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KIRKDAAGG t1_iuok0gb wrote

Definitely check out Market Basket.


beyond_hatred t1_iupj41v wrote

Matket Basket is best overall by far. But Aldi has some great deals. Eggs and milk are cheap, and occasionally you'll find something like their generic microwave popcorn that's really tasty and very cheap compared to even other store brands.


NewPhoenix77 t1_iupdeqr wrote

You can’t beat Market Basket. No frills in general, but this is the way.


fins4ever t1_iuoga1l wrote

Market Basket. Food is cheaper than even Walmart, plus they are great to their employees and have very good food there. Strongly recommend


leogodin217 t1_iuoj1wy wrote

We're moving back to NH from AZ. My daughter in law is shocked at prices in Market Basket. So much lower


fins4ever t1_iuojc5g wrote

Yeah it's phenomenal tbh I'm so glad we have them. It's probably saved me hundreds since I moved from a town that didn't have one


LaserRedstang t1_iupbfxp wrote

Market Basket all the way!!!! Love that love but hate the crowds.


1WantT0Bel1eve t1_iuqsimg wrote

Market Basket, and Aldi where you can find them.


Reubachi t1_iurflpm wrote

I went into an aldi once, for bananas and 12 packs of soda/water. It was on the way, as opposed to Market basket.

I of course do not carry a bag of coins on me, so could not "rent" a shopping cart. I also did not bring bags as I wasn't aware the store physically has no bagging devices.

I left very confused, surprised at how expensive the stuff was, and realized upon getting home that I purchased plantains and not bananas. idk if I can go back to aldi.


BigBlueDane t1_iuoep3u wrote

Market basket is going to be the cheapest normal super market. There are some aldis around if you want to be extra cheap.


danlson381 t1_iupgcrk wrote

Market Basket, more for your dollaaaah!!! The old stores are trash, but the new ones are kinda nice . The produce and meat are still garbage though, hit up Tendercrop in Dover or Steak Out in Goffstown for meat and Hannaford if you want quality produce.


Jetpilotboiii1989 t1_iur04pg wrote

Market Basket, and I didn’t let the fact that my poor, sweet mother is a cashier at one bias my decision at all.


VenserSojo t1_iur291q wrote

>Market Basket, and I didn’t let the fact that my poor, sweet mother is a cashier at one bias my decision at all.

So long as you avoid certain ones, Manchester for instance, its a good option though never go to the Manchester one.


Jetpilotboiii1989 t1_iur6o98 wrote

I live in Burlington MA, so I go to the one there; no homeless drug addicts there at least. Occasionally busker though. He’s good at violin at least.


Then_Ear t1_iur8awa wrote

Lol he’s playing that through a speaker.


Jetpilotboiii1989 t1_iur9lak wrote

Actually now that you mention it, I did see him answering a text once and the violin was still going and I didn’t regret hanging onto my dollar.


TheMobyDicks t1_iurrirh wrote

Second that. MB in Epping is aces but the one is Stratham is shite.


Lords_of_Lands t1_iuuzbu7 wrote

Been shopping there for years and never had a problem with them. Though I agree, never shop at the Manchester store. I hate waiting in checkout lines.


ktnh t1_iurk7bp wrote

Maaket Baskit all the way.


ggtffhhhjhg t1_iurmced wrote

Market Basket and Aldis have the lowest prices and BJ and Costco are good if you have the money and space to by bulk.


Dirkdiggla1 t1_iupa9dn wrote

Ocean state job lots for spices, snacks, soda, and other shelf stored foods. Market basket for everything else


TurnoverTall t1_iupd863 wrote

Shaws has had some single item sales that are excellent but everything else is too expensive. Market Basket is the goto, Hannaford on rare occasion has a sale item worth the drive.


RisksRewardsRelics t1_iuonsdl wrote

I get most of my food from Trader Joe’s… artificial preservative/sweetener/color free food for a normal price. The items that TJ’s doesn’t carry, I get from Market Basket.


scajjr29 t1_iupa3vr wrote

From cheapest to most expensive- WalMart Super Centers, Market Basket, Hannaford, Shaws.


