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Stacie has a history of crime and mental disorder. She has continuously run for public office in Laconia, and now Nashua. She gets elected when she is unopposed. In 2012, Democratic leadership forced her to resign from the house of Representatives.

She is a felon:

She has a history of making false reports to police. She was recently arrested for abusing the 911 system. She also made bomb threats- blaming it on not taking her meds.

Stacie-Marie Laughton is running as a Democrat to represent Hillsborough 31.



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chain_me_up t1_ir6dx5d wrote

Lmao at the weird comments talking about "typical dem". There's crazy on both sides, but the difference is that the left will almost always hold their party accountable immediately, meanwhile the right will double down 🤦‍♀️ We all have politicians that suck that need to go because their policies are doing much more harm than good, so please go and VOTE these idiots out. Vote for the people who actually give a fuck about you instead of those more concerned with lining their own pockets for the shareholders.


Tornado_Wind_of_Love t1_ir6eaju wrote

To be fair - you have to be rich or nuts to be a state rep in NH.


chain_me_up t1_ir6eqr1 wrote

Really seems like those are requirements LOL. I also just wish there was some actual progressive options for our politicians. Can't wait to vote again for Maggie who I just keep seeing dumbass ads about her being "the most bipartisan democrat" which really is not a selling point with the current GQP.


golfgrandslam t1_ir70r33 wrote

To be fair, you only barely have to jump party lines to be the most bipartisan senator in the current polarized environment


Low-Head-1493 t1_ir8hctp wrote

Or both. Or rich and retired. Or retired and nuts. Or all of the above!


yo_mama_5000 t1_ir6flhr wrote

Almost had a nice, thoughtful, middle of the road comment there that we could all get behind. Almost.


chain_me_up t1_ir6fv07 wrote

Not trying to be middle of the road, but I appreciate it anyway. If you had said that to me prior to 2016 I'd probably have agreed and edited it, but it's hard to pretend that the right cares about Americans at all anymore.


MarcoMontana t1_ir6o8f7 wrote

Democrats care about us? Please show me how?


chain_me_up t1_ir6sa9v wrote

What do Republicans do for middle class individuals?


KrissaKray t1_ir72oha wrote

None of them care about us, R OR D. The minute you realize that, the better off you'll be.


chain_me_up t1_ir73829 wrote

Again, one party hates the middle class and the other at least has some progressives trying to help us. If anything I want a 3rd more left party, American democrats are barely center/right. Isn't it crazy how many other countries have universal healthcare, better education, more vacations, better parental leave, legalized weed, etc? I'd really love to have even some of those things here and Republicans seem to care much more about who is writing checks to them than the average citizen so I'll stick to voting Democrat unless that changes.


KrissaKray t1_ir79u9u wrote

If you think politicians care about anything other than lining their own pockets… I’ve got ocean front property in Nebraska to sell you.


glitteryunicornlady t1_ir7bqoq wrote

I am looking to start an Airbnb in Nebraska, particularly the ocean front properties. 😉


besafenh t1_ir9hesh wrote

The waves were amazing. Hashtag cornsurfing


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9e43g wrote

That is so cynical and immature. Try not making blanket statements about any group of people. Sure there are corrupt public servants but that is not their defining characteristic. Your simplistic view makes the world worse.


KrissaKray t1_ir9e8a8 wrote

God, I wish I could see the world like you do.


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9fq60 wrote

It’s called nuance. There are all types of people and all kinds of things motivate them. I believe most people are good and I assume that people come from a good place until their actions prove otherwise.

Stereotypes and prejudice against people based on one aspect of their identify is harmful to all even the person holding those beliefs.


KrissaKray t1_ir9fv44 wrote

I just go by what I see… and rarely see politicians, especially on the national stage, that care about anything other than their political capital and how far they can go. They speak out both sides of their mouths. I just wish they’d be REAL. Stand for SOMETHING other than what looks to be their own financial or political interests.


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9gohb wrote

Bernie Sanders.


besafenh t1_ir9h989 wrote

😢 No. When Bernie caved instead of fought in 2016, my Berner friends were devastated. The Bern in 2020 was a hateful man towards everyone else in the primary process. As if we owed him a fresh start from the top of his 2016 wave.

