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My wife and I are looking to move to Berlin. My wife’s grandfather is from Berlin and she still has family there. We haven’t told anyone in her family yet as we’re just in the research stage. Would anyone like to share anything about the Berlin area?



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a1234321 t1_istu1tv wrote

Hooooo boy.

I was born in Berlin (I'm 32) and spent a good chunk of my childhood up there. Have family friends up there but all my family from there are either dead or moved.

It's inexpensive. It's depressing.

Beautiful area and the OHRV vehicles on the road is helping. The mill being reopened as a biofuel plant has been good for the area, too.

I think it's slowly growing again, but.... Yeah. You gotta really have a reason to live there.


NewHampshireAngle t1_isukhgi wrote

The depressing thing is Berlin, because parts are run down and high property taxes discourage investment in home improvement, Milan and Gorham aren’t glum like that.


a1234321 t1_isukz6a wrote

It's definitely gotten a lot better over the last decade or so


pornplz22526 t1_isu3qk0 wrote

Berlin is good investments. Going to be the new Dover in twenty years. When Dover is Concord.


WhoWhatWhereWhenHowY t1_isu7vhz wrote

Dover NH has a higher population than all of Coos county. I think it's going to take more than 20 years.


pornplz22526 t1_iswre00 wrote

I admit that my perspective on Dover is locked in around 2005.


Encyclofreak t1_isu8ee5 wrote

Lol the route 16 population boom is going to push all the way up to the Whites.


Jerichokid t1_istesl0 wrote

Berlin is one of the biggest exporters of the younger generation in coos country.


NewHampshireAngle t1_isujybu wrote

I’m from Milan and would offer this insight on Berlin, which is don’t neglect factoring in property taxes in determining where to live. Berlin is hovering around $40 per thousand, so be aware of that and know what you are getting into big picture. Berlin does offer better internet than Milan or Dummer, but Gorham, Randolph and Shelburne have the equal.

In Berlin, I think the best homes are in the Swedish village, that’s north Berlin on the left Bank of the Androscogin, Napert village on the north right bank of the river, or Cates Hill.


IRLootHoore t1_isxr4rc wrote

By the Russian church is nice, the views from from some of those homes is nearly peerless, the homes past the cemetery and horse farm on top of hillside, they got some nice views too. I'd rather live in Milan. Cow poop smell and all.


ImmediateSympathy752 t1_isunyvt wrote

I grew up there and spent the summer up there working. It’s great. Super walkable. Public utilities. Very scenic once you get used to the blighted areas. Drug problem is real. Growing up the local drunks were fun-ish. This new breed will rob you. I had some expensive tools stolen from the job site.

I bought land in Milan because of the tax rate of .38 mils, gorham is equally high tho.

I say do it.


staringblanklyahead t1_iste3f3 wrote

The town that trees built! Berlin is an interesting spot. I’m not one to give my home state a hard time but I don’t think I’d like to live there. Many many vacant stores in the downtown area and it seems that arson is an issue.


Arthur-Morgans-Beard t1_istf3az wrote

Wife is from there, her family still lives there (we live further north). From my perspective I enjoy going over there because it has more amenities than I'm used to (food choices / close to walmart), you can drive in any direction and find beautiful scenery close by. Her sister lives there and her son is big into playing sports, especially hockey. We didn't make it to the river fire festival they just had but it looked like a ball. Her parents have a boat and frequently take it over to the beautiful Lake Umbagog (about 1 hour away). Some ski areas within striking distance also. ATV and Snowmobile trails easily accessed. I think it's as nice a place as any for someone looking to live in the Great North Woods.


Sufficient-Voice-210 OP t1_isthfe7 wrote

Something like that is what we (especially my wife)are looking for. I’m from larger cities of Massachusetts, so I want somewhere slower and my wife is from a tiny town in the Catskills my wife doesn’t do well in cities or even larger towns. The areas in and around Berlin seem perfect for both of us. Our son is young but I’m big into sports and hope he follows in my footsteps so that sounds like a plus. We also like areas that have community events and other outdoor activities.


Arthur-Morgans-Beard t1_istk9h0 wrote

She also graduated from Berlin High and her field hockey team won a state championship, her cheerleading squad also performed well. Sports were always a big part of the tradition in the school system.


IRLootHoore t1_isxrglz wrote

My hs science teacher there said it was the altitude helping the athletes train. Dude was kinda nutty though so.....


