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Dsbtrader t1_itt3906 wrote

Who will take care of Joe and give him his meds? He is in bed by 8pm


baxterstate t1_ituesi6 wrote

Why’s she coming here? Are there any close races where her presence would tip the balance?


Baron_Von_Ghastly t1_ituy7rn wrote

Yeah Senate race of (D-inc)Maggie Hassan vs (R)Don Bolduc is fairly competitive, as is House seat (D-inc)Chris Pappas vs (R)Karoline Leavitt.

Polling in both give Dems the edge, but it's close enough that they're concerned - not sure what sway Jill Biden has here though.

Edit: Chris Pappas, not Mike.


Wide_Television_7074 t1_itwcbin wrote

Chris Pappas is such a cuck


cwayne18 t1_itws89g wrote

Good one, take you awhile to think that one up did it?


ThisIsNotTuna t1_itui91l wrote

Not for nothin' is it possible for this woman to look so good for her age whilst her hubby looks like he's just approaching 90?


lMickNastyl t1_itxrvb0 wrote

Because first ladies aren't the ones with all the stress on their back lol


CDogNH t1_itsqpfj wrote

Don't take the kids to the event in Portsmouth. A known senile pedophile will be on site.


Quirky_Butterfly_946 t1_its6uhk wrote

She's getting the lay of the land before the slaughter in Nov. Hope she takes pictures


pahnzoh t1_itsnjoz wrote

Wife of corrupt demented old president comes to stump for corrupt old out of touch senator that for the life of my I can understand why anyone would vote for.


Decent-Door-8951 t1_itup2gn wrote



pahnzoh t1_iturlio wrote

Keep lickin' the democrat boots


Dux_Ignobilis t1_ituvkwf wrote

Maybe you wanna get your news somewhere other than Facebook memes and Fox News..


pahnzoh t1_ituvwv0 wrote

I use neither. Y'all stuck in the matrix assume so much


Dux_Ignobilis t1_itv2mpm wrote

You're aware most of the anti-Biden rhetoric is directly sourced from the Kremlin and the GQP media-outlets eat it up like hot garbage because they understand their watchers won't actually research any of it... right?

Literally labeling Biden "corrupt demented old president" is a Kremlin talking point.


pahnzoh t1_itv3pwt wrote


Then we both despise him. Don't really care about what Russia has to say.

I'm my own person and make up my own mind. Fuck Biden, Putin, and all authoritirians.