Nyet Kulak.


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9ho6h wrote

If any of that were true, it still does not make him a corrupt politician only motivated by greed. It makes him someone whose actions you don’t agree with.

It’s undeniable, except perhaps in the outermost echo chambers, that Bernie is a man who stands for something other than his own financial interests.


besafenh t1_ir9gt51 wrote

Those same words… Written by an awakened person of color in Chicago back in 2016:

“They don’t know us. They don’t care about us. Hell, they don’t even like us, ‘cept every 2 years when they come shuffling back wanting more money and votes.”


Final_Act6703 OP t1_ir722ln wrote

If you want to see something crazy, take a look at the primary sources from this wiki article:


MarcoMontana t1_ir778df wrote

Wikipedia is a media site edited by the public!


HPenguinB t1_ir7c62v wrote

With citations. Citations you can read.

Or just ignore everything that doesn't fit what you want to be true, I guess.


yo_mama_5000 t1_ir6glfz wrote

Right. I see.


chain_me_up t1_ir6gof3 wrote

Glad you understand (:


yo_mama_5000 t1_ir6gtr5 wrote

Well, it’s not so much I understand what you’re saying in your comments. I just understand better who you are.


chain_me_up t1_ir6h0fy wrote

Even better, I just would like to be paid fairly, have universal healthcare, and rights to bodily autonomy. Feel free to ask anything else (:


yo_mama_5000 t1_ir6hcws wrote

Ok, why are you smiley faces backwards? Which leads me to how do you hang your toilet paper?


nicefacedjerk t1_ir6s43x wrote

These are all things I 100% agree with. Would also like to see educational system go to at least college associates degree. However, Dems appear to be more interested in squeezing the shit outa the middle class right now. Expansion of govt, parabolic fed rate hikes, energy importer due to policy shifts before renewables infrastructure is even remotely ready, complete disregard for Supreme Court rulings..etc. I'm not saying Reps are any better. Both parties have created a cycle of failure and mediocrity in which they just play the blame game.


chain_me_up t1_ir6skx1 wrote

How are democrats doing that? They're the party that at least acknowledges climate change, argues for raising wages, and isn't in denial about an election being "stolen". Maybe if Republicans stopped shooting down every single attempt that is made of helping the working class we could actually have some awesome social programs and safety nets.


MarcoMontana t1_ir6o3y4 wrote

What do you do that you are not paid fairly?

I was a homeless 16 yr old kid walking the streets of Lowell mass, and managed without Internet, College, EBT, Food Stamps, WIC, Snap to learn a skill and get out of the gutter and now make a decent living!

How is it you with Internet and 100's of avenues and ways to better yourself for free cannot demand a higher salary?


chain_me_up t1_ir6t251 wrote

How much did houses cost? How many hours did you work? What did you do for work? What about groceries? Cars and gas? I make above minimum wage and it's still very difficult. There's also this cool thing called degree bloat which is showing in full now because entry level positions are demanding multiple degrees/years of experience to work for minimum wage. Sorry people have actually learned their worth and don't want to work for 15 bucks an hour to get yelled at by Karens or micromanaged by a shitty boss.


MarcoMontana t1_ir77on5 wrote

You are asking me a bunch of question without once answering mine?


What is it you do that you cannot get paid fairly?


chain_me_up t1_ir787a2 wrote

It depends on what you deem for fair pay. My mindset is anyone working should be making enough money to afford housing, bills, etc. without struggling. I work as an office admin for a car dealership and make a few bucks above minimum wage hourly, but I'm still struggling to find reasonable rentals and it's impossible to save up for a down payment when most of my check is going to expenses. No one that is working should struggle to survive.

Edit to add: feel free to answer my questions now then. My dad was a straight C student and worked very hard to end up as a department head for a large company, but trying to do that in today's world is impossible unless you have connections or several degrees.


glitteryunicornlady t1_ir7c393 wrote

Social work 👍


chain_me_up t1_ir7c9z7 wrote

I admire those who do social work so much, but I definitely don't have the mental health strength needed for that line of work (:


glitteryunicornlady t1_ir7cmup wrote

Thank you! I have suffered major burnout and depression doing that line of work. I left my last job, and keep getting offers for others in the field, but I really need higher pay/ lower case loads to sustain my own mental health and take care of my own family.


