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Melo8993 t1_ixo2r1e wrote

Most Americans, if given the chance would love to find tax breaks. You’re just mad he has the resources to exploit tax loopholes.

PS. His workers could choose to find a job with better working conditions. They’re just as guilty as Bezos is for sticking around.


scarletuba t1_ixo5d0l wrote

I think actually, we're just mad that people like you like to shove their noses up his butt because you think somehow celebrating his greed will give you more money.

It won't. He's part of our society and should be contributing appropriately. He could pay his workers better and provide insurance, but he chooses not to. And that makes him suck. He can donate as much money as he wants and all it does is highlight the real problem - he's giving a dollar when he owes us 10.


Melo8993 t1_ixo855q wrote

Jokes on you, I think most people of status are absolute scumbags, including Bezos. Quick question, how many Americans have a single or multiple Amazon packages showing up to their place? You can complain about Bezos but most Americans enable his antics for the sake of convenience in the form of 2 day shipping, not leaving their homes, or saving a couple bucks. People can choose to not give Amazon business but that would be too easy.


scarletuba t1_ixobwn2 wrote

Lots of us choose to avoid Amazon. But my main complaint against your comment was claiming people could easily find another job. You know that's not true, why pretend it is? That's like saying it's easy to move to another place if you don't like where you live. It's more complicated than just apply and get another job.


Melo8993 t1_ixocugk wrote

For as many people who choose to avoid Amazon, there’s that many more who binge shop because they lack self control and are trying to fill a void with consumerism. Moving and finding a job aren’t comparable. How is it not true that people can’t find another job? What person can’t learn a skill given the opportunity? Not saying everyone but I think too many people would rather accept victimhood in a mediocre job instead of embracing hard work.


CheeseHasNoSoul t1_ixr7yxm wrote

The risk of taking a new job that may or may not work out, when you have one now that pays enough to pay your bills is too great for many people.

61% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck. I fully agree with your last point, however the fact is the majority of the country simply cannot afford the risk.


golfgrandslam t1_ixonug1 wrote

Companies are desperate to hire workers. They easily could find a new job.


Ok_Nobody4967 t1_ixr7c72 wrote

I happily pay my property taxes because I know the bulk go to education. We need to make sure our youth is educated, even though the gop is trying to destroy our education. I am also very happy to pay my taxes for infrastructure and for our emergency services.

Unlike the billionaires, I believe in being a responsible citizen. They think they are playing monopoly.