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Happy_Confection90 t1_itofn23 wrote

Yes. We lost a huge lawsuit over the issue during the early part of the pandemic. Didn't we? I swear I read we lost the case (or at least by the surpreme court rejecting hearing it MA effectively won) but the conflicting answers are getting me confused...


Tullyswimmer t1_itpec52 wrote

We did. However, MA finally ended their "emergency" back in September, so since September, it's back to the way it was before the pandemic - You only have to pay taxes on the percentage of income earned while physically in MA. So for a fully remote worker, they don't have to pay MA taxes. If you're partially remote (I worked for a company in MA and went in once a week, aka 20% of the time) you only pay on that percentage. So I'd only owe income taxes on 20% of my income in MA between September 2021 to when I left that job a few months ago.