MarcoMontana t1_ir79r52 wrote

Also most people are entitled to have the best of the best all the time, you all need to learn to live below your means not above it!


MarcoMontana t1_ir79g3w wrote

Thats not the case, I spent years working my craft to get paid enough to support a family, I roomed with others and learned what it was to be an adult.

The premise that as soon as you work you should be making $70k is preposterous! And I would suggest don't have a family and kids if you cannot afford to. We need some personal Responsibility back.

There are Adult jobs, skilled, experienced jobs, and teenager jobs! If someone is an adult 30-40+ years old working at Wendy's they made horrible choices and decisions in life and its not societies fault! These low skill jobs are meant for teens to make money and acclimate themselves into the working fields, and have some cash for Summer break!

While my friends were getting high, and shitfaced I was homeless sleeping in the Bridge Street abandoned Mills, sleeping in ATMS and working doing anything i could to learn skills!

I sacrificed partying and being cool for my skillset, at 25 I bought a house albeit a really really really shitty house, I had a home! I had no furniture for a year and slept on a air mattress, my son, girlfriend and I ate Macaroni and cheese for all our meals, and we watched a 13 inch black in white tv for 1 year, until I got a raise at work allowing me to do better for them!

If you want adult pay, you must do an adult job, the paperboy doesn't make $70k a year either...


chain_me_up t1_ir79qss wrote

This is a very boomer comment and its no longer worth engaging with you. No one should have to do what you just described as your life. Also, no such thing as a low skill job if those people missing (take a look at every fast food place hiring right now or all the ones that had to close) means the business fails. Really gross mindset lmao


MarcoMontana t1_ir7abn5 wrote

I am not a boomer, and Ad Hominem doesn't strengthen your arguments! The fact you refuse to tell me what you do acknowledges to me you do some low skill bullshit job, and its not societies fault you chose not to better yourself or learn a skill or career!

Perhaps you can whine more and hope for change instead of actually "Changing"


chain_me_up t1_ir7baeg wrote

You literally didn't read my comment LMAO I said what I did for work in my comment earlier.....please use your reading comprehension skills. It's also none of your business, but I'm a student at the same time as I work a full time job. Every working individual should be able to afford a livable situation. It's honestly depressing that you struggled and wish others the same bad fate.


glitteryunicornlady t1_ir7cbc8 wrote

I worked 3 jobs through college, and work 3 now. Too bad nothing has changed. The wages certainly haven't. The cost of living has.


chain_me_up t1_ir7cl7k wrote

I'm so sorry you had to do that and I couldn't agree more. I don't think anyone should ever have to have 2+ jobs to survive.


MarcoMontana t1_ir7auvi wrote

Also lets add the fact you cannot "Engage" with me because you don't like my answers is probably indicative of one of your issues holding you back financially....

Good Luck!


glitteryunicornlady t1_ir7c0df wrote

Well good for you! I do mean that, but you are not everyone else in those situations. That's where this argument always falls flat on people that can think of others besides themselves.


MarcoMontana t1_irip9ul wrote

Think of others?.. How is thinking of others going to fix Millennials not doing the work to learn skills to do adult jobs? These feelings comments are preposterous and are based on emotions and not facts!

There are jobs paying big money, but you all want to do menial task kid jobs and be paid big money….. Sorry kids if you can be replaced by another mouth breather you’re never going to make a living wage ever.

You need to do the work and hone your craft get experienced and then you have a commodity you can be paid for.

All these down votes because you disagree with me is also indicative of the sad emotional state you are all in unable to handle the truth


glitteryunicornlady t1_irjn9ql wrote

😆😆 dude I've been working since I was 15, and I'm a millennial. I have a degree, I have many skills as well. We're not a monolith.


MarcoMontana t1_irs0uiv wrote

Great to hear, my son is 32 hes also a Millennial and hes got a Bachelors in Criminal Law and 6 years in the Air Force, you guys are out their just very few....


glitteryunicornlady t1_is5m1kn wrote

Well you said people raised by Gen X' parents are Boomers. Lol

I think I was 15 when I was told if I wanted anything, I have to get in myself. I know that's certainly not everyone though. My son's father, on the other hand, has had everything given to him by his parents, and he has no inclination to actually work or do anything for himself.


