on MA, MA on ?? It could be a giant New England circle jerk!


ggtffhhhjhg t1_ir4xol0 wrote

If you got rid of access to the MA all of these metrics would plummet.


Moonlight_Sonata545 t1_ir4gwqf wrote

VT’er here. I love New Hampshire. Manch-Vegas 4-eva. What’s better than the White Mountains in the summer? Or the winter, for that matter. The back roads we share NH to VT are simply splendid and so scenic to travel back and forth. Fully support the #2 rank, y’all earned that spot.

Since we share a border and a love for new england. Maybe we can expend energy on other topics. A healthy sibling rivarly sure, It’s fun! Must we go deeper than that? We face so many more pressing issues in these complex modern times. One love.


FreezingRobot t1_ir21341 wrote

So is /r/Vermont mostly people who just moved to Burlington or is it real Vermonters


AuthorSnow t1_ir2km5x wrote

Most likely Burlington with spots of real Vermonters here and there. Of course real Vermonters mean those not from Burlington Montpellier and Brattleboro


Beautiful_Repeat_718 t1_ir2g747 wrote

And this list from 2022 puts Mass above NH as the best place in the country to live. Data changes over time, especially when it comes to what is considered "the best place to live", so using data from a 3 year old census ranking is basically obsolete at this point in time. Pre-Covid NH might have been better than Vermont in 2019, but a lot has changed since then.


VenserSojo t1_ir30uw0 wrote

> but a lot has changed since then.

Sure Vermont's crime rate went up


Solid_Information_66 t1_ir6drj4 wrote

And ours hasn't? How many unsolved murders are there now?


VenserSojo t1_ir6qv2m wrote

It has, just not as much which is surprising given how much more rural Vermont is.


DegenGolfer t1_ir2jzfr wrote

Also people from Vermont are weird


mike-manley t1_ir2zadf wrote

They do drive well though.


lMickNastyl t1_ir3li0u wrote

The only time I ever see people following, keep left except to pass, is in VT. We could learn a thing or two here...


AuthorSnow t1_ir2k5db wrote

Who the fuck cares about Vermont. As far as I am concerned, NH should take back the NH grants and VT were always traitors and scum as a people

Vermont has nothing. NH beats VT in every meaningful category. Let their little hive mind Burlington mods have their reddiots


No_Presentation1242 t1_ir2muqw wrote

VT has better Skiing and breweries


Peeeculiar t1_ir351sr wrote

Burlington is giving Manch a run for the money these days on violent crime and general shitbirding.

For a town way out in the middle of nowhere they have a surprising amount of bad decisions and shenanigans these days.