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goddammnick t1_ixcvi0i wrote

the bubble hasn't popped yet but is close, if you can wait another month or two you should see way better prices.


northhiker1 t1_ixcypim wrote

Yup, prices have come down a ton at the auctions, it takes time for the market to catch up


velocityflier16 t1_ixdljcf wrote

KBB is 6-8 months behind still. But yes, I think we are close to seeing some relief!


woolsocksandsandals t1_ixch0s6 wrote

They have not. I keep a pretty close eye on inventory and prices of a few different vehicles I’m interested in replacing my current vehicle with and the only change in prices on cars built 2016-2018 in two years have been increases.


[deleted] OP t1_ixciqr7 wrote



woolsocksandsandals t1_ixckkkt wrote

Be glad you’re not looking at trucks. They’re even worse. A decently equipped decent shape 10 year old truck with 175,000 miles can be 15-20k. Notice I used the word decent. Really excellent ten year old trucks, or decent diesels, have stupidly high prices. If someone’s selling a truck for under 10k I guarantee it has some kind of major issue that’ll cost thousands to fix.


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woolsocksandsandals t1_ixczb92 wrote

You know, it’s funny Toyotas used to be the trucks that were way over priced on the used market but they’re actually more reasonable than the Chevy, GMC, Ford and Dodge trucks out there. They are still exorbitantly expensive, but they tend to be in much better shape when compared with trucks of other makes with similar price, mileage and age.


woolsocksandsandals t1_ixcjp90 wrote

Yep I could get 9k for my 2011 right now same price it would have went for in 2020 with 30k less mileage.


basementfrog42 t1_ixcna3g wrote

i saw an ad for a 2009 truck with 114k miles and it was listed for 11.5k. insanity.


paraplegic_T_Rex t1_ixd11hj wrote

That’s completely reasonable for a truck lol. You shouldn’t be looking at trucks if that turns you off. Trucks with 200k miles go for 10k


basementfrog42 t1_ixd5m1e wrote

im not looking for a truck. but a car that is almost 15 years old and probably only sold for ~25k new shouldn’t be so expensive.


paraplegic_T_Rex t1_ixd5qsy wrote

I just paid $17k for a 2007 Toyota Tundra with 109k miles. And that was a great deal. Dealerships had em for 22-25k


bassboat1 t1_ixdapj8 wrote

I didn't feel bad picking up an '04 Tundra with 145K for $7,500 recently.


jkarovskaya t1_ixeljpe wrote

Not in the 2022 market in New England

An average 4wd 2009 GMC or Ford pickup with no rust, no accidents, and good maintenance could easily sell for more than that.

Even 20 year old trucks in good shape are still worth 10K in many cases, because a replacement is $45-60K new if you can even find one on a dealer lot


Think-Cow-8944 t1_ixdg8h5 wrote

A little.

My husband owns a used car dealership and a month or two ago, we had to bring the price down on a lot of cars (ranging anywhere from $500-1k less) since they weren't really selling well.

I haven't asked him how the auction prices have been doing but it's funky right now, if I remember correctly.


lawngoon t1_ixe6zzf wrote

I just sold an 04 Ranger for $6000. Has 144,000 miles, 2wd, reg cab. I paid 5000 for it in 2007. Buyers were frantic.


Alternative-Cry-4667 t1_ixifux5 wrote

$6000 for a Toyota Tacoma would be reasonable, a 2004 Ford ranger should have been brought to Northwood auto salvage for $600


lawngoon t1_ixig5br wrote

Amazing right? Blue book was 1000. People were fighting for it. It was rusting through in several places but ran smooth. Crazy times


vanillagorrilla23 t1_ixd5krk wrote

New and used cars are down here, it's nice to see


movdqa t1_ixec4rb wrote

Craigslist isn't representative of markets from my experience. The items that you see a lot are the things that don't sell. Stuff that is correctly priced in the market goes very quickly and most people casually looking at the site wouldn't see those things because they are gone quickly. The problem is that other sellers see the prices of the stuff that doesn't move and they price their stuff similarly.


redditthrower888999 t1_ixcrfhz wrote

Setup alerts. I know people hate FB but FB Marketplace seems to have a bit more used items. The filtering kind of stinks on it. I've seen decent deals but you have to be quick, I've seen items go up and within an hour it's gone. The items that are left up are overpriced.


[deleted] OP t1_ixcuacm wrote



FaustusC t1_ixcxc0n wrote


Make a dummy account with a similar name and use it for Marketplace. I have no friends, nothing on there but a basic boomer profile pic.

But stuff I want comes up on Marketplace all the time, so, it comes in handy. Just disable all notifications and it's not an issue.


Manitcor t1_ixd1ao3 wrote

principal is sometimes better than deals, that place is highly corrosive and does not deserve anyone's time. even supporting it with alts keeps it around.


FaustusC t1_ixd1kwi wrote

My principles are for sale.


Manitcor t1_ixd3wp6 wrote

that is the case for many, nothing wrong with it on its face


jdmiller321 t1_ixh9j7f wrote

Don't worry as people can no longer afford what's out for over priced new the federal government will want to do it again to encourage electric cars


RelationshipBig2798 t1_ixd3enk wrote

Look how much diesel is and diesel vehicles are still up. Used junkers are still sky high.


HowardNelsonJr t1_ixewp2v wrote

I can not wait to capitalize on upcoming price drops on used cars. My 01 is pretty tired haha


goddammnick t1_ixh32lj wrote

Then you may find yourself upside in a car loan that looses it's value overnight. It sucks but it's going to happen.


Chris_Fox t1_ixih842 wrote

They've started to slowly come down at dealerships. Just got a decent deal on a low mileage minivan that would have been way more a few months ago.

Private sales are the last to change prices with the market. People are willing to hold on to a vehicle hoping for a better price.