MarcoMontana t1_irs192y wrote

Most millennial's I see daily, want to be Tiktok stars or Youtube stars! They give no shits about the future and want everything instantly...

Anything thats hard they don't want to do it!

I blame bad Gen Xers for spoiling their kids!


HPenguinB t1_ir7c1tb wrote

It IS a middle of the road post. If one side veers wildly to the insane, the middle of the road moves. Hold the party you vote of accountable.


yo_mama_5000 t1_ir9pc4s wrote

Been some wildly insane stuff from the left too lately.


HPenguinB t1_ir7cvh2 wrote

Wait for the slew of republicans coming in and saying "See, both sides." Completely ignoring it's one person that democrats hold accountable, as opposed to a garbage amount of garbage republicans which cheer them on. Critical thinking at it's best.


Impossible-Bear-8953 t1_ir61o9i wrote

Whatever the party affiliation, wtf? I mean, convicted of felonies and already forced out of office before? Do better Nashua.


MarcoMontana t1_ir6oedz wrote

Nashua is victim to losers from Mass moving North!


RickyDaytonaJr t1_ir5r4my wrote

There are a lot of whack jobs that get elected solely because they have a R next to their name in a R district or a D next to their name in a D district.


Odd-Chapter756 t1_ir7astx wrote

How is it that felons can run for office but they lose their right to vote?? I'm super confused here on how that would make sense. I cannot believe she was elected for office.


WoobieBee t1_ir7lejx wrote

Laws around voting and criminal records are evolving as we evolve. For example, in a state like Mississippi, where African Americans are almost 40% of the population, AND where application of justice is still fraught with systemic racism, people with drug convictions who served their time & did what society asked of them were unable to fully participate in society ever again. So, it is not completely true that people with felony convictions cannot vote in NH.

In Stacy’s case, it sounds like her felony conviction essentially stems from behavior from her mental illness. You can disagree with me, but I think the American judicial system should not make felons out of people with a health condition… not saying bomb threats are cool, I am understanding that leniency in these cases - especially when we don’t give access to affordable healthcare to all Americans - we should take a look in the mirror as a society.

And with 400 volunteers in the NH House, what do you expect we’d have???


WoobieBee t1_ir7k3di wrote

I am all for holding people accountable and yet we can talk about mental illness in other ways.


Final_Act6703 OP t1_ir7niwt wrote

It is clear that Stacie suffers from mental illness. What this example serves to illustrate is how ineffective New Hampshire’s system of government is, and how poor our mental health system is. With so many representatives who are not paid, we are getting voter apathy, voter ignorance, and a representative body which is not good representation. I hope that Stacie receives the mental health attention she needs. State representative is not a good idea.


WoobieBee t1_ir7p0hg wrote

Awesome bc I agree with you!

Somebody I know who is freakishly into NH history told me (and forgive me, I cannot remember the specifics bc it never dawned on me I would want to tell this on Reddit) that the $200 pay (pre-tax!) State Reps get now is the same pay they got in like 1814 or whenever… more than 100 years for sure, prob over 150 years… anyway. Let’s say 1814 for the sake of argument…

So here is why they made $200 back in 1814 or whenever: at that time, $200 was the average monthly pay in NH, then an agrarian place. And…THE NH LEGISLATURE ONLY MET FOR ONE MONTH EVERY TWO YEARS!

They’ve chosen not to raise that pay - or lower the number of State Reps - because of loyalty to a falsehood. That’s why we have the oldest legislature. That’s why well-to-do people overrepresent the 30-40-50-60 year olds who do it - and why we keep electing “the youngest legislator in America.” Bc who would do this under these circumstances???


cyriouslyslick t1_ir7ypf0 wrote

It's because being a state rep wasn't meant to be a cash cow like federal government.


