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averageduder t1_islwgt9 wrote

the speed limit being 65 / 55 is bullshit. There's not much to understand. It's an antiquated law. The only place that it should be under 70 is the stretch from exit 7 to exit 8, or right at the tolls.


Quirky_Butterfly_946 t1_isjenl3 wrote

93 is no better. I hate the dbags that like to weave through lanes going 90. I am waiting for the time they crash so I can tell the cops how they were speeding too.


a1234321 t1_isl4k6k wrote

93 is the absolute worst for this.

I'll be going 70 and people will be tailgating me in the right lane.


Quirky_Butterfly_946 t1_islc6wx wrote

Ya 70 is considered slow. You have to be doing at least 75 to be considered driving at a standard pace.

When I first moved here I would be doing 65 and it felt like was being a turtle. Pushed it up to 68-70 and still the slow poke. Now I drive 73-75 and people still tailgate to try and get me to move into the right lane. So now it more of a screw you I drive at 73 and if they do not like it they can suck it and pass


bonez3113 t1_istyskw wrote

Cops don’t care. There is no traffic enforcement these days. Commuting up and down 93 is scary. Most drivers aren’t paying attention to the road to begin with.


Boats_are_fun t1_isjc1ga wrote

I’ve posted about this before. 101 to sea coast is the same. I’ll be going 80 and I am the slowest one on The highway


pbrontap t1_isskojn wrote

"The nation’s most disobeyed law is dysfunctional from top to bottom. The speed limit is alternately too low on interstate highways, giving police discretion to make stops at will, and too high on local roads, creating carnage on neighborhood streets. Enforcement is both inadequate and punitive. The cost is enormous. And the lack of political will to do something about it tracks with George Carlin’s famous observation that everybody going faster than you is a maniac and everybody going slower than you is an idiot. The consensus is: Enforce the speed limit. But not on me, please. Because while it would be nice to save 10,000 lives a year, it sure is fun to drive fast."