CommunityGlittering2 t1_iur2fvt wrote

I find WalMart more expensive than Market Basket on most items.


scajjr29 t1_iur680f wrote

I find for basics WM is 5-10% cheaper than MB. I'm in SE NH, use the Epping and No. Salem super centers. And I find if I go right when they open you can get great deals on meats that are at the last best by date. They have a big yellow tag on them and you can save $3-$5 off the original price. We have a stand alone freezer so I can grab those and freeze them same day.


Reddoggfogg t1_iupjj8g wrote

Aldi but limited supply. Watch Hannaford especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. The prices will beat market basket and the produce is the best of any. The rest of the year Market Basket can be good for staples. Shaws for 3 day sales only. I recommend the “Flipp” app if you don’t have it. All the sales flyers are available and tap/clip to your list


TheBeesBestKnees t1_iupmixp wrote

Whole Foods tends to be cheaper for beef then Hannaford, and the quality is better, especially for steaks. Market basket and Walmart for staples, BJs for bulk staples, chicken.

Aldi is very niche. Dairy/eggs are good, they have good chocolate and are great for granola bars if you have kids that go through them for snacks.


MGermanicus t1_iuosjvh wrote

I'll also vouch for Market Basket. Try to go at off times and definitely not Sunday if you're looking for a quick trip.


K3CAN t1_iuov715 wrote

Hannaford is owned by the same company as food lion, so that's probably the closest comparison.

If you want the best prices, though, you'll want a Market Basket.

I would suggest still going to Hannaford for meat, though.


basiicswamp t1_iup0lso wrote

Hannaford for produce also. Market Basket produce goes bad so quickly


ConditionConfident34 t1_iupftkp wrote

Market Basket is the cheapest around but it’s very busy all the time, the workers are terrible, and they run out of stuff all the time (which can be frustrating). ALDIs is cheap but their products are inconsistent. I do a combo of Market Basket and Hannaford.


prestigious_delay_7 t1_iupvuu5 wrote

Yeah it's always annoying when I'm on the 9/10th item for my recipe and they don't have it.


Infinite-Trader t1_iur7iih wrote

MB! Market basket is exactly like food lion


lechydda t1_iuovgri wrote

I’m near the South of NH, seacoast area. There are maybe 2 or 3 options unless I want to spend over an hour driving just for regular groceries. Low cost is non existent. Hannafords are “nice” and have decent coupons if you shop over several months. MB is ok at least in my area, but prices usually the same and without the coupons. Nowhere has good priced produce. Meat can be $1-3 off sticker price if you’re willing to buy the stuff that is about to expire. I appreciate my mom sending me Costco cards so I can stock up.


wageslave2022 t1_iuqhade wrote

Might want to research and do some googling about home heating cost in New England in the winter also check out kilowatt rates on your current electric bill, the cost of milk and eggs up here will be the least of your worries.


heeyyyyooo t1_iuqqls4 wrote

If you really want to cheap out there are a few Aldi’s lol


SubstantialStaff8442 t1_ius5ifg wrote

Hannaford is part of the food lion company


Fuzzy-Scar3055 t1_iva3jek wrote

Yes. When I went to the outer banks and shopped at food lion, I observed the same products that hannaford has.


Tornado_Wind_of_Love t1_iuoeq77 wrote

I like the Aldi's in Manchester for random cheap stuff.

Otherwise Market Basket


ChipHazard17 t1_iup7axr wrote

I like price chopper but I'd go to Market basket if there was one close


almamaters t1_iupgwiu wrote

Hannaford is owned by the same parent company as food lion.


twd000 t1_iupil29 wrote

Hannaford is second most expensive store in my area

From cheapest to most expensive:

ALDI Walmart Market Basket Hannaford Shaws Whole Foods


thetardisislikeacat t1_iuq8bus wrote

If you're near the southern Vermont border, Mr. G'S is an excellent discount store with locations in Keene and Walpole. They don't do produce, but they have tons of other groceries, plus small appliances, household supplies, clothing and a bit of furniture. They're my favorite place to get drinks, especially seltzers.


bakins711 t1_ius58p2 wrote

I’m new to NH and hadn’t heard of them. Thanks!


movdqa t1_iuofbif wrote

Where are you located in New Hampshire? Market Basket (all over the state) is the lowest prices in a large grocery store. Aldi has even lower prices but you can't necessarily depend on what you want being in stock. Trader Joe's has good prices on some things and a lot of expensive luxury items.


movdqa t1_iuofdih wrote

There is one in Nashua just off Exit 7 off the highway.


