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paraplegic_T_Rex t1_ixd11hj wrote

That’s completely reasonable for a truck lol. You shouldn’t be looking at trucks if that turns you off. Trucks with 200k miles go for 10k


basementfrog42 t1_ixd5m1e wrote

im not looking for a truck. but a car that is almost 15 years old and probably only sold for ~25k new shouldn’t be so expensive.


paraplegic_T_Rex t1_ixd5qsy wrote

I just paid $17k for a 2007 Toyota Tundra with 109k miles. And that was a great deal. Dealerships had em for 22-25k


bassboat1 t1_ixdapj8 wrote

I didn't feel bad picking up an '04 Tundra with 145K for $7,500 recently.