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9dkd0 wrote

But people can’t afford to give away their time. That means you only get the wealthy who can afford to represent you. Serving in the federal government is hardly a “cash cow.” Senators make $193,000. A nice salary but solidly middle class.


nowhereman1223 t1_ir9ym1d wrote

"Members of Congress are eligible for a pension at the age of 62 if they have completed at least five years of service. Members are eligible for a pension at age 50 if they have completed 20 years of service, or at any age after completing 25 years of service. The amount of the pension depends on years of service and the average of the highest three years of salary. By law, the starting amount of a member's retirement annuity may not exceed 80 percent of his or her final salary"

Get yourself in office for 1 term as a senator or 2.5 terms as house of reps member and that's a decent deal.

Work for 5 years and get at least $150,000+ per year for life starting at 62?

Sounds pretty good to me.


Dont forget that they also get the Gold Level Package provided by the Affordable Care Act. They pay 28% of the premiums with the government/taxpayers covering the other 72%. Also a pretty good deal. So not a Cash cow, but also not a bad gig.


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9z8vl wrote

I know some red loving folks will Find my following sentiment crazy but …

I think that is a deal all Americans should enjoy. A livable wage, a secure pension and quality healthcare for life seems like something all citizens of a rich and successful country should enjoy.

I would vote to elect more representatives who would vote to ensure those things for all of us.

I do enjoy those benefits and it’s a great thing for me and my family. I wish it for everyone of my fellow citizens.


petrified_eel4615 t1_ir9rqhw wrote

yeah, they make their real money in illegal stock trades & bribes... I mean lobbying.


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9s992 wrote

Some do. Some don’t. It’s just like police. Some are corrupt. Some are not.


petrified_eel4615 t1_ir9ti0g wrote

>Some do. Some don’t. It’s just like police. Some are corrupt. Some are not.

Like, the 90% who are corrupt making the other 10% look bad?

Ballotpedia has an excellent Personal Gain Index that shows it.


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9umxx wrote

I just looked up the source you mentioned.

“The average member saw his or her net worth increase by an average of 15.4 percent per year.”

As I said there were some egregious examples but on average I am not too worried about 15%. My net worth went up more than that and is higher than many of their top 100 offenders.

Money has no place in politics and we should fight to have Citizens United reversed.

But to say that every politician is an evil money grabber with no interest to serve her community is ignorant.

Have a good day and good luck!


WoobieBee t1_irda0tl wrote

You think federal gov’t makes people wealthy? Almost nobody.

There is the obvi, Members of Congress are already wealthy for the most part. Same for presidents. And people who can leave a gov job & make $.

But almost everyone else makes far less working at any gov’t job pays less than a comparable job elsewhere. Benefits are now only marginally better, weighting everything.

And like only CA has a wonderfully cush salary for legislators, but it is expense to live in many CA cities & towns. Same for NH.


besafenh t1_ir9fml0 wrote

$200 in 1814 would be $3365 in 2022 per Inflation Calculator. That would make it almost worth driving to Concord.


WoobieBee t1_irdazhp wrote

People do get paid mileage, potentially.

And like I said, had I known I would ever want the specifics, I would know what year that was. So don’t count on (literally) any specific cost adjustment by date. Like I said, I only remember $200 was the average monthly wage for a gentleman landowner & one month was all they needed to show up for. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. This is second hand, people!!!!


cyriouslyslick t1_ir6xa0i wrote

She reminds me of James Spillane; absolute gutter slime that people vote for term after term.


WoobieBee t1_ir7m0q2 wrote

Geezus behavior caused by an untreated or inadequately treated mental illness is way different than physically assaulting woman. WTF! We need to give access to affordable care to everyone, end partner abuse and end all stigmas about mental illnesses. Seriously the brain is in the body AND we don’t have adequate care. Research the truth about our mental health system in NH. So inadequate.


cyriouslyslick t1_ir7xk6k wrote

Spillane is an alcoholic with multiple DUIs. He's also a domestic terrorist. Alcoholism is co-morbid with mental illness, but yes we all need better healthcare. I am well aware of the truth of these broken systems.


WoobieBee t1_ir7z5eh wrote

Question for you, bc you raise an interesting point about alcoholism: have we done better with ending the stigma which people with substance use disorders (like alcohol & narcotics) face or the stigma people face if they have a diagnosis of bipolar, depression, anxiety and other affect disorders?


cyriouslyslick t1_ira8lr3 wrote

No, because there still isn't adequate healthcare access or education in America.


