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Rienuaa t1_ivxysf0 wrote

I'll add a positive comment: as a NH voter who is also a trans man, I'm happy to have voted for direct representation to my own very narrow demographic.


kitchinsink t1_ivy7tvb wrote

Representation matters! I am glad you can see yourself reflected in leadership. It's important.


mackerdoots t1_ivy5ufk wrote

Well I congratulate you on this accomplishment for your narrow demographic. Do you think it should be celebrated immensely by people past your demographic though? I’m genuinely curious and ask my questions with nothing but respect for overcoming struggles. I 100% agree in spreading tolerance and treating all human beings alike but do you worry making a point for everyone to Celebrate examples like this might be harmful and drag more people into the struggles? I fear isolated and introvert people who have never questioned themselves before will see it as a trend for acceptance and a result of FOMO even for those that aren’t isolated.

Do you wish your demographic was wider? Or do you wish less people have to endure the same struggles you have?

100% I’m not trying to take away from your win and I think it’s good for people in your position to feel accepted


warren_stupidity t1_ivygt7q wrote

Given that the republican party is seeking to make political gains by fear mongering against trans people, I think it is great that the people of new hampshire are seeing through this bullshit.

Inclusion, diversity, equity and autonomy makes us a stronger and better society.


mackerdoots t1_ivyldoo wrote

I feel the people of NH have always been very accepting of people and their personal choices even before the recent big trans movement. Keep in mind we are still discussing a struggle of gender dysphoria and I do worry about holding that up on a pedestal as an example to strive for can add further confusion to the overall younger generations.

Bill Maher himself has even started asking why we aren’t allowed to question the boom in Trans identity. There’s a very clear trend especially in young women transitioning into trans men at a young age. Often found in groups of friends and we all know peer pressure can lead kids to do a lot of things in order to fit in. I think it needs to be ok for everyone to question and discuss it. People in and outside of the trans community should be accepting but also working together to find an answer to this phenomenon.

People say there is a big movement now because people were afraid to come out before. People say before everyone thought something was wrong with them and it was leading to suicide because it wasn’t accepted. but why aren’t we seeing just as sharp of a decline in suicides related to it?

Gender dysphoria is leading to body dysmorphia at a very young ages and there are considerable numbers of people who regret transitioning later in life. It has many similarities to peer pressure that is now trickling down on a national level.

It can be accepted but also discussed to make sure we aren’t over correcting society in a counter productive manor


Wiked_Pissah t1_ivyx3vp wrote

Accepting?? Have you looked at some of the callous Transphobic comments in this very thread by so many asshats? Accepting is not the word I would use. Where I live we had a young gay man running for state office this week. Monday night he got a threatening email and on election day had numerous insults said to his face at the polling place. Acceptance my ass.


mackerdoots t1_ivz2kc3 wrote

I mean I can really only speak from personal experience while being as understanding as possible to other peoples circumstances and personal experience. I’m simply saying we should spread tolerance in all directions and be able to discuss it without it being another polarizing political topic. The polarization and extremes of all or nothing can lead to unwanted collateral damage in the long run.

I find people are often disingenuous on the internet and say a lot of things they wouldn’t say to someone in person. Maybe that just shows their true colors or it’s people acting out for attention. Even if they know it’s gonna spark negative attention or just cause polarization. There’s been plenty of people who pretend to be a part of the other side because they crave conflict and validation of their tribe.

I remember there were some black guys in my squadron that actually ended up being the ones who spray painted swastikas on the bathroom stalls. Not saying that’s even most cases but something people need to run through a filter with circumstances. More so when dealing with full anonymity on the internet. I also find a very good chunk of people here aren’t even from the state.

The many people I know in the community are nothing like what this sub would lead you to believe. Maybe I just only surround myself with tolerant people of all spectrums and that’s probably what we all just should do. Too many people seek conflict or entertain it.

You should never let this sub be a reflection or representation of the people of NH. I learned that within days of subscribing

With how polarizing our politics have gotten I think just about everyone running for an office receives threats from some crazy. It should be a legal matter handled by authorities as they would for any American rather than a talking point to victimize or vilify an ever polarizing country.

I don’t particularly like how discussions here go on a tangents as well. It even makes me feel like I’m making excuses for one side or the other at times because I don’t like to consider anything a certainty or set in stone when having an open discussion.

-All people should be tolerant even if that means toward what they believe to be intolerant

-tolerant people should be able to discuss or address concerns. Even if those concerns are from someone they disagree with or will never be able to convince otherwise. When it comes to spreading tolerance the best you can do is set a good example


hemlockstockandbarel t1_ivyqvay wrote

"Bill Maher himself has even started asking why we aren't allowed the question the boom in trans identity" when did he ask that? Was it, I don't know, on the talk show he hosts that is watched by tons of people?

