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Auntienursey t1_iwkbwbe wrote

Jessica's law. A young woman was killed when the ice flew off of a truck in front of her and crashed through her windshield. Her mother petitioned endlessly to get the law passed. And yes, if you're driving in front of me with a layer of snow/ice on top of your car, I will drop a dime on you. I knew Jess and her mother,


59000beans t1_iwj4yky wrote

The penalty should be much higher, there is no excuse for not clearing snow off your vehicle. They should also run the notices about the fines on the digital boards on the highway.

I've seen so many sheets of ice fly off vehicles, always try to keep distance from those morons.


Maldonian t1_iwj7zov wrote

The fine should be higher. And a second offense should involve a license suspension.


Yonand331 t1_iwmuscz wrote

First offensive should be line 1.5k and community service, second offense should definitely involve suspension


Boats_are_fun t1_iwizx68 wrote

The guy in the photo should have his friggin license cut in half…


PersonalFudge9059 t1_iwlwqnj wrote

What’s sad, is that I’ve seen cars like that around here in MA. I don’t know why people think it’s so hard to brush snow off a car!


Ok-Glass7272 t1_iwiyca1 wrote

Every year...sigh...someone posts this...yawn.

And every year that person is awesome! Gracias!


Organic_Pomelo8353 t1_iwjny97 wrote

Do you guys remember that one year where a cop pulled over like 10 people back to back on 93 and made them all clean off their cars? Crazy that some people still don’t know better


Weekend_Expert t1_iwl6m3j wrote

Don’t buy or rely on a vehicle that is too big for you to do this yourself. Sick and tired of 5’2 women complaining that they’re “too short” to get the snow off their Ford Expedition.


beyond_hatred t1_iwju2ym wrote

That picture is funny. Can't be bothered to take another three minutes and not kill someone.


rikityrokityree t1_iwj9dty wrote

MA has a similar law. Legislating this has improved behavior somewhat here


tricenice t1_iwlfhf6 wrote

Jessica was a friend of my Mother so the law hits close to home. Stop being a lazy, entitled, selfish prick. Clean your car off.


spyboy70 t1_iwmk41p wrote

That fine is way too low for something that can kill someone.

I don't know what a good fine # would be, but besides the amount, add 500 hours of community service. If they can't take 5 minutes to clear their car, they can go spend 500 hours shoveling snow.


benisfast OP t1_iwn1z8u wrote

It would be a good punishment to make them shovel snow. Make them do what they didn't


DaCheat452 t1_iwljl3k wrote

I haven't checked, but I'm hoping this is a part of every northern state's driver's manual.


dc551589 t1_iwmb6aq wrote

Out on lunch I literally saw a truck that looked worse than this. Probably half the amount of cleared windshield as in this picture. Be better, people. It’s not just about your safety.


dilznoofus t1_iwjqiv3 wrote

is this not common knowledge? is snow so rare here? WTF?

as a transplant I'm very excited about our first winter here in NH. it's mid-november and I've still got green grass. I honestly don't know what to expect. I'm hoping NH can bring it


benisfast OP t1_iwjuo6m wrote

Clean your car off is one of those things that everyone knows they should do but lazy people don't do it as much as they should.


RelativeMotion1 t1_iwjun00 wrote

I’ve lived in half a dozen northern states, from the rust belt to NH, and this was a problem in every one of them.

As for the weather, we’ll get there soon. If you’re from the twin cities area and are in the Keene area now, that’s about 2 degrees of latitude - or about 138 miles - further south.


dilznoofus t1_iwm5j28 wrote

I'm excited about getting more snow and less cold. MN does this thing where it goes below -20 and stays there, and it's too cold/dry to snow, so while the existing snow stays there it isn't as much fun as fresh powder for snow activities.

plus you all have mountains for more snow fun, it's pretty hard downhill skiing when the only ski hill you have is literally made out of a hill full of garbage. (old landfill, not kidding.)

we're so pumped to have vertical drops EVERYWHERE :)


dangerzonebjj t1_iwnddcv wrote

Doesn't do much good if it's not enforced


Additional-Health-48 t1_iwnnp6g wrote

Get a roof rake you lazy people .. works great on trucks and SUVs.. and oh for leaves and snow on your house...


Nydelok t1_iwjvywa wrote

This reminds me, I have drivers ed work I need to do in the tomorrow


AuthorSnow t1_iwjs0fb wrote

Is common knowledge and nobody cares. This is retarded.


Skoota42 t1_iwj5ba2 wrote

Who ever is posting this sub is suspiciously a non-NH native… I am seeing a lot of posts from people that say stuff that we would never say or post…


LFRebel_603 t1_iwjd0tv wrote

NH Native here and I'll shame anyone not clearing their vehicles off properly.


futureygoodness t1_iwl2sga wrote

I will straight up shame them in person in a parking lot. I’ve had ice fly off a van and smash a mirror on my car. Could easily have been worse


musicals4life t1_iwjexct wrote

  1. I don't think you need to be a native to acknowledge state driving laws

  2. do you mean that a NH native would not agree with clearing snow and ice from a car? That's crazy


GrotesqueGroccer t1_iwnkqvm wrote

Pal I was born here, I was raised here, and I came back here after my service. Anyone not cleaning their car is lower than a masshole throwing trash out their window. Get bent.