ThePresidentsHouse t1_ir8s659 wrote

Why is it always accounts less than a month old making political posts?


Berneraccountbuddy t1_ir8sloc wrote

Are all of those links to sources irrelevant if the person didn't belong to reddit long enough?


RushFeisty t1_ira5aq7 wrote

Check OP account age and post history


throwawayieee t1_ir9qpym wrote

How DARE you insult the democrats like this. You’re worse that Hitler


[deleted] t1_ira8d4y wrote



throwawayieee t1_iralvf3 wrote

Jokes aside, that’s ridiculous. Look at our current president. The Democratic Party had a dozen amazing candidates; Yang being my personal favorite. But at the end of the day they picked an 80 year old chronic child sniffer who has a hard time walking up stairs never mind uttering a coherent sentence. The democrats don’t care WHO they elect as long as they ARE elected


pbsolaris t1_ir9eoju wrote

Sounds like a disingenuous trans psycho addicted to power.


Final_Act6703 OP t1_irapd29 wrote

That is a lot of unnecessary hate. Be good other people.


dojijosu t1_ir61bbb wrote

Oh hey 9-day-old redditer, here throwing political bombs. My best to your main account.


CheliceraeJones t1_ir6z71l wrote

Damn u/Final_Act6703, ratting on Dems... maybe I was wrong about you.


KrissaKray t1_ir714ky wrote

Probably to throw us off their scent. I still dont trust...


ExeCUTEive t1_ir736u4 wrote

Yes, country over party is a difficult concept for your type.


KrissaKray t1_ir77gjf wrote

Nah. I don't really have a party so no, it's not a difficult concept. I just don't trust sock accounts. You shouldn't either.


Final_Act6703 OP t1_ir71r89 wrote

Join the struggle, comrade!


CheliceraeJones t1_ir72fi9 wrote

Ah ok, there's the far left nutter we all know and love.

I've got to say, I'm a little disappointed that this post wasn't accompanied by some fine MS Paint artwork.


KrissaKray t1_ir6csbf wrote

Is that a dude?


CheliceraeJones t1_ir6zton wrote

You mean because of the masculine jawline, male-pattern baldness, and 5-o'clock shadow? You're forgetting we're living in a world of perpetual make-believe.


SomeSortofDisaster t1_ir6kpwa wrote

Yes, he changed his name in like 2008 to hide his felony convictions before running for office.


Nestormahkno19d t1_ir78dye wrote

Ok, well I don’t live in Laconia or Nashua so don’t have to worry about her


Wiked_Pissah t1_ir7joi6 wrote

You seriously think she can do you no harm on a state level??? Omg, here's your sign.


Lords_of_Lands t1_ir853zi wrote

You expect someone who can't vote for/against her to drop everything they're doing to campaign in an area they can't vote?


Wiked_Pissah t1_ir88kut wrote

No. Absolutely not. But anyone you know that is in that district should be made aware and write in someone, anyone else. Hell, write in Mickey Mouse for Chrisakes. Anyone but her.


besafenh t1_ir9gb5r wrote

There are others just as “dangerous” if you want to look for them:


Nestormahkno19d t1_ir8e1t8 wrote

One person can’t really do much of anything in the NH house and it’s not my responsibility or even my place to stop her. Al Baldasaro is a complete nutcase assclown but again he’s not in my district so can’t do much about it. There’s a lot of other people in the NH House I find more dangerous than this woman but that’s democracy for you. And did you seriously say “here’s your sign”? You must be a boomer if you think that was ever funny.


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9dse9 wrote

Didn’t Al call for Hillary Clinton to be shot and killed? Al is a maniac and an embarrassment to public servants everywhere.

Stacie’s stated platform is to help those who suffer with mental illness and strengthen schools.


PoorInCT t1_ir8hjy9 wrote

The president of the usa has a mental disorder...whats your point.


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9ddzj wrote

Will you finally accept that trump lost already?!


HPenguinB t1_ir9ueus wrote

Seems like this guy has a mental disorder too, if he's still thinking this conspiracy theory is real.


PoorInCT t1_iratp45 wrote

Neither Trump or having a the leader of the free world try to shake hands with imaginary people is good.