Seriously the idea that trans people and issues related to them aren't "allowed to be questioned" is just a fantasy. People do it all the time. The important questions have already been asked and answered many times.

And it's really strange to talk about "peer pressure" or "over correcting" in a society where trans people, including trans kids, are very commonly subject to harassment (or much worse) because their identity, and where many places have attempted to ban or have successfully banned things like transition related health care for trans youth, or trans inclusion in sports at any level.


mackerdoots t1_ivyt8jw wrote

I don’t know if those first questions are supposed to be rhetorical at all but I certainly don’t mind looking it up and providing link if you want.

Having conversations about it and asking questions is what I’m trying to do. I welcome answers. I definitely think it’s all important to discuss often

I don’t harass trans kids or anyone myself so I hope its not strange I’m asking these questions out of personal curiosity. maybe even out of mild concern depending on what we find when discussing it and being tolerant of one another.


hemlockstockandbarel t1_ivzp093 wrote

Those first questions were rhetorical, yeah.

And if you're actually interested in having an in-depth discussion about trans issues, you gotta realize there's better places to do than in the replies to a random person's comment on the New Hampshire subreddit.

Trans people are, generally, inclined to doubt the sincerity random people presenting "honest questions" or "concerns", cuz it's pretty common for transphobes to show up asking ostensibly innocent questions in bad faith, as a way of wasting the trans person's time, getting them frustrated, and using that frustration to make them look angry and irrational.


kitchinsink t1_ivy7mbz wrote

Great! Representation matters.


thunderbolts99mcu t1_ivywwzt wrote

There was state rep who was trans but had to step down because they lies about criminal past


cafeRacr t1_ivx3mcj wrote

I'm trying to decide if the writer was being ironic by choosing that photo or not?


KrissaKray t1_ivx8rxj wrote

Good for them?


CrunchyCrunch816 t1_ivxjfve wrote

Give the crackheads in charge in concord a couple weeks with this


Yourabusivebrother t1_ivwwlpg wrote

Ah yes nice to see a diversity of incompetence.


Rare_Message_7204 t1_ivw7okz wrote

Who cares. What does being trans have to do with the job? It's like congratulating someone for being the first with red hair, doesn't matter.


butterguns t1_ivw95vs wrote

We aren’t congratulating this person, we are congratulating society for having overcome some of their base prejudices.


Rare_Message_7204 t1_ivwarex wrote

Well, I just don't think it matters. To each their own.


beerpatch86 t1_ivwoma0 wrote

It just helps normalize it. Like more TV shows and movies having gay characters. Because surprise, we exist, and we just do the shit "the straights" do like... food shopping, go to the bank... other shit. People shit. Because yknow, we're all just people.

It shouldn't matter. But it does, because some people can't mind their own goddamn business and have a huge shitfit about "the gay agenda" or something.

Normalizing helps. A little bit, but it does help.


beyond_hatred t1_ivx7qgo wrote

You have to give credit where it's due. The Republicans have been waging a propaganda war against transgender people for this whole election cycle. They were exploited as the "wedge issue" this time around.

They'll probably stfu about it over at Fox now that the election's over.


Rankin37 t1_ivwxgsz wrote

People seeing people who are like them doing important things in the world matters more than you think it does, especially when they are part of a marginalized group.


djdirectdrive t1_ivxubeh wrote

You got down voted hard for this but I agree with you to a point here. Your statement is also one of privilege where it sounds as if you haven't had to deal with societal oppression of any sort .

You're right... It shouldn't matter. We should be in a society where competence, not race, gender, sexual orientation should matter. But that's not true yet. Trans people are not accepted by many, which means trans people will not come out of the closet for fear of retaliation. Seeing a trans person be open and successful will help others in many ways. It also starts to show that trans people are the same as hetero so there's less of a divider due to differences. So celebrate the wins and eventually, hopefully, others will start to accept people for their contributions.


mackerdoots t1_ivy3gcw wrote

Well said. While there might be people struggling that need this kind of affirmation I worry about the people that would have lived a perfectly confident and happy life before seeing some example that made them question their own identity. I think outcasting people with gender dysphoria can be harmful but I also think celebrating it as some example to strive for can set an unhealthy trend. Whether it’s people who are just introverted and isolated looking for a way of being accepted or the FOMO that gets us all at some point. It should be accepted, recognized, and tolerated to normal extents. but celebrating it only helps those already struggling and I think long term it drags more people into that struggle that otherwise would have led a pretty dysphoria free life


Rare_Message_7204 t1_ivy0ngl wrote

I appreciate the civil response. I think I got downvoted by a bunch of people who just don't want to understand any other way of seeing it... Your assumption that my statement is from privilege is wrong and it's sad that by default you can say that without knowing me. I've seen plenty of adversity in my life and see it everyday working with inner city kids.

