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lMickNastyl t1_it8x3u2 wrote

Damn actual good police work and great journalism, consider me surprised.


Peeeculiar t1_it8mcs3 wrote

Both a phenomenal job done by the authorities and a hell of a write up.


valleyman02 t1_it8o0l5 wrote

Agree this is top notch detective work. It's amazing the information they found. How lucky the witness was. And it's just how much information can be traced with a thorough investigation. Seems makes this an open and shut case. And while this is a tragic story. At least there's closure for the families.


3rd_ferguson t1_it888ns wrote

> A week ago, South Burlington police requested a search warrant for Clegg’s backpack and a tent located off Patchen Road. The report said a black Glock 17 handgun was found inside a black holster in the backpack.

> “The handgun was fully loaded with Sig Luger 9 mm ammunition,” the report said, “the same type and caliber recovered at the burnt tent site and crime scene, with one round in the chamber.”

> Also in the bag was a passport, a letter addressed to “Arthur Kelly” containing an apparent Romanian passport card with the name “Claude Zemo” and Clegg’s photo, the report said. Cops also found $7,150 and two Vanilla gift cards, the report said.

A loaded handgun with one in the chamber, $7000 cash, and Romanian passport with an alias - but with his photo. It will be interesting to see where this investigation goes.


occasional_cynic t1_it88qr4 wrote

This dude screams homeless schizophrenic who had family support the more I read about him. Man this is all so messed up.


GeckoCowboy t1_itbgq4y wrote

Seriously wild, the guy's been all over the place, tons going on. Good they got him.


TheMobyDicks t1_it8lyib wrote

Really good article. It's some scary shit, though. I use trails all the time and every once in a while I'll see a tent. Mixed feelings on it because the only guy I knew that lived in a tent did so as he was down on his luck after a divorce. He went to work every day and, after a while, ended up finding an apartment. Pretty bad ass living in a tent in a NH winter. Other side of that coin is what this was - a bloodthirsty drifter with no regard for human life.


Reason2Suspect t1_itbzm8y wrote

It is wise to stay a very safe distance from people who have nothing to lose or live for. Not saying you don't have to help, but keeping a safe distance is smart.


Clauss_Video_Archive t1_it9zf2g wrote

Can you imagine how miserable and depressing a job it must be to be the one in charge of reviewing months worth of Shaw's and Walmart security footage and records? At least it was worth it in this case, but man that must have been a slog.


valleyman02 t1_itafo5a wrote

Almost seems like an AI might be able to handle at least some of it. Maybe not or the tech not quite there. But your right that not fun.


Wtfisgoinonhere t1_it8bsdn wrote

Great write-up and amazing detective work


steelymouthtrout t1_it8b8ks wrote

Wow what a story. Potential serial killer? Thank God they caught him.


prefredreh t1_it8iifo wrote

Man, that is one heck of a read!


Fuzzy-Scar3055 t1_ita3q3m wrote

What was his motive?


Reason2Suspect t1_itbzdoe wrote

There doesn't have to be one that makes sense. This is why people want societies and neighborhoods where they don't have to be around people with nothing to lose. Maybe he thought they were coming for his Mountain Dew, maybe he was injecting meth and hallucinating, maybe he wanted media attention, maybe he has no control of his emotions, maybe he was just bored?


She-hyzers-1234 t1_itbvblp wrote

Wow. I can’t even wrap my head around this whole thing.

Was the motive robbing the couple?


Reason2Suspect t1_itbz0f7 wrote

Who knows what it was. The guy in the picture looked out of his mind. This is exactly why people with things to live for like to be isolated from those with nothing to lose.


YouAreHardtoImagine t1_itcjtxj wrote

Quite a world traveler…makes you wonder what else he did out there.