KrissaKray t1_ir9gwzq wrote

Trump losing (which he did) has what to do with Biden’s obvious dementia?


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9h6q7 wrote

Trump is mentally ill. Biden is not. I was making a joke that you must be one of those fools that insist trump is the rightful president if you are accusing a president of having a mental illness since it is clear that Biden is not mentally ill.


KrissaKray t1_ir9h9vy wrote

Trump is a narcissist and Biden’s brain is literally deteriorating on the world’s stage. Again… what does Trump’s brain problem have to do with Biden’s?


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9hhy9 wrote

I tried to explain the joke. I can’t possibly explain it any simpler.


valleyman02 t1_ir9u5uz wrote

It's an exercise in futility to Converse with mentally unstable Maga. They know what they know and no fact is going to get in the way of that. It's truly a cult. Arguing facts will never work. Like life it's a long process to decultify any cult member.

Just downvote and move on is the best strategy. Although I will admit when I'm bored. I will engage.


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9uw3x wrote

You’re right. Thanks for the pep talk. I am going to spend time looking at funny kids and adorable cats before work.


KrissaKray t1_ir9hk8h wrote

Was your joke that Biden isn’t suffering from dementia because it’s obvious he is.


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9sgqt wrote

I refer you to my comment from two hours ago. A reading strategy that works for some is to read it aloud. Slowly. Twice if needed.


KrissaKray t1_ir9uhk0 wrote

I’m just wondering where the funny part of the joke is?


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9uqt5 wrote

Not that’s a different story! However? Having to explain it three times slowly does kill a joke.


PoorInCT t1_irgafeg wrote

It's useless to speak to someone who's only care in the world is getting his student debt repaid by other people's money


nowhereman1223 t1_ir9x9ew wrote

>The former president of the usa has a mental disorder...



5nd t1_ir65abz wrote

Policy is literally the only thing that matters. These people aren't leaders. They're not to be inspirational. Dredging up bullshit is moronic.


smartest_kobold t1_ir675th wrote

An important part of policy is trusting the human being in the chair to implement it.


5nd t1_ir6iohq wrote

What point do you think you're making right now?


UniqueCartel t1_ir6kalv wrote

They’re saying that character does actually matter. Whereas you said it doesn’t. And they’re telling why they think that it does


valleyman02 t1_ir6ktxv wrote

Exactly right. You don't you don't care if people need to die to get your way. You don't care if people don't have a place to live to get your way. You don't care that kids get shot in school to get your way. All you care about is getting your way whatever that take.


5nd t1_ir6mh8s wrote

Yeah for sure everything you said is correct


littleirishmaid t1_ir5oylc wrote

You don’t say. A story about dishonest dem.


asuds t1_ir5u65l wrote

Who was kicked out by the party for being a loon.

See the difference? Now do the GOP…


valleyman02 t1_ir5vugn wrote

I wish I could up vote this harder! Corruption is bad.


AuthorSnow t1_ir62le4 wrote

Sounds like a typical democrat. Nothing new here


SillyIce t1_ir655qa wrote

LOL we have crazies on both sides, with GQP leading the count...


KrissaKray t1_ir6dg5t wrote

And this is about a Dem so maybe just admit the fact y'all have your fair share of problems.

"My house is on fire but my neighbor has a bonfire in their backyard!! LOOK AT THEM INSTEAD!"


wakko666 t1_ir8kvbv wrote

>And this is about a Dem so maybe just admit the fact y'all have your fair share of problems.

The Dems did not attempt a coup when they lost an election.

Maybe it's time to admit that one of the major parties does not have a "fair share" of the problems.

Oh, wait. That would require you to be honest and objective. Something you're completely incapable of doing.


KrissaKray t1_ir9eavq wrote

Holy crap dude. Stop following me around and saying I’m a liar, especially because the things I’m saying are objectively true. Find another female to harass.


wakko666 t1_irpkckh wrote

> Stop following me around and saying I’m a liar,

I'll stop calling you a liar when you stop lying. If you can't cite credible sources, don't lie about having an opinion worth listening to. It's pretty simple.


mmirate t1_irsaz8r wrote


wakko666 t1_irwakrg wrote

> Writer/Columnist Sierra Marlee is a millennial whose hunger for the truth in a world of fake news has led her to BizPac Review.