Economy_Influence_92 t1_iuolevl wrote

Market basket is hardly “all over the state”


movdqa t1_iuolk82 wrote

It is compared to Whole Foods, Aldi, Trader Joe's and Costco.


Economy_Influence_92 t1_iuom7lx wrote

Tell me where to save money if I live in Colebrook. That’s what this post is about. These chains are hardly north of Plymouth let alone “all over the state.”


[deleted] t1_iup98am wrote



Economy_Influence_92 t1_iupazzj wrote

You are correct. Assuming the OP relocates to the lower half of the state. The upper section isn't so fortunate. I didn't want to assume the OP was moving to a particular location.


movdqa t1_iuomcd7 wrote

I have never been to Colebrook. I did not see the area mentioned in the original post. I did see Manchester mentioned in one reply.


buddaycousin t1_iuprvyp wrote

Costco can be great for meat and prepared foods. If you have a few mouths to feed, the $60 can be worth it.


findasafespace t1_iuojdet wrote

Depending on where you are in the state a lot of these (aldis or Market basket) won't be an option. Personally, my only options are hannaford, shaw's, or wallyworld (walmart). Of those three hannaford is generally the cheapest In terms of food prices.


thedeadfish7 t1_iuonfq6 wrote

Hannaford's seems more expensive than Food Lion which is odd because they are both owned by the same parent company. Figured that out when I saw the store branded items had similar logos.


Clock-Full t1_iuoumxn wrote

What part of NC are you coming from? NC native here. I'm going to have to agree with everyone and say Market Basket is the closest you are going to get to Food Lion. It's a madhouse in that store though.


farts_in_the_breeze t1_iuor0bd wrote

So Market Basket has good deals but you have go early. Might not be the quantity of food you want either. >! There was high quality ground beef on sale in some quantities with 99 cent sticks on them. !<


Open-Industry-8396 t1_iuq3wy9 wrote

Elm st Manchester Market bastard, if you like the smell and sights of drug addicts as you enter and exit the store.


SellingCoach t1_iuu47q4 wrote

That place sucks but it's the closest to my house so I end up going and hate myself for it.


Fuzzy-Scar3055 t1_iva3r36 wrote

Cheapest hands down is Mr. G’s liquidation center, located in Tilton & Keene. Not exactly groceries but you can buy expired granola bars, coffee, soda, etc, there.


[deleted] t1_iurcv01 wrote



UglyDogg25 t1_iurdaty wrote

OP asked for help with grocery stores….not your opinion on the dress code


Lostronaut_ t1_iv7he8p wrote

Whole Foods. It’s all about the quality IMO and Hannafords.


basiicswamp t1_iupclsg wrote

Skip Market Basket and the headache that is that place. Shop the weekly deals at Hannaford and Shaws. If you have time to hit both then it's worth it. Get a circular for both, make a plan, save money and your food won't go bad as quickly.


sicariis t1_iup0e8g wrote

Target is a decent option. If you want to buy in bulk, look at BJs.


Ill_Mushroom1033 t1_iupnw0r wrote

I totally agree. Use the Red Card Debit Card. It pulls from your checking account and you get 5% off everything. I also use Target Circle. I scan everything I put in my cart and it adds manufacturer coupons and Target discounts. I buy almost everything at Target, way cheaper than the grocery store for better quality.


ForklkftJones t1_iuqky1t wrote

The shopping in new England is trash.


karski608 t1_iurmqkb wrote

What does that even mean? Compared to what