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millhouse412 t1_iw24bhb wrote

Watch the storm at the seawall in Hampton.

Please remember that those can literally lift boulders over the wall, so keep a safe distance.


Apostiarch t1_iw2ewm4 wrote

Go to veterans park in Manchester and watch the bright orange needle caps swirling in the wind.


starhoppers t1_iw24cck wrote

Considering the weather forecast, I’m at a loss to recommend anything.


01Zaphod t1_iw2acfw wrote

Nowhere. With the rain & wind, you’re gonna see only the inside of your car.


Cullen7777 t1_iw217sk wrote

Rough weather for a sightseeing trip. Maybe some covered bridges and breweries?


djdirectdrive t1_iw2aebo wrote

I would check things to do in your state and pull up NH. there's several indoor places too...homesteads and things like Robert frost, Daniel Webster etc. Not going to be a great day to do anything outside though


djdirectdrive t1_iw2b1hq wrote

I take this back... Check out the weather where you're looking to travel. Rain in the lakes region sounds Winnipesaukee ends at noon. White mountains could be even sooner. You might be able to do a trip down the kanc or something. Head far up north to moose alley etc


Icy_Arachnid_260 t1_iw2b7oq wrote

Also, go west to the MOCA. You'll drive through the rain as it heads our way and it will be beautiful.


bingqiling t1_iw2v9l9 wrote

Sadly it is super rainy this entire weekend so you're not going to see much in terms of nature. I'd try to reschedule a day trip for a nicer weekend!