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scoobieAdoobie t1_ixh7b57 wrote

This sounds like the beginning of a adult movie being filmed


PremiumAdvertising t1_ixgfhet wrote

Maybe use a non-abandoned parking garage during off hours?

The Manchester airport garage sometimes has some very dusty looking cars in it that have been sitting for a while. I also bet there might be a garage or two that gets near empty late at night on week nights.


crescentkitty t1_ixhdyxf wrote

So since everyone else is being unhelpful and snarky.

When I need an abandoned location or something for a photoshoot, I usually go to Fort Stark State Park in Newcastle, NH. Just please be respectful as it is very old and historic. But if you google it, you can see photos of the inside of the building etc.

As far as parking garages I am not sure. Generally I find any parking garage works for photoshoots and such I'm not sure if you're doing something with weapons involved, but if you are you may want to wait until there's a comic con or something because than no one bothers you about fake weapons in parking garages.

There's a parking area that's pretty empty in Norwood, Massachusetts. It's the amtrak station. I've also done shoots there before and no one bothered us.


Trailwatch427 t1_ixhecxj wrote

Lowell and Lawrence have parking garages with hardly any cars in them. At least the last time I was there, this was the case. Maybe the first floor has cars.


Reggie420_ t1_ixhh6v5 wrote

Way off. They are some of the most populated cities in the state. Definitely no abandoned parking garages there.


Trailwatch427 t1_ixjiec5 wrote

I have been there, and no one was in the garage. Lowell, "downtown"? I parked in a garage that didn't even fill the bottom floor. During the week. Nobody in downtown Lowell.


itsMalarky t1_ixh6e9g wrote

I feel like this is a tall order since most parking garages are built in high population areas....


Zebra-Disastrous t1_ixfq51l wrote

Would help if I could. But wish you luck in filming


ThePencilRain t1_ixhhnk2 wrote

You could try and sneak to the upper levels of the Laconia garage. The whole deal is pretty sketchy, and the ramps to the upper levels seem to be blocked off....


Cowgirlup365 t1_ixhwv8y wrote

I second this - as long as what you're doing is legal you should be fine there - Cops are usually in the area so if it looks sus, you might want to tell them what's going on beforehand.


Rizingfire t1_ixhi22s wrote

There's a parking garage in the center of Manchester that is relatively empty most times, depends what you plan to do tho..


pbsolaris t1_ixfk2fc wrote

Call the police.


[deleted] OP t1_ixfphja wrote



Repulsive65 t1_ixfwave wrote

Really dude.. get real


Competitive-Fly-7861 t1_ixfwjao wrote

Oh it's happened


Repulsive65 t1_ixfxk0w wrote

Yeah when...? with movie crew around and everything... litte far fetched , never heard that in my life and I'm in the industry 35 years


Repulsive65 t1_ixg0k5c wrote

不不不不不 that's a fake video. , do you actually know what it takes do film a movie..? Thats definitely not it.


Repulsive65 t1_ixg1un9 wrote

Small town mentality


wakko666 t1_ixg0zdc wrote

If it can't be done in a public place, but you're not willing to budget for a private place to shoot your scene, that means you're a terrible filmmaker.

Pay for the spaces you need or STFU.


mrpizzapi t1_ixg5eju wrote

A lot of small time film makers who pay entirely out of pocket, cant afford paying for a location and dont have the disruptive footprint of a larger budget production. As long as they do so safely and responsibly, theres no harm in filming in improvised locations.