Yeah. She seems like a credible scholarly source.

Thanks for admitting that you're a liar justifying your lies with the lies of other useful idiots.

You're totally not a Russian bot.


mmirate t1_irwaqgz wrote

And you're totally not a Los Angeles bot.


wakko666 t1_irwb3uy wrote

>And you're totally not a Los Angeles bot.


The best you've got is a childish "I know you are but what am I?" while remaining totally silent on the fact that you're a liar peddling poorly sourced lies.

Man, you're dumb.


mmirate t1_irwc1vg wrote

You're the one who swaps between lying and making baseless accusations thereof.


wakko666 t1_irwhdjx wrote

>You're the one who swaps between lying and making baseless accusations thereof.

Says the moron that can't distinguish between a credible source and an idiot with a Wordpress account.

It's cute that you believe I care what your opinion is. Typical of an ego-driven opinion. People who actually know things don't behave like you do.


mmirate t1_irwj5rs wrote

Credible sources said you couldn't get covid at all, let alone pass it on, if you got the vaccine. Credible sources said that Hunter Biden's laptop was inauthentic. Credible sources said the vaccine was "safe" which I took to mean that the risks of myocarditis, miscarriages, and other life-threatening side-effects were less than the conveyed reduction in risk of life-threatening effects from covid. Credible sources said that covid positively had to have been of natural origin and that any sort of "lab leak" was beyond the pale of possibility. Credible sources said that there would not be any inflation as a result of Trump's idiotic March-2020 moneyprinting. Credible sources said that lockdowns would be ended in two weeks and that more hospital capacity would be built up during that time. Credible sources said that there were WMDs in Iraq. Credible sources said that Spain sank the U.S.S. Maine.

They lie on a regular basis because it's their job. Occasionally the truth emerges some months or years later.


wakko666 t1_irwndpe wrote

Wow you're an idiot.

You spreading this dumb nonsense is why Republicans have an ongoing death rate 150% higher than Democrats.

Y'all are literally killing yourselves just to "own the libs".

But sure, chuckles, you just keep thinking your barely-literate ass is somehow smarter than everyone else. I'm sure that's working out well for you.


asuds t1_ird9gh1 wrote

And she was removed from the party. Now do the GOP's crazies. I'll get a pillow cause it's gonna be a long wait...


KrissaKray t1_irdvjfl wrote

Can you tell me which NH republican has done anything like this and continued to publicly serve?


asuds t1_ire44v4 wrote

The drunk ones. Now can you tell me of any Republicans crazies who have been kicked out of the party?


KrissaKray t1_ire65qx wrote

Which drunk ones? And why is drinking equating to premeditated fraud?


asuds t1_ire6d5t wrote

Why are you not listening the Republicans who have been censured or removed from the party for being crazy?


KrissaKray t1_ireb3iq wrote

In NH??? Which Republicans in NH have been censured or removed from the party and why?


asuds t1_irerzar wrote

Well anywhere would be a good start...


KrissaKray t1_irev2we wrote

How are you going to get down on NH republicans not doing what NH Dems did when NH republicans don’t have members committing premeditated crimes?


asuds t1_irevlt9 wrote

How is Drunk Driving not premeditated? Not sure if you understand what that word means...


KrissaKray t1_irevpvz wrote

Getting drunk and doing stupid stuff under the influence is bad. But I’d say KNOWINGLY COMMITTING FRAUD AND MAKING BOMB THREATS while not under the influence is worse.


asuds t1_irflfho wrote

I think all adults can agree that you know when you are drinking and driving. That’s part of being a grown up. You’ll find that out one day.


AuthorSnow t1_ir69tmx wrote

Lmfao. A racist VP and a dementia potus. Sure…🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️


SillyIce t1_ir6a6wh wrote

Go take your meds, you're delusional.


AuthorSnow t1_ir76mmf wrote

Lmao. Literally facts. Denial and fantasyland this one. Basement dweller welfare receiver hence why he has to to lie


bastardosybastitdos t1_ir9e9gr wrote

I am convinced that you wrote this from your mom’s damp basement eating snacks paid for by your disability check.