Low-Head-1493 t1_isw73ej wrote

Property taxes are high. There are a few areas with incredible views of the mountains and other areas that are bleak views of asbestos shingled tenement housing and cracked concrete sidewalks. I used to LOVE shopping at the local thrift store there.

If I had to choose, I’d live in Gorham. I like how the town has had some tangible economic growth (big day brewing, art gallery, some new restaurants). When I lived there people were very easy to talk to/befriend. (Never lived in Berlin, just Gorham.)


YouAreHardtoImagine t1_isybkhv wrote

Walmart is the only grocery store, terrible schools and maybe 5 crappy restaurants. Empty buildings, four wheelers and dust everywhere. 0/10 Do not recommend the area to live.


Arthur-Morgans-Beard t1_isz1a8z wrote

Did the old IGA close since this summer?


YouAreHardtoImagine t1_isz2jt3 wrote

Still there…forgot about that. Not much of a store but I guess for B/G it is. I think people can technically shop for food at Dollar Stores if they want to too.


Mynewadventures t1_ist9x1e wrote

From where?


Sufficient-Voice-210 OP t1_ista2vd wrote

We currently live in a small town along the NY/MA border


ColemanGreene t1_isvl8qk wrote

If you don’t have employment, I’d stay put.


Sufficient-Voice-210 OP t1_isvlkxm wrote

I wouldn’t until I did


ColemanGreene t1_isvpdtk wrote

Just being cautionary, employment is scarce, often seasonal and sought after. I know a lot of hard working families in the northern part of the state who have to work several part time jobs to get by, and they tend to go to the locals and known first.


clarenceisacat t1_istcou0 wrote

Would you need to find work or are you remote employees?


Sufficient-Voice-210 OP t1_istdfh0 wrote

We are looking based off of a job opportunity I am going for. My wife would have to find work but she has such a wide range of skills I’m sure it wouldn’t be to difficult


farts_in_the_breeze t1_istjxfj wrote

You might want to adjust expectations. Have you seen the real estate market in Berlin? Homes are cheap for a reason. The reasons are, the area is cold, filled with fixer uppers, probably abandon years ago and jobs are scarce in the area. While no community is devoid of employment, I imagine the jobs available may not be the greatest employment opportunities.


Arthur-Morgans-Beard t1_istle03 wrote

Maybe that's what it takes to get into a cheap home nowadays. I bought a cheap (foreclosed on) fixer upper in an even colder area with "no jobs". Things are looking pretty good for me right now, no matter what you may choose there are going to be sacrifices involved.


basementfrog42 t1_isxjz8i wrote

Berlin is a graying town, but it is beautiful in its own ways. All of my family is from there, we have family that stayed there our whole lives. It is depressing at times, there is a real drug problem, it feels as if it needs some serious rejuvenation. If you are more of an introvert who loves nature, it will be good. Do you have a job set up or in mind up there? Not sure what type of jobs are in the area. Some other commenters talk about Berlin going to boom in the next few years, I’m not so sure. I’ll have to see it to believe it.


Sufficient-Voice-210 OP t1_isxkb0r wrote

I’m looking at a job at the Federal Prison


beepboopbeep1000 t1_isxzgb7 wrote

Well... see .... We don't need MORE of this "type" of resident. I'm sure this will be down voted etc but....prison guard??
C'mon now.


Sufficient-Voice-210 OP t1_isxzm08 wrote

Actually I’m looking at a job as a Paramedic at the prison


Viking603 t1_isytoaa wrote

Do you want to get shanked? Have a friend who was medic/nurse there and got shanked twice.


Burger-King-Covid t1_isxk7sb wrote

It had a tornado tear through its downtown many many years ago. Caused major damage according to eye witnesses.


bingqiling t1_isznraj wrote

Are you trying to live down the block from family, or would like a 30 - 45 min drive be ok? There are many lovely towns near Berlin, but yea, would definitely visit Berlin and decide if that's somewhere you'd want to live....

Lancaster/Gorham/Jefferson/Milan/Whitefield/Dalton/etc might be more appealing.


thesleepymermaid t1_iudi1oh wrote

>Lancaster/Gorham/Jefferson/Milan/Whitefield/Dalton/etc might be more appealing.

Far, FAR more expensive though if you're looking to buy a house.


mycatbaby t1_itr72e3 wrote

If you want kids and you need childcare, get on waitlists 2+ years in advance.