What I can say is that when I was in school nobody talked about someone being gay/trans or what your skin color was and because it wasn't talked about, nobody cared. Now, I see more negative talk about those subjects than ever.. I think when you put such an emphasis on these sorts of things, they'll end up being less accepted. They're being shoved down people throats. It's not going to work IMO. Downvote if you want, its my opinion and my experience.


Azr431 t1_ivy9td6 wrote

All lives matter guy here


Rare_Message_7204 t1_ivycd2f wrote

Someday, all you "open minded" redditors will realize your just as bad as the people you "hate".


[deleted] t1_ivwxr98 wrote



cafeRacr t1_ivx3igf wrote

>Also no one gives a fuck that you don’t care dipshit. Stfu and keep scrolling if you really don’t care.

You had me until this. This is what's wrong with the way people communicate these days. Why ruin everything thing that you said, that had value, with that? When you're trying to change the way someone thinks, or make them say to themselves "I've never thought of it that way before", you're not going to do it by finishing with an insult.


[deleted] t1_ivx4lwm wrote



Rare_Message_7204 t1_ivy1k5t wrote

Hurling insults at me and being Tired of these people? You don't even know me. Sad, Read my response to another commenter above. Don't be so quick to jump down peoples throats. I just have a different opinion of how to best to get society to be more accepting. You being so quick to draw doesn't help anyone.


djdirectdrive t1_ivxuv33 wrote

My favorite is people saying..."what's it matter if someone's first at doing something?".... But then talk about the Superbowl for days


BirdsLikeSka t1_ivx4zn5 wrote

Idk about redheads (even as one) but I've seen dumb comments hateful on Biden specifically for being Catholic. We'd only had one catholic pres before and he went out with a bang.

Not personally huge on Biden, nor catholicism, but point stands.


Ok_Afternoon6984 t1_ivy4z8p wrote

Actually 2 catholic presidents jfk and trump Biden is the 3rd


BirdsLikeSka t1_iw0unbx wrote

I don't like the man, but I'm not saying this in any kind of anti-Trump way: He's not Catholic. I've never seen him or any media (on either side) report he's Catholic. I would seriously like to see your source on this.


cwalton505 t1_ivyetv9 wrote

in many ways, yes. However, i would suppose for those who fall in this category its nice to see that its no longer an absolute banishment in society and people are able to look past the "weird" and look at their political competencies the same as everyone else finally? You might not care, and now days many probably don't, but it wasn't too long ago that the vast majority of America would have considered them a social pariah.


_That_One_Fellow_ t1_ivwsvhx wrote

That’s the truth, but for some people sexual orientation and perceived gender matter above all else nowadays.


RexBlackwood t1_ivxkx7q wrote

Next: a horse for a senator.

And the madness keeps on spreading…


warren_stupidity t1_ivxnxdn wrote

The implication that a trans person is less than human is disgusting.


RexBlackwood t1_ivy0ljq wrote

No. The real implication (for those educated enough to understand the reference) is that there’s a rotten form of insanity at play and wielding power.

There was a horse made senator, once upon a time. Things didn’t work out too well for that society. Maybe learn some history. You’ll sound less ignorant.


trolllord45 t1_ivy5h9l wrote

> a rotten form of insanity at play and wielding power

Being... trans? Ok boomer.


Whats_Opera_Doc t1_ivy3abb wrote

I dunno, you sound ignorant enough for the whole comment section


warren_stupidity t1_ivy9btu wrote

lol caligula. Most likely that didn't really happen and was just a bogus invention to explain why it was perfectly ok to assassinate him.

But again, how is this relevant to a trans gender person getting elected?


Wiked_Pissah t1_ivywgld wrote

Or an ass. Will you be running in that case @Rexblackwood ?


[deleted] t1_ivw3q2v wrote



FuzzelFox t1_ivwcwi5 wrote

That's never been a problem for you before, why would it matter now?


pahnzoh t1_ivwfe4n wrote

Haha I got a good chuckle out of this.


Wiked_Pissah t1_ivwm6bv wrote

Mentally ill? Are you privy to his health records or are you just being another ignorant dumbass making shit up? 🤔


BirdsLikeSka t1_ivx4rkq wrote

It's an ignorant comment about him being transgender.


ThatNewEnglandPerson t1_ivxfek0 wrote

for the last time
its a mental condition not a illness
and treatment for said condition is transitioning


mackerdoots t1_ivy1czl wrote

I believe gender dysphoria is actually classified as a mental disorder. Also referred to as gender identity disorder.